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Radio and television services

Hôpitaux universitaires de Strasbourg | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
92200000, 64210000

public service concession for patients of University Hospitals of Strasbourg - HUS and health cooperation group Irecal - GCS Irecal for the installation, management and operation of multimedia services (patient telephony, television broadcasting, online services, radio, video, internet wifi connection and other means) and multi-services.

Gives view of public candidacy appeal.

Telecommunications network

Département du Bas-Rhin | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2017

network hardware maintenance and computer security.

network hardware maintenance and computer security.

Framework agreement with a minimum amount of 41 666.67 euros HT and a maximum of 350 000 EUR excluding VAT.

Telecommunications services

Région Grand Est | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline March 28, 2017
64200000, 32410000, 32523000, 50332000

This consultation relates to the choice by the Greater East Region, a delegated public service for the design, establishment, operation, marketing and financing a high-speed broadband electronic communications network.

The public service delegation distinguished:

- 1 firm phase (TF), approximately 3,367 communes (827,500 doses) not affected by FTTH deployment on equity of private operators and without wired network with a rate of at least 30-Mbit / S.

- 1 conditional phase (TC), about 58 communes (79,900 doses) not affected by FTTH deployment equity private operators, but cable network offering the 30-Mbit / S.

TF: design, establishment, operation, marketing and financing THD FTTH network for all catches (including implementation of customer connections, intensification of work in new premises, management of costs related to diarrhea and landfill operations network and temporary retention of cable services to the municipalities affected by a cable network pending FTTH) operation and marketing of the various broadband networks implemented by the Region or one partner departments as decided in each community at contractual maturity after riders at the DSP.

For TC, refer to section VI.3 additional information.

Road construction works

Département du Bas-Rhin | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 15, 2017

This work is part of the development operation of Marmoutier crossroads on Rd1004 whose northern part has already been achieved in 2014-2015. This project aims to finalize the development and includes:

In firm phase: - the creation of a toll roundabout 5-spoke allowing exchanges between Rd1004, the RD68, the Rd229 and street Schwenheim to the center of Marmoutier (referred crusher south) - the realization of a opening up agricultural path is provided east side

In conditional phase: - the creation of an urban roundabout with 4 branches for trade between the Rd1004, the Marshal Lattre of Tassigny street towards the center of Marmoutier Saverne Street to the area of ​​activity (referred roundabout central).

For 2 slices, runoff from the entire section of the redeveloped Rd1004 are collected and processed quantitatively and qualitatively before discharge into the environment.

TF: Décap. TV: 19800m3; cuttings: 7000m3; cuttings put in landfill: 5700m3; B5 of CD67: 4500m3; embankment filler: 500m3; Cdforme: 5050m3; B5 treatment of CD67 in CDF: 3000m3; Ia85 borders, T3, T2, P1 and pavés16 * 24 * 14: 1485 ml; 300mm to 600mm nozzles: 325 ml; gutters and concrete 2m and 1.5m: 400ml; looks: 28u; basin: 1; Eb10roul-Cl 3: 3800t; Eb10roul-Cl 2: 1500t; Eb14assise: 4500t; milling: 13 000m2; sheaths 100 ml; precast frame. 4x2m: 33ml; concrete-off: 650 m2. Tc1: Décap. TV: 5000m3; cuttings: 9100m3; cuttings put in landfill: 8200m3; B5 of CD67: 2500m3; Cdforme: 10400m3; borders Type Ia85, T3, T2, P1, Pavés16 * 24 * 14: 1980 ml; 300mm to 600mm nozzles: 770 ml; 800mm nozzle: 75 ml; 1400mm nozzles: 30 ml; gutters and concrete 2m and 1.5m: 1845ml; looks: 40u; basin: 1; Eb10roul-Cl 3: 2620t; Eb10roul-Cl 2: 110t; Eb14assise: 4520t; milling: 11 050m2; sheaths 100 ml; precast frame. 2x1,8m: 32ml; préfa.1,1x1,1m framework: 32ml; concrete-off 1270 m2.


ARTE GEIE | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017

ARTE ist ein mit Sitz in europäischer Kultursender Straßburg, der seine Programme rund um die Uhr auf allen Verbreitungswegen in Deutschland, Frankreich und Europa und mindestens in deutscher Sprache französischer ausstrahlt. Er besteht aus drei Einheiten, dem Sitz in Straßburg (ARTE) und zwei Mitgliedern (ARTE France in Paris mit Sitz und ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden), welche mit der Produktion und der Erstellung Program betraut sind.

ARTE beabsichtigt nunmehr Videoserver seine für die Bereiche Sendevorbereitung, Sendeabwicklung und Produktion auszutauschen. Der Auftrag umfasst die Lieferung der Server, deren Installation, die Mitarbeiter von der Schulung ARTE und den Support.

1 Los betrifft den Austausch der Server und der Bereiche Sendevorbereitung Sendeabwicklung.

Los 2 betrifft den Austausch der Produktionsserver. I kann sich nach ausgewählter Technology das auch auf das Los 2 System der Serversteuerung beziehen.

ARTE is a European Cultural TV Channel located in Strasbourg, broadcasting its programs 24h / 24 on all vectors in France, Germany and Europe, at least in French and German. It is composed of three entities, headquarters, based in Strasbourg (named ARTE), and two members responsible for producing and designing programs (ARTE France based in Paris and ARTE Deutschland based in Baden-Baden).

ARTE wishes today renew its video servers pre-dissemination, distribution and production. The contract is for the supply of servers, providing installation, staff training ARTE, as well as support.

Lot 1 covers the renewal of pre-broadcast and broadcast servers.

Lot 2 concerns the renewal of production video servers. According to the technology used, lot 2 may extend server control system.

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