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Rybnik: Purchase of materials and resources to the project schedule job I have - I work in the region Task 1: Purchase of tools for vocational training: power. Task 2: Purchase of textile materials

 | Published September 2, 2013  -  Deadline September 11, 2013
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The contract is for the purchase of materials and resources to the project schedule job I have - I work in the region, broken down into tasks: Task 1: Purchase of tools for vocational training: power. 1 Finder cables, tracks, cables and cable routes without affecting the insulating coating, with gain sensitivity, power supply 9V battery, the radio frequency signal noise is a tool for locating and identifying cable pairs and a single wire, eg SEW 180 CB - TerraServer cables (SEW) : active probe (180 CB-A), the signal generator (180 CB-G), number: 3 pcs 2 Engine 3faz: 0.55 kW, tr g, 230 400V, 50 Hz, 1400 rpm, 2.7 1.6 A, quantity: 7 pcs 3 1faz Motor: 0,55 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz, 20F 450V, 1360 rpm, 3.9 A, Quantity: 5 pcs 4 Voltage tester (such as VT-S): Measurement of bipolar DC to 750V AC, LCD display with max indication 2000, autodiscovery, ACV, DCV, continuity and diode test, pole test for phase detection, phase sequence indicator, dual display ACV and Hz, measurement Resistance to 2k, frequency meter to 1 kHz test tone continuity, strong white LED illuminator (flashlight), self test, battery level indicator, housing IP 65, closed housing with access to the battery, electrical safety CAT IV 600V, CAT III 750V, number 4 pieces 5 Phase Sequence Tester: range of voltages 100 V .600, .65 frequency range 45 Hz, power supply tester to test the installation, power consumption max 3.5 mA (550V) Storage Temperature-25 .. 60 ° C operating temperature. -10 .. 45 ° C, a kind of double insulation in accordance with EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557 Measurement category III 600V - TKF-11 according to EN 61010-1, protection class (according to DIN EN 60529) IP40 compliance with IEC 61557-7, Quantity: 4 pcs 6 Digital Multimeter: LCD display, automatic selection of the measuring range, the measurement of transistor gain, signaling an incorrect connection of test leads, barograph, the measurement of the maximum and minimum relative measurements, Memory: 10 measurements, diode test, continuity, 9V battery, quantity: 6 pcs . above materials and teaching aids for classes to be delivered to the School of Engineering, ul. Kosciuszko 5, 44-200 Rybnik. Task 2: Purchase of textile materials. 1 Home of microfiber cloths or tetras, number 5 pcs 2 Sinks, wire dish rack, Quantity: 5 pcs 3 Sheet: Dimensions: 160 x 240, the material: cotton, color: white, number: 2 pcs 4 Cotton mattress protector duffel, size: 90 x 200, number: 2 pieces 5 Traditional bedding (1 pillow: 70x80cm, one quilt: 140x200cm), material: cotton, buttoned, number: 2 sets. 6 Hydrogen peroxide - a solution of 30% pa, 1 x pack of 250 cm3. 7 Manganate (VII) solution: crystal pa, 1 x pack with a capacity of 100 g 8 The distillation assembly line: round-bottomed flask, condenser, thermometer, Quantity: 1 pc 9 Combination electrodes - for pH, quantity: 1 piece 10 Vases: scratch-resistant, height: 40 cm, diameter 8 cm, Quantity: 3 pcs 11 Decorative Bowl with natural colored glass, height 25 cm, width 90 cm, Quantity: 1 piece 12 Easy to handle: chrome design, Newspapers, 2 x 15-17 l bucket handle bag 120 l, 3 x tray plastic, 2 x bucket 6 l, 3 clips, the base of the mop, quantity: 1 set. These materials and teaching aids for classes to be delivered to the School of Economic and Service Companies, ul. St. Joseph, 30, 44-217 Rybnik. The detailed scope of the contract states the Terms of Reference.
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