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Danmarks Tekniske Universitet / Technical University of Denmark | Published November 16, 2017
Peergrade ApS

Peer review system for DTU's Learning Management System.

Peer review or peer assessment is a method for teaching and learning that with the help of technology now can be supported by an online system, thus making the process more manageable. A peer review system generally works by letting students submit their assignments, which is then distributed among their peers for feedback. The steps in a peer review system is as follows:

1. The teacher creates an assignment for the students.

2. Students submit their work on the assignment.

3. The assignments are distributed among the students to evaluate. The students evaluate e.g. 3-5 other assignments using a rubric: a tool to guide their evaluations.

4. Students get all the feedback on their own assignment created in the evaluations.

5. The teacher gets an overview and can comment on the assignments based on the data shown in the evaluations.

A peer review system has several options like anonymous evaluations, automatically distribution of assignments, creation of rubrics, aggregated data etc. depending on the chosen system.

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