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Lublin: Construction work involving the construction of sports facilities for the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II Street. Konstantynów 1 in Lublin

Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline September 11, 2017
45000000, 45212200, 45214400, 45232460, 45310000, 45311000, 45330000, 45331200

A detailed description of the contract is given in Annex 1 to the Terms of Reference. The scope of the contract includes in particular: 1) Construction of the basic 12 mm, filling the grass with quartz sand, lighting tennis with a LED light source with a brightness of 500 lux included with the room service, individual heating for each hall through ventilation supply and exhaust from central ventilation equipment tennis in bars, mesh and pasted in surface lines marking the playing field. The overlap hall with a reinforced single shell protected from the damaging effects of weather conditions, roof strips with milk permeable coating light, the system opened sides, the sides feature piłkochwyty made of mesh of polypropylene or polyamide equipment on poles, nets, gates and panels for basketball . The building is equipped with installations: hot and cold water, central heating, mechanical ventilation, electrical, lighting, structured cabling, sanitary sewage system, video monitoring. All buildings equipped with the required fire hydrant systems, lightning protection and video monitoring. 2) Construction of auxiliary facilities: a) Road fire between the existing sports hall and the hall of the planned multi-purpose court (road width of 4.5 m, the road completed training yard with dimensions of 20x20 m, road surface and the square of concrete blocks). b) The sidewalks adapted for the disabled, the band around the halls of the drainage linear band around the building service, surfaces of concrete blocks. c) Connection Heat High pressure with pre-insulated pipes. d) The telecommunications (fiber in sewers for monitoring and computer network and telephone cable) cables will connect the building to service existing infrastructure KUL. e) Monitoring of internal and external based on IP cameras (15 cameras inside and outside), the cameras will be connected to the existing recorder for proper operation of the monitoring signal is transmitted optical fiber. f) Illumination of the area (lamps with LED light sources, a few poles will be located surveillance cameras outside). g) Drainage of the road and the area around the halls and the discharge of water from the roofs of using rainwater drainage, retention reservoirs for excess water. h) Water supply to water supply and building service for internal hydrants and fire hydrant outside. i) Sanitary sewage from the sewage pump station. j) Power supply facilities in the electricity transformer station owned by the Catholic University of Lublin, together with metering. 3) In addition to performing the works the Contractor will be required to: For this purpose, the Employer shall issue the Contractor used the power of attorney; b) equipment of all objects in fire extinguishers as required p. fire protection. described in the project architecture; c) maintain the vitality of trees, which are planted to substitute 31.12.2019 r. in accordance with the decision of the President of Lublin sign MAZ-OZ-I.6131.104.2016 dated 26.02.2016 r .; d) -protection of other trees in the immediate vicinity of the construction site from damage; e) the supply of furniture fitted in the locker room (locker locks digital system of individual code changes, benches or chairs for people using the locker resistant to increased humidity); 2, social locker for clothes in accordance with the requirements of the legislation - 1 pc., Social cabinet for food products for the maintenance worker - 1 pcs.); g) the supply of a covered stand bicycle for at least 10 bikes located near the entrance to the building use of steel, powder coated, roof tin powder coated sheet, holders for bikes stainless steel, color design stand and sheet in accordance with the color of the roof and flashings building service; Color design, the walls and roof to match the color of the roof and flashings building service, location in accordance with the draft land development; i) delineation of geodetic surveying and execution of an inventory-built, along with its registration in the Department of Geodesy and Cartography of the City; j) to perform as-built update basic map and return it to the Employer in the dwg file. Settlements between the Employer to the Contractor whose settlement currency is different than PLN, is required to convert the foreign currency, based on the average exchange rate (Table A) on the day of the announcement in the Public Procurement Bulletin. An on-site in order to familiarize yourself with the terms of execution of the works and possible difficulties and logistical considerations affecting the price of the offer can be carried out after prior telephone agreement with the following persons Mr. Waldemar Matłaszewski tel .: 81 445 32 19. 5 of the Act on Public Procurement is a Contractor to show, on the stage of the tender that offered by its materials and devices are round

Thermal insulation work

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Lublinie | Published April 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 25, 2017
45321000, 71320000, 45331100, 45443000, 45311200, 45332200, 45421100, 45430000, 45442100, 45331221, 45453000

The contract scope includes the design and construction of thermo facility Police Station in Lubycza Royal.

For recognition of all work liable exclusively by the Contractor.

Terms of the Contract, it includes, among others, the following information:

The planned scope of the tasks described in the PFU includes the development of project documentation and execution of construction works in the field of thermo-modernization of buildings using renewable energy sources and bring objects to the current legislation, including:

thermomodernization-administrative office building as described in the energy audit.

adjust the object to the disabled,

reconstruction of the entrance of an office and residential premises in the administrative office building,

modernization of the facilities and internal fault, ie. heating, ventilation, hot and cold water, sewer, electrical, guaranteed voltage, telecommunication and security installations.

As part of the development of technical documentation Contractor project documentation in industries: architectural, construction, sanitary, electrical, telecommunication to the extent necessary for the proper and full implementation of works including:

inventory objects to the extent necessary to further develop the documentation,

architectural concept as described in the PFU.

762, as amended. d.)

executive projects,

takeoffs and estimates Investor works in various industries

technical specifications for execution and acceptance of works in various industries

material and financial schedules,

summary list of job costs

and provide supervision in accordance with the model contract.

As part of the contract the Contractor undertakes to organize and carry out all the activities and works required for the implementation of the agreement, as well as obtain specific PFU documents, in particular: maps for design purposes, permits, exemptions, research, agreements, excerpts, reviews, studies, inventory, expertise, technical documentation, as-built documentation including records of the tests and testing of equipment and installation of internal and earth, chimney, water control testing, inventory, instructions for use and fire protection.

The contractor should be familiar with the description contained in the PFU and included in the offer with all the requirements thereof.

I and V SETC).

The Employer, at the stage of tender allow contractors to make local vision for the proper preparation of the offer.

The Contractor shall perform at his own expense all the measurements, analysis, and expertise necessary to carry out studies and approve model contract.

Scope of the project executive should allow its unambiguous reading of the execution of the work.

The contract will be executed in the active site.

Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads

Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich w Lublinie | Published April 21, 2017  -  Deadline June 5, 2017
45233000, 45112210, 45111100, 45111000, 45231000, 45233141, 45112000, 45233221, 45233290, 45233292, 45232000

15,986 km.


1) Supervision: ornithological, dendrological, archaeological,

2) Promotion of the project (setting up two-sided information boards and memorabilia)

3) Road,

4) Telecommunication,

5) Power industry,

6) Sanitation industry.

The detailed scope of works is included in construction and construction projects, detailed technical specifications and in the bill of quantities constituting the auxiliary part of determining the quantity of works.

3a of the Public Procurement Law requires the contractor or subcontractor to be employed on the basis of the employment contract of persons performing the activities listed in the tender dossier.

Extension of road 835 includes: widening, strengthening of pavement construction, strengthening of pavements, reconstruction of intersections with other roads, construction of bus bays and walking and cycling routes, construction of congresses, reconstruction of collisions with underground armaments and dismantling of architectural barriers.

1422 with later. Zm.).

The Purchaser recommends that the Contractor perform a local vision on the area of ​​the investment

And its surroundings.

The Contractor is obliged to employ at his own expense the ownership supervision related to the reconstruction of external equipment and the supervision of other Road Administrators, Water Management and specialized nature supervision (including dendrological and ornithological supervision) and archaeological supervision resulting from implementation arrangements.

5 of the Public Procurement Law).

Works or equivalent products with minimum technical parameters as indicated in the documentation may be used for the execution of works.

When offered equivalent solutions will cause the need to change the design documentation, the Contractor, whose tender will be selected as the most advantageous, will be obliged - before the performance of the object of the order - to change the documentation and will be charged the costs of these changes.

1a. Act Public Procurement Law may cancel contract award procedure if funds from European Regional Development Fund Operational Program Eastern Poland for 2014-2020 Priority Axis Modern Road Infrastructure Measure 2.2 Road infrastructure will not be allocated to it.

67 (1) (6) of the Act:

A) Negotiations will be held on which the parties will agree on the detailed scope of the contract, the time limit for the performance of the contract and the amount of the remuneration,

B) The contractor will perform the basic order in the same standard as the basic order.

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