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United Nations Children's Fund | Published February 23, 2017


In close coordination with relevant C4D programme specialists in Maputo, the institutional consultant (multimedia firm) will collect all the materials available at UNICEF and UNICEF partners and produce a multimedia package to be distributed to national, provincial and community radio broadcasters, provincial delegation of the Institute of Social Communication and other partners.


Media Training for UNCT members

RBA MOzambique - MOZAMBIQUE | Published December 21, 2017  -  Deadline January 4, 2018

At the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, United Nations Member States adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (2030 Agenda) with a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core. The 2030 Agenda strives for a world that is just, rights-based, equitable and inclusive. It aims at committing stakeholders to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and to benefit all, including women, children, youth and future generations. It is meant to be implemented in a manner consistent with existing obligations of states under international law. The new global/holistic 2030 Agenda will require an integrated approach to sustainable development and collective action at all levels to address the challenges of our time, with an overarching imperative of ‘leaving no one behind’ and addressing inequalities and discrimination as the central defining feature.The text of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for the participation and inputs of civil society and other stakeholders in its implementation. It repeatedly frames the implementation of the Agenda in terms of partnerships between governments, the private sector, civil society, the UN system and other actors. This makes it very clear that national governments are not the only, or in some cases, primary drivers of transformation towards sustainable development, and those partnerships will be crucial to catalyze action. Strong participation of civil society in the implementation, follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would represent a very welcome continuation of the inclusive character that defined the negotiations on the SDGs, ensuring that the process can benefit from their perspectives.Therefore, building public awareness and engaging national, sub-national and local stakeholders in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs is a critical initial and ongoing step for their successful implementation. Beyond awareness, achieving a similar level of understanding among governmental and non-governmental stakeholders is critical. Hence, it means reaching out to all levels and sectors with information that is tailored to their specific functions, roles and responsibilities.In Mozambique, UNCT members receives requests to attend public events organised by the government and other partners, as well as media queries from a variety of local, national and international media organisations – print, television, radio and online – on a regular basis. The media requests range from telephone enquiries to in-depth interviews and field visits to film and interview UN staff and programmes. In addition to the ‘reactive’ media requests that UN in Mozambique receives, the organisation also takes a ‘proactive’ strategy with media targets to raise awareness on the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals or advocacy issues. As UNCT members are regularly required to support the media advocacy in Mozambique, it is vital that they have the necessary skills to communicate with different media outlets, as well as the knowledge on how to convey the required messages through media interviews or at public events.Through this media training, UNCT members will receive media training to develop their capacity to speak to media outlets on key programmes and advocacy campaigns. The training will be held for all UNCT members to build on and develop the skills necessary to portray UN’s messaging in the media and develop the practical skills required when dealing with media interviews. As there are risks involved whenever UN engages publicly with the media or journalists, whether a reactive phone conversation, planned interviews, or on the ground interviews in the field programme areas, it is vital that not only is the SOP followed internally for how to coordinate the media, but also that all spokespeople are trained and have the necessary skills to best convey the messages to a public audience.

Services in the area of ​​security for the European Union to the Republic of Mozambique - a reference to the publication: EEAS-292-DELMOZM-SER-FWC

Tjenesten for EU’s Optræden Udadtil, Den Europæiske Unions delegation i Republikken Mozambique | Published April 5, 2014  -  Deadline May 19, 2014

The purpose of this call for tender to conclude a framework contract with a company specialized in the security of people and property. Services to be provided under this contract include: 1) monitoring of buildings managed by the Delegation (offices, residences of ambassadors and homes employees sent to work abroad) and to establish patrols to prevent break-ins and attacks on persons and property; 2) monitoring of visitors entering the building; 3) establish radio communications network (VHF / UHF) among the buildings of the central unit that manages the company; 4) The effect of power for rapid intervention in case of an incident; 5) where applicable, other services related to safety, such as setting alarm systems, etc. will be concluded a framework agreement to four years through special contracts and / or annual orders. Subcontracting is permitted for related services, such as training, installation of alarm systems, etc. It does not have to include the main objective of the contract or purchase of security services.


UNDP Country Office - MOZAMBIQUE | Published February 2, 2017  -  Deadline February 17, 2017

TERMS OF REFERENCE DETAILED COMPREHENSIVE BUILDING ASSESSMENT OF THE FORMER UN DISPENSARY BUILDING AT RUA C, PLOT N. 90, BAIRRO COOP, MAPUTO 1. INTRODUCTION The former UN Dispensary building has been in existence for the past 25 years, and occupies a total area of 5600 m2. The building is a 2-story load-bearing brick masonry structure with concrete iron columns and beams, with two distinct block/building linked to each other in U-shaped and connected together forming an enclosure with walkways and gardens. The building is actual in use, and comprise the following spaces: 2 three-bedroom apartments; 6 two-bedroom apartments; 8 garages; 1 conference room; 1 small library; 1 IT and telecommunications room; security Post; external parking and gardens. The Management of the UNDP Country Office would like to know the actual status of the main building elements (structure, arquitecture, electrical system, and hydraulic system), to ensure the efficient operation of the building as safe and sanitary, perpetually affordable housing and/or offices over an extended period of time. And determine the viability of ampliation/transformation of the buiding facility, considering the nature and physical condition of the building/structure, costs associated with bringing the building/structure into compliance with UN applicable standards/operations, general space of the building and plot, location and existence of any identified future need or use. 2. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this assignment is to procure consultancy services of a registered professional Civil Engineer or Architect to conduct a building engineering comprehensive assessment (structure, arquitecture, electrical system, and hydraulic system), to assess whether the building has conditions to be fully occupied by UN agencies and be fully operational, and what would be the key areas of intervention for such purpose. 3. SCOPE OF WORKThe scope of work to be carried out by the consultant shall include but may not be limited to the following:Carry out a collecting of the old project in Maputo Municipal Authority (Direcção de Construção e Urbanização);Conducting an engineering survey assessment (on site) and propose the best course of action as well as an estimated cost for the needful repairs.Conducting a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the building, available documents and information about structural system, architectural, envelope, windows & doors, interior & exterior finishes, mechanical system, electrical system and space, and identifying additional laboratory tests for comprehensive building analyses;Carry out the engineering laboratory tests, in an Mozambique accredited engineering laboratory;Determine the actual and potential structure condition of the building, considering the present and future need of full occupancy;Prepare a comprehensive building assessment engineering with recommendations on condition analysis for present and future need or use, where the recommended treatments/works a prioritized into a logical order. The order should rank the most urgent work, such as deterioration, structural weakness, and/or life safety issues, over less urgent repairs; 4. OUTPUTSConsultant is expected to produce:A compiled comprehensive building assessment report, with term of responsibility signed and stamped by Ministry of Justice.Detailed clear recommendation report for the present use and for at least three different options for future use, with term of responsibility signed and stamped by Ministry of Justice. 5. INPUTS UNDP will provide access to the property to enable the assignment to be carried out as well as all existing drawings (as-built), report of physical pathologies analysis of the building, report of market valuation of the apartments for rental and property, and proposed rehabilitation design for transformation the building in to offices. Review these documents and any additional information that may be provided at a later date such as reports, studies, surveys, equipment manuals, as-built drawings, etc. The UNDP does not attest to the accuracy of the information provided and accepts no responsibility for the consequences of errors by the use of any information and material contained in the documentation provided. It shall be the responsibility of the Consultant to verify the contents and assume full responsibility for any determination or conclusion drawn from the material used. If the information provided is insufficient, the Consultant shall take the appropriate actions necessary to obtain the additional information required. 6. FORM OF SERVICE AGREEMENTUNDP Professional Services Contract (annex)UNDP has the right to supervise all the works and to approve the plan of operation, work methodology and progress of the work. UNDP also has the right to accept and reject the results of the work, if the quality assurance during data collection was not observed. 7. QUALIFICATIONSThe candidate should have:A university degree in Civil Engineer or Architecture;Ten years (10) relevant civil engineering experience;At least Five years (5) of experience in construction, construction management, construction design, assessment and analyses, construction administration for civil works;Experience interpreting design documents, specifications, and blueprints as well as quality standards, health and safety procedures;Experience in the planning and supervision of both new-build and refurbishment construction projects;Experience in qualitative and quantitative building research methods;Technical knowledge on the design of more than 2-story load building.Knowledge of relevant national and international construction standards as seismic, strong wind, flood and natural hazards, to promote safe construction practices and ensure high quality constructions.Knowledge of the UN system and of public procurement procedures beneficialQualification / experience in health and safety and Quality Assurance / Control.Computer literate including the use of AutoCAD and Microsoft Office (MS Word and Excel and Project).Technical competence in writing in the English language including preparation of reportsAbility to meet deadlines, problem solve, work both independently and as part of a team;Possess substantial knowledge of principles and techniques of personnel supervision and ability to work closely with all disciplines.Professional License and knowledge of Green Building principals and technologies is preferred, is advantage. 8. DURATION OF THE WORK The consultancy is expected to be undertaken by 20 February 2017, within a working timeframe of 4 weeks for the above mentioned task. The consultant will evaluate and capitalize on the existing on-the-ground social dynamics. Furthermore, the consultant is expected to participate actively in the forthcoming discussions during assessment. 9. DUTY STATIONThe consultant will be based in Maputo, but with regular visit to UNDP office for discussions with the designated officer. The sub-contractor of consultant may have to go project site for data collection phase, at his/her own cost included in the budget fee for the work. 10. SCOPE OF BID PRICE AND SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTSThe fee for this consultancy will be based on lump sum, paid upon receipt of final deliverables.The lump sum contract should include costs of consultancy fees and all travel costs required to produce the above deliverables. Payment will be made in two installments according to the ToR as per deliverables outlined above, and accepted by UNDP. His/her payment will be made against the following results:

RFP_004_2017: SMS-Based Survey

UNDP Country Office - MOZAMBIQUE | Published November 27, 2017  -  Deadline December 11, 2017

Background and PurposeAt the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, United Nations Member States adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (2030 Agenda) with a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core. The 2030 Agenda strives for a world that is just, rights-based, equitable and inclusive. It aims at committing stakeholders to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and to benefit all, including women, children, youth and future generations. It is meant to be implemented in a manner consistent with existing obligations of states under international law. The new global/holistic 2030 Agenda will require an integrated approach to sustainable development and collective action at all levels to address the challenges of our time, with an overarching imperative of ‘leaving no one behind’ and addressing inequalities and discrimination as the central defining feature.The text of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for the participation and inputs of civil society and other stakeholders in its implementation. It repeatedly frames the implementation of the Agenda in terms of partnerships between governments, the private sector, civil society, the UN system and other actors. This makes it very clear that national governments are not the only, or in some cases, primary drivers of transformation towards sustainable development, and those partnerships will be crucial to catalyze action. Strong participation of civil society in the implementation, follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would represent a very welcome continuation of the inclusive character that defined the negotiations on the SDGs, ensuring that the process can benefit from their perspectives.Considering that Mozambique is one of the largest countries in Eastern Africa, the data revolution such as mobile phone messaging, community radios and dialogues with different structures has proven to be the best way to engage communities and promote ownership of the Global Goals. Furthermore, UN partnerships at local level will enhance the localization of the 2030 Agenda, a key feature of the national SDG Social Mobilization. Given the large population and large expanse of the country, new and innovative ways to communicate iteratively with all stakeholders are required and radio and new mobile services appear to provide important opportunities for positive behavior change.In this context, the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office in Mozambique is committed to strengthen advocacy and partnerships on the new Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) at subnational level with communities and government authorities using “new” technologies and social innovations to achieve a higher impact in the Social Mobilization Strategy. Purpose and objectivesThe overall objective of this consultancy is to create a SMS-Based survey aimed at raising awareness, ‘popularizing’ and understanding community attitudes and behavior and how their understanding will impact the implementation process. The consultancy develop, apply and disseminate to approximately 1-2 million mobile phone users basic information on the SDGs in Portuguese and local languages. Furthermore, the mobile phone users would be expected to reply providing some simple opinions on priority SDGs and how they should be approached by government and the UN. Methodology and Technical Approach At the time of the Request for Proposal process, interested candidates will be requested to participate in a technical briefing at UNRCO and include the methodology used in the survey in their technical proposals. Once selected, the contractor will have to consult the UNRCO staff assigned to this task so technical inputs can be given prior to the development of the survey. The methodology needs to be validated by the UNRCO before the analysis starts. Activities and TasksUnder the supervision of the UNRCO´s SDGs Social Mobilization Officer, the vendor will be assigned to the following task(s): Submit a short inception report proposing the methodology to achieve the objectives of the work, the platform and the timeline;Research the audience and prepare the possible questions to be administered;Administer the questions on the agreed platform and with the agreed audience;Manage the delivery of questions and also the responses;Prepare a final analytical report that is visually appealing on findings and recommendations;Present the report to the UN SDGs team members, Deliverables and TimeframeThe activity is expected to start in January 2018, after the bidding process and selection of the agency and ending in February 2017.The deliverables are as follow:By the first week of contract, methodology to be used in the survey is validated by the UNRCO´s SDGs Social Mobilization Officer;By the end of January, questions are agreed and translated into Portuguese and local languages;By mid-February, survey is applied;By the beginning of March, final analytical report is delivered and presented. Management and Organization The contractor will be hired by UNDP and will report to the UNRCO´s SDGs Social Mobilization Officer in close coordination with the United Nations Communication Working Group. Budget and RemunerationThe institution will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the service. Progress payment if requested may be accepted according to the payment guidance:30% after the approval of the methodology to be used in the survey;30% after the survey is applied;40% after the delivery of final analytical report and presentation. Qualifications and Specialized KnowledgeThe UNRCO is looking for a service provider with the following qualifications and specialized knowledge:Working modalities with mobile phone companies servicing in all provinces of MozambiqueProven track record in similar mobile phone campaignsFamiliarity with the work of the UN and on the Sustainable Development GoalsSound understanding of new efficient and low cost approaches for mobile phone surveysExperience in preparing analytical reports summarizing findings and recommendations of mobile phone surveys.Excellent command of written English and PortugueseExperience having worked with the UN a distinct advantageExperience working with mobile phone technologies in the Mozambique´s provinces a distinct advantageProven track record of good coordination between different stakeholders Documents to be include in the proposalIf you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit:A proposal describing the previous work done in creating and applying SMS-based surveys;Portfolio (on CD or website) of relevant works;Presentation of the methodology to be used in the survey;A financial proposal to address the work.The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.Each of the submissions should be made in two separate envelopes or attachments (if submitted via email) for technical offer and financial offer (indicating; DO NOT OPEN IN ADVANCE). Offers that are not submitted separately will be deemed as disqualified and will not be assessed further.

Security services for the Delegation of the European Union to Mozambique — ref. EEAS-292-DELMOZ-SER-FWC

EEAS, Delegation of the EU to Mozambique | Published January 3, 2017
G4S Secure Solutions Mozambique SPRL

Formålet med denne udbudsbekendtgørelse er at indgå en rammekontrakt med en virksomhed specialiseret i sikkerhed for personer og ejendom. Ydelserne, der forventes leveret i denne sammenhæng, indebærer:

1) overvågning af delegationens bygninger (kontorer, ambassadørresidensen og det udstationerede personales boliger) og oprettelse af patruljetjenester til forebyggelse af enhver form for indtrængen og angreb på personer og ejendomme

2) kontrol med besøgendes adgang til bygningerne

3) oprettelse af et radiokommunikationsnetværk (VHF/UHF) mellem bygningerne fra en af virksomheden drevet central

4) reaktion fra en hurtigt reagerende indsatsstyrke i tilfælde af en nødsituation

5) i givet fald, andre tjenesteydelser relateret til sikkerhed, såsom oprettelse af alarmsystemer osv.

Gegenstand der Ausschreibung ist der Abschluss eines Rahmenvertrags mit einem auf den Schutz von Personen und Eigentum spezialisierten Unternehmen. Die in diesem Zusammenhang zu gewährleistenden Dienstleistungen sind ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit:

1) die Überwachung der von der Delegation verwalteten Gebäude (Bürogebäude, Residenz des Botschafters und Unterkünfte der Mitarbeiter im Auslandseinsatz) und die Einrichtung eines Patrouillesystems, um Einbrüchen und Angriffen auf Personen und ihren Besitz vorzubeugen;

2) die Kontrolle des Zugangs von Besuchern zu den Gebäuden;

3) die Einrichtung eines Funkkommunikationsnetzes (VHF/UHF) zwischen den Gebäuden, ausgehend von einer von dem Unternehmen zu verwaltenden Zentrale;

4) die Intervention einer schnellen Eingriffstruppe bei Zwischenfällen;

5) gegebenenfalls weitere Sicherheitsdienstleistungen, wie beispielsweise die Einrichtung von Alarmsystemen usw.

The aim of the invitation to tender is to enter into a framework contract with a firm specialising in the security of persons and property. The services to be provided in this context include:

1) the surveillance of buildings managed by the Delegation (offices, the ambassador's residence and the homes of expatriate staff) and the setting up of patrols so as to prevent any intrusion and attacks on persons and property;

2) controlling visitor access to buildings;

3) setting up a radio communication network (VHF/UHF) between the buildings from a central facility managed by the firm;

4) the response of a rapid reaction force in the event of an incident;

5) where applicable, other security-related services such as setting up alarm systems, etc.

El objetivo de la invitación a licitar es celebrar un contrato marco con una empresa especializada en la seguridad de personas y bienes. Los servicios que se prestarán en este contexto incluyen:

1) la vigilancia de las instalaciones gestionadas por la Delegación (oficinas, residencia del Embajador y viviendas del personal expatriado), así como el establecimiento de patrullas a fin de evitar cualquier intrusión o ataques sobre las personas y los bienes;

2) el control del acceso de visitantes a los edificios;

3) el establecimiento de una red de radiocomunicación (VHF/UHF) entre los edificios desde una central gestionada por la empresa;

4) la respuesta de una fuerza de intervención rápida en caso de incidente;

5) cuando proceda, otros servicios de seguridad, tales como el establecimiento de sistemas de alarma, etc.

Tarjouspyynnön tavoitteena on puitesopimuksen tekeminen sellaisen yrityksen kanssa, joka on erikoistunut henkilöiden ja omaisuuden turvapalveluihin. Tässä yhteydessä suoritettaviin palveluihin kuuluvat

1) edustuston hallinnoimien rakennusten valvonta (toimistot, lähettilään virka-asunto ja ulkomailla työskentelevän henkilöstön asunnot) sekä partioiden perustaminen tunkeutumisen ja henkilöihin ja omaisuuteen kohdistuvien hyökkäysten estämiseksi,

2) vierailijoiden kulunvalvonta rakennuksissa,

3) radioviestintäverkon (VHF/UHF) asentaminen rakennusten välille yrityksen hallinnoimasta keskuksesta käsin,

4) nopeasti toimintavalmiin ryhmän toiminta välikohtauksen sattuessa,

5) tarvittaessa muut turvallisuuteen liittyvät palvelut, kuten hälytysjärjestelmien perustaminen jne.

L'appel d'offres a pour objectif la conclusion d'un contrat-cadre avec une société spécialisée dans la sécurité des biens et des personnes. Les services requis dans ce contexte comprennent notamment:

1) la surveillance des bâtiments gérés par la délégation (bureaux, résidence de l'ambassadeur et logements du personnel expatrié) et la mise en place d'un système de patrouilles, de manière à prévenir les intrusions et les attaques aux personnes et à leurs biens;

2) le contrôle des accès visiteurs aux bâtiments;

3) la mise en place d'un réseau de communications radio (VHF/UHF) entre les bâtiments à partir d'une centrale gérée par la société;

4) l'intervention d'une force de réaction rapide en cas d'incident;

5) le cas échéant, d'autres services liés à la sécurité tels que la mise en place de systèmes d'alarme, etc.

Στόχος της πρόσκλησης υποβολής προσφορών είναι η σύναψη σύμβασης-πλαίσιο με εταιρεία ειδικευμένη στην ασφάλεια προσώπων και αγαθών. Οι υπηρεσίες που θα παρασχεθούν σε αυτό το πλαίσιο περιλαμβάνουν:

1) επιτήρηση των κτιρίων που διαχειρίζεται η Αντιπροσωπεία (των γραφείων, της κατοικίας του πρέσβη και των κατοικιών του εκπατρισμένου προσωπικού) και τη σύσταση περιπόλων για την αποφυγή τυχόν παρεισφρήσεων και επιθέσεων κατά προσώπων και αγαθών,

2) έλεγχος της πρόσβασης των επισκεπτών στα κτίρια,

3) δημιουργία δικτύου ραδιοεπικοινωνίας (VHF/UHF) μεταξύ των κτιρίων από μια κεντρική εγκατάσταση την οποία θα διαχειρίζεται η εταιρεία,

4) ανταπόκριση μιας ομάδας άμεσης επέμβασης σε περίπτωση κάποιου συμβάντος,

5) κατά περίπτωση, άλλες υπηρεσίες σχετικές με την ασφάλεια, όπως η εγκατάσταση συστημάτων συναγερμού, κ.λπ.

Il bando di gara riguarda la conclusione di un contratto quadro con una società specializzata nella sicurezza dei beni e delle persone. I servizi richiesti in tale contesto comprendono, a titolo non esaustivo:

1) la sorveglianza degli edifici gestiti dalla delegazione (uffici, residenza dell'ambasciatore e abitazioni del personale espatriato) e l'organizzazione di un sistema di pattuglie per prevenire le intrusioni e gli assalti alle persone ed ai loro beni;

2) il controllo degli accessi visitatori agli edifici;

3) l'allestimento di una rete di comunicazione radio (VHF/UHF) tra gli edifici a partire da una centrale gestita dalla società;

4) l'intervento di una forza di reazione rapida in caso d'infortunio;

5) all'occorrenza, altri servizi connessi con la sicurezza, come l'allestimento di sistemi di allarme ecc.

Het doel van de aanbesteding is een raamovereenkomst te sluiten met een bedrijf dat is gespecialiseerd in de beveiliging van goederen en personen. De diensten die in het kader hiervan moeten worden verleend, omvatten maar zijn niet beperkt tot:

1) toezicht op de gebouwen die worden beheerd door de Delegatie (kantoren, residentie van de ambassadeur en woningen van het geëxpatrieerd personeel) en invoering van een patrouillesysteem om indringing en aanvallen op personen en hun goederen te voorkomen;

2) controle op de toegang van bezoekers tot de gebouwen;

3) het opzetten van een radiocommunicatienetwerk (VHF/UHF) tussen de verschillende gebouwen vanuit een centrale die door het bedrijf wordt beheerd;

4) het opzetten van een team voor snelle interventie in geval van incidenten;

5) in voorkomend geval, andere diensten in verband met beveiliging zoals de invoering van alarmsystemen enz.

O objetivo do concurso consiste em celebrar um contrato-quadro com uma empresa especializada na segurança de pessoas e bens. Os serviços que serão prestados neste contexto incluem:

1) Vigilância dos edifícios geridos pela Delegação (escritórios, residência do embaixador e residências de pessoal expatriado) e a implementação de patrulhas para prevenir quaisquer intrusões e ataques a pessoas e bens;

2) Controlo do acesso dos visitantes aos edifícios;

3) Implementação de uma rede de radiocomunicações (VHF/UHF) entre os edifícios a partir de uma central gerida pela empresa;

4) Intervenção de uma força de reação rápida em caso de incidente;

5) Se for o caso, outros serviços associados à segurança, tais como a implementação de sistemas de alarme, etc.

Syftet med denna anbudsinfordran är att ingå ett ramavtal med ett företag som specialiserar sig på säkerhet för personer och egendom. Tjänsterna som ska tillhandahållas i detta sammanhang inbegriper följande:

1) Övervakning av byggnader som förvaltas av delegationen (kontor, ambassadörens bostad och bostäder som nyttjas av utlandsstationerad personal) och upprättande av patruller för att förhindra eventuella intrång och attacker mot personer och egendom.

2) Kontroll av besökares tillträde till byggnaderna.

3) Upprättande av ett radiokommunikationsnätverk (VHF/UHF) mellan byggnaderna från en central anläggning som förvaltas av företaget.

4) Utryckning av en snabbinsatsstyrka i händelse av en incident.

5) I tillämpliga fall, andra tjänster med anknytning till säkerhet såsom upprättande av larmsystem etc.

Cílem této výzvy k účasti v nabídkovém řízení je uzavřít rámcovou smlouvu se společností specializující se na bezpečnost osob a majetku. Služby, jež budou v této souvislosti poskytovány, obsahují:

1) sledování budov spravovaných delegací (kanceláře, rezidence velvyslance a domovy zahraničních zaměstnanců) a ustavení hlídek za účelem prevence jakýchkoliv vniknutí a útoků na osoby a majetek;

2) kontrola vstupu návštěvníků do budov;

3) zřízení radiokomunikační sítě (VHF/UHF) mezi budovami z ústředního zařízení spravovaného společností;

4) reakce týmu rychlého nasazení v případě incidentu;

5) v případě potřeby i další služby související s bezpečností, jako je zřízení poplašných systémů atd.

Pakkumiskutse eesmärk on sõlmida raamleping isikute ja vara turvamisele spetsialiseerunud ettevõttega. Nimetatud kontekstis osutatavad teenused hõlmavad järgmist:

1) delegatsiooni hallatavate hoonete (büroode, suursaadiku residentsi ja välislähetuses olevate töötajate eluruumide) järelevalve ja valveringkäikude tegemine sissetungide ning inimeste ja nende vara vastu suunatud rünnakute ärahoidmiseks;

2) külastajate hoonetele juurdepääsu kontrollimine;

3) ettevõtte juhitava keskrajatisega ühendatud hoonetevahelise raadiosidevõrgu (VHF/UHF) loomine;

4) vahejuhtumi korral kiirreageerimisüksuse sekkumine;

5) vajaduse korral muud turvalisusega seonduvad teenused, näiteks häiresüsteemide ülesseadmine jms.

A pályázati felhívás célja keretszerződés megkötése egy személy- és vagyonvédelemre szakosodott vállalattal. Az ezzel összefüggésben teljesítendő szolgáltatások a következőket foglalják magukban:

1) a delegáció által kezelt épületek (irodák, a nagykövet rezidenciája és a külföldön szolgálatot teljesítő munkatársak lakásai) felügyelete, valamint járőrszolgálatok megszervezése a behatolás megelőzése és a személyek, illetve a vagyontárgyak elleni támadások megakadályozása céljából;

2) a látogatók beléptetése az épületekbe;

3) az épületeket összekapcsoló, a cég által üzemeltetett biztonsági központból működtetett rádiókommunikációs hálózat (VHF/UHF) létrehozása;

4) incidens esetén gyorsreagálású erő alkalmazása;

5) adott esetben egyéb őrző-védő jellegű szolgáltatások teljesítése, pl. vészjelző rendszerek stb. létesítése.

Kvietimo pateikti pasiūlymus tikslas – sudaryti preliminariąją sutartį su įmone, kurios specializacija – asmenų ir turto apsauga. Paslaugos, kurios bus teikiamos šiame kontekste, yra šios:

1) delegacijai priklausančių pastatų (biurų, ambasadoriaus rezidencijos ir užsienyje dirbančių darbuotojų būstų) stebėjimas bei patruliavimas siekiant užkirsti kelią įsiveržimams, asmenų užpuolimui ir pasikėsinimui į turtą;

2) lankytojų patekimo į pastatus kontrolė;

3) iš centrinės patalpos įmonės valdomo radijo ryšio (VHF/UHF) tarp pastatų įdiegimas;

4) greitojo reagavimo pajėgų atsakas incidentų atveju;

5) jei tinka, kitos su saugumu susijusios paslaugos, pvz., signalizacijos sistemų įdiegimas ir kt.

Uzaicinājuma uz konkursu mērķis ir noslēgt pamatnolīgumu ar uzņēmumu, kas specializējies personu un īpašuma drošībā. Šajā kontekstā sniedzamie pakalpojumi ietver:

1) delegācijas pārvaldīto ēku (biroju, vēstnieka rezidences un viesdarbinieku dzīvesvietu) uzraudzību un patruļu izveidi, lai novērstu ielaušanos, uzbrukumus personām un kaitējumu īpašumam;

2) apmeklētāju piekļuves ēkām kontroli;

3) radiosakaru tīkla (VHF/UHF) izveidi starp ēkām no uzņēmuma pārvaldītas centrālās telpas;

4) ātrās reaģēšanas spēku iejaukšanos incidenta gadījumā;

5) ja piemērojams, citus ar drošību saistītus pakalpojumus, piemēram, signalizācijas sistēmu ierīkošanu u. c.

L-għan tal-istedina għall-offerti hu li jsir qafas ta' kuntratt ma' kumpanija li tispeċjalizza fis-sigurtà tal-persuni u l-proprjetà. Is-servizzi li jridu jingħataw f'dan il-kuntest jinkludu:

1) is-sorveljanza ta' binjiet immaniġġjati mid-Delegazzjoni (l-uffiċċji, ir-residenza tal-ambaxxatur u d-djar tal-impjegati barranin) u t-twaqqif ta' pattulji bil-għan li ma jidħlux nies mhux awtorizzati u jkunu evitati attakki fuq persuni u proprjetà;

2) il-kontroll tal-aċċess tal-viżitaturi fil-binjiet;

3) it-twaqqif ta' netwerk tal-komunikazzjoni bir-radju (VHF/UHF) bejn il-binjiet minn faċilità ċentrali mmaniġġjata mid-ditta;

4) it-tweġiba ta' forza għal reazzjoni mgħaġġla fil-każ ta' inċident;

5) fejn applikabbli, servizzi oħra rrelatati mas-sigurtà, bħat-twaqqif ta' sistemi ta' allarm, eċċ.

Celem niniejszego zaproszenia do składania ofert jest zawarcie umowy ramowej z przedsiębiorstwem specjalizującym się w ochronie osób i mienia. Wymagane usługi obejmują:

1) monitorowanie budynków zarządzanych przez Delegaturę (biura, rezydencja ambasadora i pomieszczenia mieszkalne oddelegowanych pracowników) oraz wdrożenie systemu patroli w sposób pozwalający zapobiegać wtargnięciom i atakom na osoby i ich mienie;

2) kontrolę dostępu odwiedzających do budynków;

3) wprowadzenie sieci komunikacji radiowej (VHF/UHF) między budynkami z centralą zarządzaną przez przedsiębiorstwo;

4) interwencję sił szybkiego reagowania w przypadku incydentu;

5) w określonym przypadku inne usługi związane z ochroną, na przykład montaż systemów alarmowych itp.

Cieľom výzvy na súťaž je uzavrieť rámcovú zmluvu so spoločnosťou špecializovanou na bezpečnosť osôb a majetku. Služby, ktoré sa majú poskytnúť v tomto kontexte, zahŕňajú:

1) stráženie budov spravovaných delegáciou (kancelárie, rezidencia veľvyslanca a byty detašovaných zamestnancov) a organizovanie hliadok na zabránenie vniknutiam a útokom proti osobám a odcudzeniu majetku;

2) kontrolu vstupu návštevníkov do budov;

3) zriadenie rádiovej komunikačnej siete (VHF/UHF) medzi budovami z centrálnej jednotky riadenej spoločnosťou;

4) zásah jednotky rýchlej reakcie v prípade incidentu;

5) ak je to potrebné, iné súvisiace bezpečnostné služby, ako napríklad inštalácia poplašných systémov atď.

Cilj povabila k oddaji ponudb je skleniti okvirno pogodbo s podjetjem, specializiranim za varovanje oseb in lastnine. Storitve v tem kontekstu zajemajo:

(1) nadzor stavb, ki jih upravlja Delegacija (pisarne, rezidenca veleposlanika in stanovanja osebja iz tujine), in vzpostavitev patrulj z namenom preprečitve vdorov in napadov na osebe ter lastnino;

(2) nadzor dostopa obiskovalcev v stavbe;

(3) vzpostavitev radijskega komunikacijskega omrežja (VHF/UHF) med stavbami iz centralnega objekta, ki ga upravlja podjetje;

(4) odziv službe za hitro posredovanje v primeru incidenta;

(5) kjer je primerno, druge storitve, povezane z varovanjem, kot je vzpostavitev alarmnih sistemov itd.

Is é is aidhm leis an gcuireadh chun tairisceana conradh creatlaí seirbhíse a dhéanamh le gnólacht a shainfheidhmíonn i slándáil daoine agus maoine. I measc na seirbhísí le soláthar sa chomhthéacs sin, tá na nithe a leanas:

1) faireachas ar fhoirgnimh arna mbainistiú ag an Toscaireacht (oifigí, áras cónaithe an ambasadóra agus tithe na foirne easaoránaí) agus patróil a bhunú d'fhonn aon ionradh agus ionsaithe a chosc ar dhaoine agus maoin;

2) rochtain cuairteoirí ar fhoirgnimh a rialú;

3) líonra cumarsáide raidió (VHF/UHF) a bhunú idir na foirgnimh ó shaoráid lárnach arna bainistiú ag an ngnólacht;

4) freagairt ó fhórsa mearfhreagartha i gcás teagmhais;

5) nuair is infheidhme, seirbhísí eile a bhaineann le slándáil amhail córais aláraim a bhunú, srl.

Целта на поканата за участие в търг е да се сключи рамков договор с фирма, специализирана в защитата на лица и имущество. Услугите, които трябва да бъдат предоставени в този контекст, включват:

1) наблюдение на сгради, управлявани от Делегацията (офиси, резиденцията на посланика и жилищата на експатрирания персонал) и създаване на патрули за предотвратяване на всякакво нежелано влизане и нападения над лица и собственост;

2) контролиране на достъпа на посетители до сградите;

3) инсталиране на радиокомуникационна мрежа (VHF/UHF) между сградите от централното учреждение, ръководени от фирмата;

4) отговор на силите за бързо реагиране в случай на инцидент;

5) където е приложимо, други услуги, свързани със сигурността, например монтиране на алармени системи и др.

Invitația la licitație are ca obiectiv încheierea unui contract-cadru cu o companie specializată în securitatea persoanelor și a bunurilor. Serviciile care trebuie prestate în acest context includ:

1) supravegherea clădirilor administrate de delegație (birouri, reședința ambasadorului și reședințele membrilor personalului expatriat) și crearea unui sistem de patrule astfel încât să se prevină orice intruziune și atac asupra persoanelor și bunurilor;

2) controlul accesului vizitatorilor în clădiri;

3) implementarea unei rețele de radiocomunicații (VHF/UHF) între clădiri de la o centrală gestionată de companie;

4) intervenția unei forțe de reacție rapidă în cazul unui incident;

5) dacă este cazul, alte servicii de securitate conexe precum instalarea de sisteme de alarmă etc.

Svrha je ovog poziva na nadmetanje sklapanje okvirnog ugovora s poduzećem specijaliziranim za sigurnost ljudi i imovine. Usluge koje će se pružati u sklopu ovog ugovora obuhvaćaju:

1) nadzor zgrada pod upravom Delegacije (uredi, rezidencija veleposlanika i domovi zaposlenika upućenih na rad u inozemstvu) i uspostavljanje ophodnji radi sprečavanja provala ili napada na osobe i imovinu;

2) nadzor ulaska posjetitelja u zgrade;

3) uspostavljanje radiokomunikacijske mreže (VHF/UHF) među zgradama iz središnje jedinice kojom upravlja poduzeće;

4) djelovanje snaga za brze intervencije u slučaju izgreda;

5) gdje je to primjenjivo, druge usluge povezane sa sigurnosti, kao što je postavljanje alarmnih sustava, itd.

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