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Repair, maintenance and associated services related to personal computers, office equipment, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment

Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017

The Intellectual Property Office intends to implement and modernize the provision of equipment rooms location and infrastructure modern office space is unit independent cost-effective solutions and tools in the procurement documents to place within the framework of data for parks hosting service whereby, 7 * 24-hour and 99.99% availability, leased line connection, at least 45 + 30 m² floor space by providing rack 7, 46 db server with respect.

The Intellectual Property Office intends to implement and modernize the provision of equipment rooms location and infrastructure modern office space is unit independent cost-effective solutions and tools in the procurement documents to place within the framework of data for parks hosting service whereby, 7 * 24-hour and 99.99% availability, leased line connection, at least 45 m² floor space by providing five rack, server 38dB / instrument.

The Intellectual Property Office intends to implement and modernize the provision of equipment rooms location and infrastructure modern office space is unit independent cost-effective solutions and tools in the procurement documents to place within the framework of data for parks hosting service whereby, 7 * 24-hour and 99.99% availability, leased line connection, at least 30 m² floor space by providing three rack servers with 8 / instrument.

Marketing services

MFB – Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017

Purchase of purchases related to the purpose of MFB Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company EU and national sources of financial assets / products for communications services.

Bidder is responsible in connection with the Tender marketing communication activities on time and care in a professional manner the following tasks: develop a comprehensive creative concept, creative and online campaign planning, execution, production of creative materials, book and purchase of media platforms, market and public opinion research, printing, graphic design and performance of other production tasks.

1. Public part: Creative design, jobs, public opinion and market research, media-related production efficiency measurement.

Preparation and implementation of) Creative Strategies and Plans:

Based on an ad hoc orders, the Offeror shall be responsible for creative strategies and plans for preparing for and implementing.

Main tasks:

- Creative concept, development and implementation of plans, construction of the complex and sub-campaigns, especially in the verbal and visual design,

- The development of online and other non-traditional communication strategies,

- Development of other electronic publishing options strategy.

b) Creative design, manufacturing, production preparation tasks:

for the entire duration of the contract it is expected but not fully that may arise following the production, production preparation tasks:

- Banners, indoor posters, billboard design,

- Trainings for advertising and public relations, design and production of films,

- Radio advertising design and production,

- Communications equipment creative / graphic and prepress .: eg press, közterületi- and inner ads, pop-ups, roll-ups,

- Copywriting, styling, layout, editing, proofreading, correcting,

- Making a presentation (design, selection, purchase, production, etc. visual elements.)

- Brochure design, illustration,

- Preparation for printing (graphic design, layout design, eg .: print ads, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.)

- Image processing, photo production and the purchase of any royalties associated, images or purchase of stock photo use of royalties.

c) in respect Online tasks:

for the entire duration of the contract is expected but not fully may arise in the following tasks:

- Creating web banners (static or animated)

- Development of form and content websites,

- Information portals and tools, operation and maintenance,

- Creating an interactive CD or DVD content specified by the customer,

- HTML invitation, newsletter preparation,

- Frequency graphical images (data visualization, graphic design, creating animation) primarily professional presentations and publications, online interfaces to illustrate,

- Online-productions: banners and websites, new games, mini sites will creative content design and implementation of assistance, designing, editing and publications available online

- DM Electronic Design layouts.

d) Market research and public opinion polling, media effectiveness measurement:

Based on the brief duration of the contract, the contractor will be in the future by the Contracting Authority in accordance with the Tender drafted by an ad hoc demands in the performance of the contract sent to:

- Preparation of qualitative research (individual interviews, focus groups, creative groups, research methodology eye camera)

- Preparation of quantitative research (online, telephone, personal data recording).

For the contract to be concluded with Part 1 envelope: Net 310 200 000 HUF.

A detailed technical description of the documentation.

2. The public part: "Media Buying."

During execution of the contract drafted by the Contracting occasional accordance with the needs of the contractor shall:

a) During the preparation of the contract using media strategy, media buying to media award criteria specified in section lists the elements and are not yet known, but the target groups and other media of communication relevant to the objectives using media campaigns, post-implementation review.

the right to use the prepared media plans vested in the Customer.

c) The post-implementation review of media appearances: Create reports based on indicators of media, and supporting documents by submitting the following performance:

- TV: For PR reports for the radiation beam on the track key sample lists and electronic media, advertising spot list

- Radio: For PR-report list and broadcast the key sample programs on electronic media for advertising spot broadcast list

- Print media: 2 key sample,

- Online: screenshot (screen image was given time) and for the period of

Medical equipments

Semmelweis Egyetem | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017

1 contract of sale purchase and maintenance of 36 months following the contractual performance of 280 unique pharmaceutical drug dealer cassette automatic control, medication safety of optical equipment, as well as options on.

and the quantity of purchase:

56 additional cartridges cabinet with 6 unique drug delivery tray, 4 szalagcsévélő and take-up reel, 1 manual debliszterező machine, 1 cleaning package HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, 1 Precision Balance of cartridges refilling, 3 air-handling package and dust related to this connection, 900x3x365 and drug dealer's bag and the associated foil and ribbon, custom signatures required 180x3x365 share.

Receiving contractor will install the equipment necessary for the operation of IT systems, as well as to provide an output data and input data related to the medication that fits many medical system established by the Contracting Authority.

The new equipment can be delivered only.

The contractor is responsible to the destination device supply, installation, commissioning and within the warranty period (3 years) maintenance of the equipment, semi-annual review.

The detailed tender specifications included the procurement documents.

The evaluation criteria:

determined in accordance with § 76 paragraph (2) c): Best value for money.

Total Weighting: 100th

Net bid price (USD) Weighting: 70 (reverse scaling).

2.Teljes range of quality assurance, whether at all, leaving portions of the automated machine control, are clearly traceable way Weighting: 10 (yes / no) (scoring).

1501 doses / hour to produce Weighting: 10 (scoring) (1501-2000 1 point, 4 points from 2001 to 2500, 2501-3000 7 points, 10 points over 3001).

Weighting: 10 (yes / no) (scoring).

the lower and upper limit can be given during the evaluation score entering: 1-10.

Main financing conditions and payment arrangements, reference to the relevant provisions:

Contracting authority shall not pay.

The Contracting compensated for consideration under the following conditions:

60 days after the deadline for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the contract signing (the achievement possible) which will provide one week test run is also included, followed by a sharp departure in the first half-year maintenance 4 weeks of continuous implementation support and staff training.

6: 130th § conditions laid down in paragraph (2) there is - within 30 days after the certified contractual performance, bill payment, wire transfer, forint (HUF) will be paid.

Contracting payments XCII of 2003 on taxation. TV. (Art.) On 36 / A § and public finance in 2011 CXCV. TV. (APF.), Taking into account the provisions of meets.

The bidding for the contract and the payment currency: HUF.

The detailed payment conditions are included in the draft contract as part of the procurement documents.

Contracting authorities may not allow you to create / create the winning bidder (s) of business organization (project company) to perform the contract.

Engineering services

NIF Zrt. | Published February 2, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017
71300000, 71310000, 71520000, 71318000, 71631000, 71356100, 71631300, 71247000, 71312000

under an agency contract in Kaposvár intermodal transport centers and care facilities operating in construction-related engineering and technical supervision tasks.

operating under an agency contract supply during construction of the intermodal transport center in Kaposvar facilities and related engineering and technical supervision tasks

1. Road construction:

2x2 breakdown lane collector road 491 m section (section concerned Budai Nagy Antal street);

2x2-lane collector road construction 511 m section (section concerned Budai Nagy Antal street);

c. Roundabout construction of three pieces;

2x1-lane collector road construction 867 m section (Csik Ferenc promenade extension connection to King Béla street);

P + R parking lot construction (a total of 201 (138 + 45 + 18) pcs);

f. new local and long-distance railroad traffic facilities construction (8257 m2 paving tiles; 578 m2 of asphalt pavement, concrete pavement 9388 m2).

Bridge construction:

King Béla út over Kapos 29.3 m free-span bridge reconstruction;

Railway bridge construction work on the roadside King Béla 15.83 + 27.87 + 15.92 m szabadnyílással;

Pedestrian and bicycle bridge section between the Petofi Square and the River Kapos 46.80 + 69.86 + 38.00 + 20.00 + 15.00 + 15.00 m szabadnyílással.

Building construction:

Station building construction of the new railway station (600 m2);

Driver Rest construction of parking for the area (160 m2);

Peronfedések the bus station and the railway station (2700 m2);

Construction of architectural elements as well as a bridgehead footbridge placed in rooms (160 m2) building;

Sommsich under Paul's Street 14 (u .: 836) redevelopment of a former dormitory for unmarried hostel HM (2800 m2).

Utility construction:

Oil and gas business packing (850 m), demolition (225 m) and protection insert (30 m);

District Heating Network construction (83 m) and packing (570 m);

demolition and construction of storm sewers (2735 m);

Disconnect water utilities networks (1350 m), placed under protection (355 m), construction (1770 m), water source wells induction / protection unit (4);

Ending Communications Network (2220 m), placed under protection (1265 m) and construction (3400 m);

construction and packing (0.4 kVos network is 2275 m, 20 kV grid 195 m) and medium voltage networks;

Backlight lighting and packing (3805 m) and construction (7220 m).

Environment Sort by:

Petofi Square landscaping (1551 m2);

Donneri maturing landscaping (4260 m2);

Pedestrian and cyclist surface landscaping (3704 m2);

Csik Ferenc promenade area between the railway and landscaping (2086 m2) and fencing (200 m).

Railway construction:

Catenary rebuilding the vicinity of the road flyover (140 m);

Catenary reconstruction of the pedestrian overpass in the vicinity of cycling (270 m);

Platforms area lighting ( "A" platform and "C");

Sk 241 m + 55 cm in height in addition to the construction of Kaposvar utasperon No. I track;

a slight modification of the interlocking King Béla út legacy traffic - cyclists due to the transfer, as well as a total of 18 rubber-powered pedestrian crossing construction field - designed for pedestrians;

Telecommunications, passenger information systems. Building audible and visual passenger information system Volan station, and coordination carried out by MÁV Zrt system.

Detailed technical description of the procurement documents.

Possibility Part Bidding is not provided as the construction work to be performed in German, and so performance by this Agreement conducting engineering and technical supervision tasks professionally are interrelated, and the work area and the type of construction time limit does not allow you to simultaneously more general contractor is present in the project implementation in common organization of work and responsibilities of the design is not feasible.

Food, beverages, tobacco and related products

Fővárosi Önkormányzat Alacskai Úti Idősek Otthona | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
15000000, 15100000, 15896000, 15331100, 15810000, 15500000, 15891410, 15200000, 03142500, 15812100

purchase of food products and raw materials 10 parts bidding round.

Product Groups:

Pork meat and its preparations 60 items

Poultry Meat and its preparations 22 items

Frozen Products 36 items

Vegetables and fruit 64 items

Bakery 16 items

Milk and dairy products 34 items

Miscellaneous Products 118 items

Fish and fish preparations 3 items

Egg 1 result

Confectionery Products 8 items

The point II.2) itemized in with his wife and 1-year volumes.

Contracting the specified amount may differ positively by 15% of all parts, or for all volumes.

Estimated value stated in section II.2), the contract is for a period of 20 months, and will account for 15% of the amount of, too.

The .xls format unpriced summary, list of products contains a formula that calculates the value of the amount over 1 year and report the deviation is + 15% in 20 months.

This value must be in the form of the speech offered first, even given.

Serial number, description, quantity, unit of measure

Lean beef

1. Without scapula bone 300 kg

2. neck 500 kg

3. Without rib bones 100 kg


4 boneless pork 650 kg

5. Without femur 1200 kg

6, scapula bone without 3000 kg

7. Without chop bone 650 kg

Page 8 280 kg

Nail (db in order) to 150 kg

10. pig skin stem chop, boneless 40 kg

80 kg without bones flank 11

12 600 kg of meat bone

13. 60 kg of boneless pork knuckle

14 Borken 10 kg

200 kg of lard

Pork offal

16. tripe (striped, frozen, precooked) 80 kg

17 May 30 kg

Smoked pork

18 240 kg of raw pork

19. spare ribs cooked 180 kg

20. Knuckle 60 kg

21. 15 kg of beef tongue

bacon animals

22. 10 kg of bacon

23. 250 kg of cooked Emperor

24. Csécsi 20 kg

25 gourmet smoked bacon 250 kg

Transylvania 26 200 kg

27. 50 kg of Cluj

pork products

28. Greaves 150 kg

29. crinoline műbeles 80 kg

Frankfurter sausages, or the same quality (in order pcs) 1000 kg


31. 500 kg of salami

32. Knuckle 30 kg

33. 500 kg of pizza

34. 45 kg of ham

35. ham sandwich 20kg

preparations of liver

Gyulai liverwurst or of equivalent quality 300 kg

37 100 kg sausage Backa

38, calves liver 10kg

39. 90 kg of white puddings

90 kg blood sausage


Bake 41 to 90 kg

42. Debrecen (in order pc) 50 kg

43 peasants 60 kg

44 Scouts 320 kg

Gyula 45 doubles 10 kg


46. ​​paprika 40 kg

47. 40 kg of prey

48 winter 10 kg

Bathory paprika 10 kg

Cold cuts of beef

50. 600 kg of Paris

Cold cuts of pork

Italian 51 30 kg

52. Zala 550 kg

53 350 kg vegetables

54 Sopron 30 kg

55. 100 kg of Paris

56 to 30 kg of mortadella

57. 50 kg of sliced ​​luncheon

58. Emperor was wrapped in 20 kg

59 to 30 kg pork delicacy

60. coach 200 kg.

Serial number, description, quantity, unit of measure

Chicken chilled

drumstick 1 (db in order) to 100 kg

2 thighs (order pieces in) 1200 kg

3 whole leg (in order pcs) 1000 kg

4. thigh fillets 150 kg

5 300 kg breast

6 wing (in order pcs) 150 kg

Turkey meat chilled

7. thigh fillets 300 kg

8 140 kg breast

Goose chilled

9. wing root (db in order) to 120 kg

10. thighs (db in order) to 160 kg

Cold cuts and Poultry products

11 200 kg of poultry of Paris

12. 340 kg of poultry mosaic

13 turkey ham pizza 60kg

14 260 kg turkey ham

15. 30 kg of turkey Parisian

16 smoked turkey Parisian 10 kg

17. Chicken breast with ham 40 kg

18 to 40 kg of poultry sausage stew

Oils and fats

19. eating goose fat 0.5 kg to 200 kg

Frozen Products

20. 30 kg pulykazúza

21. 320 kg of chicken without a heart

22 poultry chopped 10 kg.

Serial number, description, quantity, unit of measure

Deep-frozen products

1 160 kg of plum dumplings

2 apricot dumplings 100 kg

3 plum jam roly-poly 120 kg

4. 150 kg of noodles

5 220 kg cheese ravioli

6. chestnut mass of 1 kg to 40 kg

Puff pastry (24x500g) 140 kg

frozen fruits

8 600 kg of apple cubes

9. pitted cherries 900 kg

10 120 kg peach halves

11 120 kg of plum halves

12. 240 kg of strawberries

13 raspberries 200 kg

14 berry mix 40 kg

frozen vegetables

15 kg green peas 1900

16 Yellow-podded beans 1100 kg

17 860 kg cauliflower roses

18. bro

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