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Television services

Stichting AKN | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

The purpose of this procurement of principal is to conclude a framework agreement with three players for the provision of more services for the camera AKN-TV studios. Including cameras Services understands client: Service provided by the window contractor, with the purpose of carrying out projects, be visual and / or sound recordings, with the use of project facilities and servers. By concluding a framework agreement with three players want the client to create a wide range of users of the AKN-TV studios and at the same time have access to the latest production techniques. In this way the client wants in her AKN-TV Studios offer optimum facilities to broadcasting AVROTROS and KRO-NCRV, who co-owns the AKN property and any other users of the AKN-TV studios.

The potential value of the framework can best be shown by reference to the number of production days will be held in the AKN-TV studios, see table below.

Year number of production days

2014 164

2015 148

2016 179

2017 (estimated) 200

Client has the ambition to grow from 2017 to at least 200 production days per year.

For 2018 and beyond is not yet known how to fill the production capacity of the AKN-TV studios.

Within the mentioned total number of production days are particularly "big" projects realized (as mentioned in paragraph 1.2 of the descriptive document). In addition, also "small" projects implemented as pilot projects. Beforehand no estimate can be made of the exact number and size of large and small projects.

a participant can derive any rights from the listed numbers.

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