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Cycle path construction work

Gmina Choroszcz | Published April 5, 2017  -  Deadline May 11, 2017
45233162, 45111200, 45231300, 45233253, 43124100

1.Zakres kind of works includes the construction of the implementation of tasks: 2.1. "The construction of a bicycle path along the road section Choroszcz 106251B-Sienkiewicze" based on the project documentation "Construction of a bicycle path along the municipal road No. 106251B Choroszcz-section and along the road Sienkiewicze commune located on plots No. 169/2 and 170 precinct Sienkiewicze "from km 0 + 000 to km 3 + 543.89 covers the requirements described in Annex 7 to the SETC

Detailed Description of the Contract is contained in:

a) projects Budowalnych and regulations - enclosure 8

b) technical specifications and execution of construction works (STWiORB) - Appendix 9

c) przedmiarach construction works the road construction industry, telecommunications, sanitary (aqueduct reconstruction, reconstruction of drainage) - enclosure 10,

d) the constant traffic organization project - Appendix 11

e) the list of trees to be felled - Appendix 12

f) geotechnical studies - enclosure 13.

In these proceedings, requires contracting bid bond in the amount of 30 000 zł.

Security may be instituted in the following forms:

a. The money paid up ordering the bank account number 57 1020 1332 0000 1502 0946 0595

Construction of a bicycle path along the road section Choroszcz 106251B-Sienkiewicze.

b. The bank guarantees or guarantees of the cooperative savings - credit, including that guaranteeing the cash is always a monetary guarantee,

c. bank guarantees,

d. The insurance guarantees,

1158, as amended. d.).

The bid bond in such a situation should be unconditional, irrevocable and payable on first written demand.

Timely bringing security (in each of the permitted forms of the appeal) ordering checks within their own procedural steps.

2 point 3, which resulted in the inability to select the tender submitted by the contractor as the most advantageous.

Contractor whose tender has been selected as the most advantageous, the Purchaser shall return the deposit immediately after the conclusion of the contract.

Purchaser shall immediately return the deposit, at the request of the Contractor who withdrew the offer before the deadline for submission of tenders.

The Contractor shall pay a deposit within the period specified by the Purchaser.

Circumstances under which the security deposit and the rules of its credit against the performance bond determines the Public Procurement Law.

Rules of payment of the deposit referred to in this Chapter shall apply to the renewal of the deposit operations and bring new deposit in the cases specified in the Public Procurement Law.

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