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Development of the Internet or intranet client applications 2015 / S 077-136306

Miljøstyrelsen | Published April 21, 2015  -  Deadline May 18, 2015
72421000, 72212000, 72212220, 72222000, 72222300, 79340000, 79341100, 79341400, 90700000, 90714100

Development of the Internet or intranet client applications This offering includes a framework for the development and operation of the web portal 'Environmental directory - the easy way to a green life'. The portal will bring together existing material, information and knowledge from the Environmental Protection Agency and other selected external sources in one place. A focused and action oriented communication on the web portal and subsequent dissemination of the portal over 2 years in the framework agreement 3-year operational period (years 2 and 3) to ensure that the portal becomes a natural gathering place for information about sustainable consumption and waste prevention in the target group. There is a budget of 1,650,000 DKK ex. VAT which will cover both the development etc. (Year 1) and subsequent 3 years of operation (total 4 years). The total budget is 3,650,000 DKK ex. VAT. The framework agreement is not exclusive, why EPA reserves the right to contract with third-party development of new elements within the allocated operating funds up to one million DKK ex. VAT per year in years 2 and 3. The web portal is expected drafted in Environment Ministry CMS Go Basic, which is built on Umbraco, and must comply with rules of the Ministry of Environment Design Manual terms. fonts, logo, color palette and so on. Through nudging and action-oriented communication objective will be to make it easy for the audience to its everyday green. The contents of the Framework Agreement generally consist of deliveries within: Preliminary / initial analysis and strategy planning: - Preliminary / initial analysis and strategy planning includes all activities for the stock of existing knowledge, dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including needs analysis, as well as the establishment of a communication strategy that can ensure dissemination of the web portal and to encourage changes in behavior in relation to sustainable consumption and waste reduction. Development and testing of the web portal and the development of module on portions economy: In connection with planning / development of the web portal, the supplier along with the Environmental Protection Agency's project manager in dialogue with the Environmental Protection Agency Service on opportunities for potential development of new components / modules that are not already available in Go basic and decide whether the solution to be integrated directly on or the need for a separate site in Go Basic. Communication and dissemination of web portal: - Communication and dissemination of web portal includes all activities for the implementation of the developed approach to the communication and dissemination of the web portal. Operation and maintenance - Operation and maintenance includes all activities operating, maintenance and updating of web portal of the framework agreement 3-year lifetime, including moderation of interactive modules / debate and bug fixes, updates, etc. Development of new elements to the Web Portal Development will be in the form of self-development projects that can be initiated by the customer, for example. the need for new environmental professional modules in areas where there appears to be a need for new or complementary materials, information and knowledge. Offering will cover all costs associated with the Framework Agreement implementation including transportation costs, costs for travel, hotel accommodation, office accommodation and any other costs associated with the settlement of the tender document. EPA wants the offering to conclude a framework agreement with one supplier / one consortium.

Accommodation cleaning services

VUC Djursland | Published April 24, 2015  -  Deadline May 21, 2015

The above range of cleaning carried out by Service mediator A / S on behalf of adult education centers Jutland. The task includes cleaning of educational facilities (educational and administrative buildings, etc.) at 3 addresses - a total of approximately 2800 m2 divided into the following addresses: - Vestervej 3, 8500 Grenaa (approximately 1,000 m2) - Nytorv 9, 8500 Grenaa (approximately 1,000 m2) - Kannikegade 10, 8500 Grenaa (800 m2) Window Cleaning will be part in this contract as an option. The Contracting Authority accepts the use of subcontractors to perform window cleaning. The task is not offered in lots. Procedure: The Contracting Authority has chosen to perform this task digitally through Mercell Denmark A / S. To participate in the task copy this link to your browser: Here To Register for the job by pressing the icon at the top: "Sign your interest. ' If you are not a licensee of Mercell Denmark A / S, fill out a registration of your company. This registration is required for your continued participation and without cost. After sending the registration you have free access to all documents. You will receive login codes to within normal working hours and can then send your offer / application.
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