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SO:ICT Sector Support - Phase II - P152358

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016
Project Manager (project Implementation Unit At The Ministry
Of Posts And Telecommunications, Federal Government Of Somalia)
PROJECT ID No.: P152358
POSITION: Project Manager
TYPE OF CONTRACT: Individual Consultant
EXPECTED START DATE: On contract signing, expected November, 2016
The Federal Government of Somalia through the Ministry of Finance, through the Ministry of Post andTelecommunications has received a grant from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to provide a program of ICTSector Support, 2014-2018 and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to payments under the contract to be signedwith individual consultants for the post of Project Manager to support the Higher Education Sector in Somalia.
The Federal Government of Somalia is the Recipient of the ICT Sector Support in Somalia program endorsed bythe Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility (SDRF) and funded under the Somalia Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) administered bythe World Bank.
Under the second phase of the program, the World Bank Groupon behalf of the Ministry of Posts andTelecommunications is seeking to recruit an Individual Consultant as Project Manager. The Project Manager will be (i) Coordinatethe project, managing the Project Implementation Unit, project activities and the work program of PIU staff members; (ii) Ensurecoordination and collaboration with the senior management of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on all aspects of theProject, and with the World Bank team; (iii) Implement the management of activities within the PIU, in coordination with the MPT,and ensure collaboration with other Government institutions, the private sector and civil society and capacity building in MPT;(iv) Collaboratewith other specialists in the PIU to perform all necessary project activities under the Somalia ICT Sector SupportProject for the period of the assignment; and (v) Ensure coordination with the EAFS in the Ministry of Finance in theimplementation of project activities.
The Project Development Objective is "to contribute towards the process of developing a regulatoryframework for the telecommunications sector and building an ICT infrastructure in Somalia". The second phase of the projecthas three components:
1. Enabling Environment, focusing on supporting the regulatory and governance framework for the sector,following the anticipated passage of the new Communications Law. This will provide for ongoing support to the Ministry and newregulator and will facilitate a new activity on support for the implementation of an effective mobile-money framework.
2. Efficiency and equity in access to connectivity, whichwill support:
2. 1. The establishment of a framework for SIM card registration;
2. 2. The establishment of communications rooms in key ministries across different economic zones, includingPuntland;
2. 3. Supporting the Somali Research and Education Network (SomaliREN), including through provision ofadvance purchase of internet bandwidth and capacity-building
3. Support and Capacity-Building for the Project Implementation Unit within the MPT, and a ProjectCoordination Unit for local implementation in Puntland.
Detailed terms of reference for the post indicating expected consultant qualification and assignmentduration are posted on and
The Project Implementation Unit on behalf of the Ministry invites individual consultants to indicate theirinterest in providing the above services. Interested individual consultants must provide information indicating that they arequalified to perform the services.
Expressions of Interest and attachments: a CV, two refereesand scanned copies of testimonials must be sentby email to The Consultant shall make clear reference in the subject field specifying Ref No:GFRS/ICT/2015-16/C7, not later than November 3, 2016, 17:00 hrs.
Consultants will be selected in accordance with the latest revision of the World Bank's Guidelines:Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grant by the World Bank Borrowers" dated January2011(revised July 2014) for individual consultants.
Colline Mpaata
PIU Procurement Specialist
ICT Support Project
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication
Position Title:
PROJECT MANAGER (Project Implementation Unit at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, FederalGovernment of Somalia)
Accountable to:
Minister, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
Type of Appointment:
Individual Consultant
Reference No:
Duty Station:
Mogadishu, Somalia
Start date:
On contract signature, expected in November, 2016
1. Background:
The Federal Government of Somalia, through the Ministry of Posts and Telecoms and the Ministry of Finance,has requested the World Bank to support the preparation and implementation of the Somalia ICT Sector Support Project, PhaseII.
The overarching Project Development Objective (PDO) for this series of projects is "to support the ICTSector in Somalia by contributing to establishing an enabling environment and by encouraging efficiency and equity in access toconnectivity". This remains unchanged from the PDO for phase 1 of the program. The higher level objectives are asfollows:
·        Establish an enabling policy and regulatory environment, including for mobile money;
·        Increase the contribution of the ICT Sector to the public treasury;
·        Support institutional capacity building in high priority economic foundations; and
·        Promote equity and access to internet connectivity, especially for higher education.
The project will comprise of three (03) components:
Component 1: Enabling Environment focusing on supporting the regulatory andgovernance framework for the sector and creating a trusted policy and regulatory environment.
Component 2: Efficiency and equity in access to connectivity which will see theextension of the establishment ofcommunications rooms in key ministries across different economic zones and the establishment of aframework for SIM card registration and will seek to make optimal use of the undersea fibre cable arriving in Mogadishu bysupporting the Somali Research and Education Network.
Component 3: Support and Capacity-Building for the Project Implementation Unit.The objective of this component is to support the Project Implementation Unit established in the Ministry of Posts andTelecommunications, working closely with the Ministry for Finance, for program management and coordination, and forcapacity-building.
2. Overall Objective:
The overall responsibilities of the Project Manager are to
i.      Coordinate the project, managing the Project Implementation Unit, project activities and thework program of PIU staff members;
ii.      Ensure coordination and collaboration with the senior management of the Ministry of Posts andTelecommunications on all aspects of the Project, and with the World Bank team;
iii.      Implement the management of activities within thePIU, in coordination with the MPT, and ensure collaboration with other Government institutions, the private sector and civilsociety and capacity building in MPT;
iv.      Collaborate with other specialists in the PIU toperform all necessary project activities under the Somalia ICT Sector Support Project for the period of the assignment;and
v.      Ensure coordination with the EAFS in the Ministryof Finance in the implementation of project activities.
3. Tasks:
The Project manager shall do everything necessary to meet the above objectives, including but not limited tocarrying out the following specific duties:
i.      Prepare and follow through a phased program of action to ensure coordination of efforts inimplementing the ICT Sector Support Project in Somalia;
ii.      Develop and strengthen collaboration with all implementation partners (Ministries departments,liaisons, consultants, firms?), development partners and other stakeholdersto facilitate their understanding and support to the ICTSector Support program;
iii.      Supervise the work of Technical Expertsparticularly the PIU Staff, including, but not limited to, the Procurement Specialist and the ProjectAccountant;
iv.      Coordinating the preparation and updating of theProject Implementation Manual and ensuring that project implementation is in compliance with the stipulations of the ProjectImplementation Manual and the guidelines of the Bank;
v.      Initiating and coordinating the preparation ofannual work plans of the various implementing partners, based on a standardized format;
vi.      Coordinating, in close collaboration with theProcurement Specialist, the preparation and monitoring and reporting on the execution of the overall procurement plan of theProject consistent with procurement guidelines of the funding Development Partners and the specific provisions of the GrantAgreements;
vii.      Ensuring the provision of logistical and other support to local andinternational consultants engaged under the project;
viii.      Conducting, commissioning, and coordination of the monitoring andevaluation activities of the project;
ix.      Preparing periodic Project Status Report (PSRs)for review by the MPT Technical Working Group and onward transmission to the funding Development Partners;
x.      Preparing the Somalia Government section of theImplementation Completion Report (ICR) at the end of the project; and
xi.      Carrying out other functions related to theProject that will, from time to time, be agreed upon between the funding Development Partners and theGovernment.
xii.      The terms of reference and responsibilities outlined here may berevised at a later date to accommodate the management of activities associated with project implementation funded by otherinstitutions, including the African Development Bank.
4. Qualifications and Experience
i.      Candidate should possess a relevant postgraduate qualification with a minimum of 10 years'experience in the Somalia context, with strong technical leadership in ICTand Project Managementenvironment;
ii.      Reputable person with good characteristics, knowledge, skills and proven capability inMinistry, Department and Agency planning, development and government policy formulation.
iii.      A good knowledge of Somalia generallyandsensitivity to the underlying state of fragility and the prevailing challenges in particular.
iv.      Demonstrated ability to lead a multi-disciplinaryproject management team, build effective working relations with colleagues and clients, and capable of working under pressure, withgood experience in leadership and strategic management of project teamat national level.
v.      Proven experience in coordinating, cooperating andnegotiating with high level Government officials, donor partners and multitude of local stakeholders.
vi.      A change agent - with extensive experienceincontext specific - practical techniques for change management.
5. Consultant's reporting obligations
The consultant will be employed as the Project Manager and will report directly to the SteeringCommittee/Technical Working Groupof the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (chaired by HE Minister).
6. Deliverables
i.      Draft Annual Work Plan (AWP), for approval
ii.     Progress Reports and Regular Updates to the World Bank's Task Team of the ICT SectorSupport Project inSomalia
iii.     Background papers for MPTTechnical Working group meetings and minutes of meetings
iv.     Consolidated Quarterly Project Status Report (PSR)
v.     Interim Financial Reports (IFR)
vi.     Annual Financial Statements and audit report
7. Facilities to beprovided by theClient:
The MPT will provide the Project Manager with office facilities, internet connectivity, essential utilities,office services, stationery and office supplies and use of a computer, printer, scanner and photocopying etc. In addition, the MoFand the ICT Project will makeavailable to the consultant copies of all the documents the Consultant may need to discharge his/herfunctions; and will assist the ProjectManager in liaising with all agencies of government and the private sector under the projectand with other agencies of government on matters related to the project
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