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Telecommunications services

Commune de triel sur seine | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 19, 2017
This contract for the supply of services and telecommunications products.

fixed and mobile telecommunications service

Ville de chennevieres-sur-marne | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 14, 2017
fixed and mobile telecommunications service

Television and radio receivers, and sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus

Union des groupements d'achats publics | Published November 27, 2015  -  Deadline November 24, 2020
Audio-video equipment and microwave ovens acquisition with execution of additional services.

Printed matter and related products

Centre hospitalier Alpes Léman | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 14, 2017
Otherwise, the holder will not be entitled to financial compensation. 

maternity record

139 FILE Anesthesie

Flyers chal

Double injectable treatment prescription card

double white constant monitoring form (* 50u)

Sheet KINE Ds08

various prints

dressing plug Ds09.2 (* 50u)

DRESSING Ds09.3 Sheet (* 50u)

Sheet dual antidiabetic prescription (* 50u)

Double non-injectable prescription card

Credit card puericulture (* 50u)

Various printed ifsi

block transmission record DS09 - 1 "Service SHEET Bandage"

Ream A4 PAPER 80g white precut

ream paper A4 80g yellow precut.

White Envelope 260 X 330 radio Print

radio casing 25 X 30 neutral white kraft

white envelope radio 370 X 440 Print

radio casing 28 X 38 neutral white kraft

radio covering 36 X 43 neutral white kraft.

Etiquette adhe plasticized "Turnover" (Roll 1000 labels)

Anesthesia label - passable printer

adhe plasticized label "deceased" (Roll 1000 labels)

adhe plasticized label "Millesime" (Roll 1000 labels)

adhe plasticized label "Hue"

white wristband tag

green wristband tag

sm099- passable printer

label PRINTED rlx 1000 (Anesth).

recruitment application form

permission of short duration

supported for consultation (* 50u)

Form designation of the person (dupli)

Carbonless file SMUR

Ch.134a record smur response (A3 Dup)

Cha 0110 support déchocage

631 cha prescribing blood products

cha 634 information sheet deposited objects (tripl

635 cha plug complete inventory (tripli

cha efs

cha HAD product administrative requirement T2a dupli


Smur A3 sheets autocop Dupli

Bundle of 300 inventory of personal effects.

SECURE orders.




medical records 310 x 230 mm Length Flap

200 gr white pouch polypap 385 X 530 Mm.

Medical certificate for hospitalization pattern

vehicle log book service

Book urg narcotic staffing needs (pharma)

Book keeps records

adm stup following book (Book 50 bundles)

mod death certificate.

Book urg staffing needs Stup (Book 50 bundles)

disp prescription and adm stupef (book bundles 50)

death certificate

Individual serial file pers

medical records med-protection Sanitai

Book markets recordings

Check incoming mail register

Register of decisions

250 bundle declaration of births

adm venen prescription noun (book bundles 50)

nominative statements shall book stup (Phar) * 50

Registry of steps 200 Pages

Deposit Register

Vaguemestre register 96 pages

issuance and prescription medication derived from blood

Individual municipal staff file

nominative statements shall book stup (Phar) * 50.

511 reseve book narcotics

book derived drugs blood

register registra birth 200 pages

Book staggering presription

International Certificate of Vaccination

International Certificate of Vaccination

transport corp before setting beer (pack of 100 bundles)

register mod death registrations.

bundle of 100 death declaration

death declaration - rEF.

neonatal death certificate

expediter (Ph) 400 PAGES pharma

body 200 pages tracking record

expediter PHARMACY Officine.

Telephone and data transmission services

Ville de Villeneuve-sur-Lot | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

alloti market providing mobile fixed telecommunications services in and out, leased lines, individual Internet access, messaging and related tools as well as mobile telephony.

Provision of fixed telecommunications services and mobile telephony, inbound and outbound - other traffic lines in and out - Internet access in the hall and IP VPN.

digital leased lines.

Individual Internet access (schools and special sites).

Messaging and related tools.

Mobile telephony.

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