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 | Published November 14, 2014  -  Deadline December 9, 2014

The contract is to perform multi-discipline construction supervision company for road construction, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications over the implementation of the investment task. Construction of the road - the connector from the street. Industrial to the street. Kleczewska in Konin. The scope of work of contractors that are subject to supervision inwestorskiemu, .: - preparatory works, including the felling of trees, - earthworks for the proposed pavement - road construction - construction of pavement, - construction of pedestrian and bicycle, - the construction of street lighting - Construction of storm water drainage - drainage ditch surface to the road, - rebuilding a drainage ditch, - construction of culverts double rectangular 2 x150x150 - construction of culvert fi 600, - construction of collectors, - reconstruction of telecommunication cable, - the construction of a technological channel with control wells, - protection of high-pressure pipeline - construction maneuvering site - demolition fence - demolition of garage sheet, - installation of nesting boxes for birds.

Konin: Physical protection of persons and property in the District Court in Konin. Sign matter: OA.214-1 / 2016.

Sąd Rejonowy w Koninie | Published July 19, 2016  -  Deadline July 18, 2016
Biuro Usług Detektywistyczno -Ochronnych LEX Sp.z o.o., ul.Poznańska 95, 62-800 Kalisz, kraj/woj. wielkopolskie.

Frederic Chopin 28. 2. In the scope of the contract also includes the execution of the service escorting cash value of the forum to a designated bank. 1,275.00 m2). 4.Budynek is equipped with a system alarm system and access control, which is linked to the installation of surveillance system. The alarm system and access control is equipped with a separate monitor. 6.Kod name and order according to the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) CPV code / Description-79710000-4- Security Services Scope of the service which is the subject of the order was divided into two tasks (I and II): The task I. a) The services in this task consist of: -pełnieniu security service of the persons and property of the District Court in Konin, -całodobowym monitoring alarm system in the building and the associated immediate intervention of protection in the event of an alarm is triggered (this contract does not include maintenance and repair system monitoring). b) A detailed description of the order concerning the hours of physical protection of persons and property: Physical protection of persons and property will be implemented in the form of rotational direct physical protection of persons and property: Mondays total of 45 h to protect his position: 7.30- through 1 employee protection (7.5 hx 1) 18.00- by 3 security personnel (10.5 hx 3), 24.00 -By 1 employee protection (6 hx 1). From Tuesday to Friday, a total of 41 hours (a day) to protect his position: 7.00 - 1 for employee protection (7 hx 1) 15.30 - for 3 security personnel (8.5 hx 3) 24.00 - for 1 security guard (8.5 hx 1). 24.00 including 24 hours of protection performed by one employee protection (24 hx 1). Physical protection of persons and property will include in addition to the court building as its immediate surroundings, including car park. Estimated number of hours of additional protection does not exceed 250, d) the estimated contract value Employer counted together in the task of: - 28,944 hours of physical protection of persons and property (including all day monitoring the alarm system). Task II: a) Services in this task consists in escorting the cash value; b) The service includes escorting 10:30; -Protect employee Employer (cashiers), c) In case of a change of departure of the convoy Purchaser at least 2 hours in advance notify the Contractor; Escort will take place for at least 2 qualified security personnel in the presence of an employee Employer (Cashier) means of transport of the Contractor; e) The purchaser to order wliczył 566 convoys cash (one convoy every working day and 20 additional if necessary). Conditions for performing services (both tasks together): 1128, as amended.). 8.2.Wykonawca in the course of performance of the contract agrees to act with due diligence and declares that it will hold (without interruption) insurance against civil liability in respect of its operations for the protection of persons and property in the amount of not less than 300,000 zł. People protect the building and escorts will be: - a criminal record for crimes or tax offenses, - have health and physical aptitude which will allow for the effective implementation of security and guard services to property under the Agreement without contraindications and obstacles -przeszkoleni by the Contractor in the field of health and safety p -pos. and first aid; The contractor will equip individuals to protect the building and the guards of cash in - uniform uniforms - identifiers placed in a visible location and include the name and logo, image, name, employee protection and the number of the license; 576), - the radio system panic calling the crew intervention, control system celebrations - the mobile phone. Security staff should make the round building every 4 hours or more often if necessary. The Contractor represents that it has groups of intervention and has marked vehicles ensuring the arrival of the intervention group to the building. One of the evaluation criteria is the arrival time of the intervention, which may not be longer than 15 minutes. Free drills can be repeated every month by the Employer until the intervention group will be according to the time declared on offer. The contractor will work with Provincial Affairs. Defense of the District Court in Konin or other authorized person to notify the Employer of employees - members -Stałego Duty SR- about uruchomianiu tasks related to increasing the defense readiness of the state and the policies and procedures of the system of crisis management, including by providing registered calls for immediate appearance. 1630). Contractor service escorting the money will be managed by employees included in the list of qualified staff or the physical protection of employees included in the list of qualified staff technical security. Each Purchaser will inform the Contractor of what

Road construction works

Urząd Miejski | Published March 10, 2015
45233120, 45100000, 45110000, 45112710, 45200000, 45232440, 45232310, 45213311, 45231400, 45316110, 34922100

The contract includes the construction of n. sections of road - switch - segment AB - from km 0 + 1 + 000.00 to 161.85, - Episode BC - from km 0 + 1 + 000.00 to 076.66, - Episode CM - from km 0 + 000 00 to 0 + 013.55 - BD section - from km 1 + 2 + 076.66 to 564.98, - section EF - from km 0 + 0 + 840.50 to 395.00, - section GH - from km 2 + 2 + 200.95 to 540.00, - Episode KL - from km 1 + 2 + 860.00 to 193.14, Scope of work: - preparatory works including felling of trees, - works for the designed surfaces - road construction - construction of pavement sections: BD; BC; EF; GH; KL; CM - Construction of pedestrian and bicycle sections: AB; BD; BC; CM - Construction of street lighting connector sections: AB; BC; BD; EF; GH; KL; CM, - construction of storm water drainage connector sections: AB; BC; BD; EF; GH; KL; CM - surface drainage into the ditch on the stretch of road BD, GH - rebuilding a drainage ditch on the section BC rain collector Ø 800, - construction of culverts double rectangular section 2 x150x150 BD - construction of the culvert diameter section 600 BD - construction of collectors BD section, - rebuilding telecommunication cable segment AB, - construction of a technological channel with control wells on sections AB; BCM; BD - securing high-pressure pipeline DN-100 on the segment AB; BD - the construction site of the natural surface maneuvering of 0/25, - the demolition of the fence - the demolition of the garage with metal, - installation of 100 nesting boxes for birds.
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