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Bydgoszcz: Service perform investor's supervision over the implementation of works including the expansion of the IRS offices in Wloclawek

Izba Skarbowa w Bydgoszczy | Published July 26, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2018
71247000, 71630000

Complementary element is the demolition of the building warehouse - garage and construction of a new facility for the function warehouse - garage. Construction supervision will be exercised on the following construction works: 1) building a newly built - technology and traditional workmanship - brick walls, reinforced concrete ceilings. Site preparation work: Execution of power connection at the time of construction, organization of construction, preparatory work, Demolition, Earthwork; Construction of buildings: construction structures and foundations, structures, concrete and reinforced concrete, masonry work, insulation work, thermal and proof, installation work; Electrical installations External: Power connection, building supply warehouse -garażowego, telecommunications engineering, Illumination of the area; Electrical installations Internal Electrical Installations in an office building, electrical installations in the building warehouse -garażowym, lightning protection and earthing systems; Sanitary External: water connection, network combi - sanitary connector, sanitary sewer, storm sewer network, storm sewer connection; Instances sanitary Interior: Plumbing internal installation of sanitary sewage system, installation of central heating, district heating node with the installation process heat; Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning; Low voltage installations: RTV system and CCTV, -Installing intrusion and access control, fire alarm system and smoke removal, installation, structural and telephone installation television advertising, Installation kolejkomatu; Finishing works: Finish walls and ceilings (plaster, painting works, tiles, ceilings), floors, window frames and doors; Land development and construction of ancillary facilities: Warehouse and -garażowy, roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and the development of green terrain, fencing

Bydgoszcz: Reconstruction of office and a staff No. 1 for Doctrine and Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, SZ with making an inventory of the schematic object

Rejonowy Zarząd Infrastruktury | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline September 30, 2017

Reconstruction of the building office and a staff No. 1 for Doctrine and Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, SZ with making an inventory of the schematic object Description of the order: in the field of construction industry: demolition-robots, -wycinka trees, earth-robots the execution of excavations, a substrate and sleepers mortar and concrete and aggregates, -betonowanie without reinforcement, -preparation and installation of reinforcement, concrete-robots, -hydroizolacje, -Isolation thermal and acoustic walling-robots, -obróbki Sheet, -konstrukcje steel-robots Paint and plaster cladding internal -stolarka and ironwork, -docieplenie outside wall, -zieleń and elements of small architecture, -Work road, in the field of electrical industry: -Power supply - modernizing (retrofitting existing cabinets designed with cable connections) -Power supply equipment fire, -rozdzielnice (retrofitting of existing tables, draft chapter. HCC) -Power supply substation equipment, -Power supply of ventilation and air conditioning systems -Internal emergency lighting, electrical-installation (general lighting, installation of Hydraulics and sockets), lightning-installation, in terms of sanitary: -made works installation - water and sewage, heating installations -made - installation of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning industry in the field of telecommunication: -made installation of fire alarm and smoke, -made system SKD and modernization of burglary and robbery, -made system Television surveillance TSN - execution of SAP detailed scope of work determines the construction design, detailed design and technical specifications. Projects implementing dot. Installation TSN, KD and SSWiN of clause Reserved for inspection at the registered office of the Purchaser. For access, please contact Ms. L. Jankowski tel. 261 41 37 51/261 41 47 51 ..
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