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Contract award procedure

Putnok és Térsége Önkormányzati Társulás | Published December 4, 2015
Northbridge Egészségügyi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Subject: to ensure the mandate (task-offload-taking) central contract primary care medical service (adult and pediatric). Quantity: providing central primary care medical service (adult and pediatric) Putnok, Bánréve, Dubicsány, Gömörszőlős, seven, Kelemér, Királd, Sajómercse, Sajónémeti, Sajópüspöki, Sajóvelezd, covering Serényfalva the jurisdiction of a working day 16:00 am the next morning 8:00 am and weekly rest days , public holidays, holidays in the morning 8:00 am to 8:00 am the next morning full 24 hours. The central location of the performance of services Putnok, Kossuth Lajos út 24. clinic, which use a contractor enters into a Putnok Municipality of room rental contract. The rent is free. The gas and electricity, water and sewer, telephone, television as well as paying the costs of shipping the waste contractor responsible. The payment of other expenses responsibility of the supplier. Ensuring staff on duty every day for at least the following happens: a.) One person of 4/2000. Specialist professional qualification conditions laid down in Regulation (II.25.) Of the Ministry of Health § 11 (9) (a doctor), b.) One person of 4/2000. Specialist, as provided for in § 12 (II.25.) Of the Ministry of Health (care), c.) One person of 41/2004. Valid (IV. 7.) GKM eligibility category under Regulation § 3 (4) a) and qualified person with a valid driver's license (driving). The population of the settlements to be performed: URBAN POPULATION (MAIN) Putnok Bánréve 7125 315 1331 Dubicsány Gömörszőlős Week 75 Kelemér 513 515 874 Királd Sajómercse Sajónémeti 539 245 538 Sajópüspöki Sajóvelezd Serényfalva 826 1,022 Total: 13,918 a detailed definition of the tasks contained in the documentation.
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