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Sewerage works equipment

Arwos | Published February 23, 2017
C-TV Tekniske Artikler A/S
39350000, 34136200

Purchase of complete running TV inspektionsbil.

Foreign economic-aid-related services

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Danida Business Finance | Published March 14, 2017  -  Deadline April 19, 2017
75211200, 79410000, 79419000

Danida Business Finance (DBF) provides subsidized loans to infrastructure projects in developing countries — preferably above 100 000 000 DKK. The contract is a Framework Agreement according to which the winning company/consortium of companies will be invited to submit proposals for individual assignments and their particular terms of reference in relation to Technical Assistance to Danida Business Finance projects.

The nature of services comprise

Group 1:

— Identification and/or formulation of Infrastructure projects;

— Project development in collaboration with local stakeholders;

— Feasibility studies of infrastructure projects;

— Concept note.

Group 2:

— Appraisal of Infrastructure projects;

— Assistance in relation to drafting of documents to be presented to competent approving authorities in Denmark.

Group 3:

— Technical Assistance to Buyer/End User for Design, Elaboration of Pre-Qualification and Tender Documents, Evaluation Report, contract negotiations with winning contractor and setting up of contract with Buyer.

— Close collaboration with DBF during the phase of establishment of the Loan Agreement between a Danish bank and the Borrower and other related documents.

Group 4:

— Monitoring of implementation and verification of the project during its whole implementation period, verification at Taking-Over and at End of Defects' Liability Period.

— Evaluation of Impact based on collected Outcome Indicators.

The above services are carried out in English-, French-, and Spanish-speaking countries.

Some of the assignments are short-term assignments; others cover several years, but are not full-time.

The services will primarily cover 1 or more of the below professional sectors:

— Agriculture and related processing;

— Electric power;

— Renewable energy;

— Solid waste;


— Transport infrastructure;

— Water and wastewater.

For more information regarding the services, reference is made to ‘Appendix 1 — Scope of Services’ to the Framework Agreement.

Telecommunications 2017 / S 049-089799

Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice A/S | Published March 10, 2017

Railway engineering services

Banedanmark | Published March 10, 2017
71311230, 71311000, 71320000, 71313100, 71332000, 71353000, 71520000, 71311300, 90522000, 90732000, 90732400, 71000000, 71312000, 71322300, 71631450, 72212140, 90710000, 98342000, 71355200, 90700000, 90522300, 45247210, 71322400, 45262300, 71600000, 45234000, 45221242, 45221240, 45221000, 45221100, 45221114, 72000000, 72200000

Qualification scheme aims to establish a list of qualified companies that can provide consulting, engineering and surveying services to Rail Net Denmark in the following areas:

- Construction work in connection with railway projects (including, but not limited to, soil and drainage work incl. Contaminated soil, concrete and pipe works)

- Structures in the web projects incl. bridges, tunnels and platforms

- Track system

- Strong power supply systems

- Prevention systems (including signaling)

- remote

- train control

- Transmission (LAN / WAN)

- telephony

- radio

- Public information

- SCADA systems and mechanical equipment

- Geotechnical studies

- Surveying work (including landmålings-, sporafsætnings- and cadastral tasks)

- Environmental management and health and safety, including health and safety coordinator

- Advice in connection. railway projects

- Validation, including changes and projections of, inter alia, structures.

Sewer survey services

Vestforsyning Erhverv A/S | Published February 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 28, 2017

Tender of 2-year framework agreement for pressure washing, TV-inspection and reporting of well pipe plant in Holstebro Municipality, with possible renewals 2 times for each 1 year.

Road transport services

Trafikselskabet Movia | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017
60100000, 60130000, 60112000

Virtually all users require fast driver team.

3 users on weekdays.

82 to 92 users on weekdays.

9-14 users on weekdays.

44-46 users on weekdays.

22-40 users on weekdays.

8 users on weekdays.

80-82 users on weekdays.

4-7 users on weekdays.

39-44 users on weekdays.

10-20 users on weekdays.

3 users on weekdays.

18-22 users on weekdays.

10-12 users on weekdays.

24 users on weekdays.

Sewer cleaning services

Hofor A/S | Published February 17, 2017
FKSSlamsson A/S
90470000, 90491000

It offered a framework agreement for flushing and TV inspection of wells and pipelines in Copenhagen.

The following tasks must be performed for the client:

københavns belysningsvæsen:

- Flushing of pipes and mains

- TV-inspection of the plug and mainline

- Well Reporting.

Copenhagen municipality:

- Flushing of pipes and individual mains

- TV-inspection of the spur line between sand traps well and mainline

- Condition assessment of decanters well

- TV-inspection of each main pipes

- Registration of 'tørledninger "(wire grate without well that goes directly to vejbrønd)

- Rinsing and TV inspection of cheating pipe Ø100 / Ø150

- Condition assessment of cheat well.

Sleeving repair services

Hofor A/S | Published February 17, 2017
Per Aarsleff A/S
50514300, 45231300, 45232440

It offered a framework agreement on the renovation of wells and pipes (vejafvanding owned by the City of Copenhagen and sewage owned by københavns belysningsvæsen) and each of the main wiring in Copenhagen by liner and excavation. The assignment also includes plugging the power that is no longer in use.

The tasks which the contractor must perform include the following work:

- TV-inspection (preparatory work)


- Excavation of the well or service line / main line incl. restoration

- Coordination with the client's contractors and other utility owners.

There are offered various wire and well works including both liner and excavation.

Construction work for sewage pipes

Hofor A/S | Published February 17, 2017
Per Aarsleff A/S
45232440, 45231300

It offered a framework agreement on the renovation of wells, main and laterals by liner. The assignment also includes plugging the power that is no longer in use.

The tasks which the contractor must perform include the following work:

- TV-inspection (preparatory work)


- Well Renovation.

The following types of wiring and well work must be performed for client:

- Plugging vejstik no longer in use in limited areas / streets

- Preliminary work in connection with the liner:

- Rinsing / dredging

- Root cutting, milling / cutter works

- TV-inspection

- Execution of the strømpeforingen

- Finishing in connection with liner:

- Cutting off excess lining

- Cutting / -fræsning at any connectors

- TV-inspection for verification and documentation of the finished work.

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment 2017 / S 044-080113

DR | Published March 3, 2017  -  Deadline April 18, 2017

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment 2017 / S 044-080118

DR | Published March 3, 2017  -  Deadline April 18, 2017

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

DR | Published March 3, 2017  -  Deadline April 18, 2017
32000000, 32342420

DR will purchase Audio mixers and infrastructure for new television facilities.

During 2017, DR will move their weather and sports activities to the DR buildings in Aarhus, and build a new remote TV weather and sports studio in Aarhus city. With this tender DR wishes to purchase Audio mixers and infrastructure for these new television facilities. Some of the facilities are optional at this stage and not yet finally decided. DR plans to reinvest and replace our current Audio mixers in DR Byen TV production studios during second half of 2018. Options for these Audio mixers are also a part of this tender.

Special-purpose road passenger-transport services

Samsø Kommune | Published March 3, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

The municipality offers public service traffic, partly in an open bus service on the island, partly in the form of telecommunications taxi driving up the island. It also offers boarded drive to doctor / specialist, activity and rehabilitation offerings as well as individual hadicapkørsel for severely disabled people. All traffic going on in the island municipality.

Construction work

Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S | Published March 1, 2017
Jørgen Friis Poulsen A/S
45000000, 71220000, 71320000, 31600000, 42961100, 44000000, 45214410, 45212422, 45214420, 45223300, 45231300, 45262211, 45230000, 45240000, 71313200

Turnkey contract involving the design and construction of new education property on several floors with basement, including the underground parking, the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX. The property must constitute a new flexible high school as part of a comprehensive Campus Katrinebjerg and associated with Aarhus University, Aarhus University.

Total contract includes the design and execution of training property in several planes for about 900 students and about 110 employees.

The expected gross area, according to the between FEAS and DMJX rental agreement concerning the construction of min. 6459 m² of terrain, including about 622 m² in the parterre + 1 430 m² basement.

The building includes: Lecture halls, classrooms, media center, radio / TV studios and editing rooms, offices and meeting facilities, professional kitchen and canteen, workstations, parking garage and living outdoors.

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment 2017 / S 029-052553

Banedanmark | Published February 10, 2017

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Banedanmark | Published February 10, 2017
32000000, 32522000, 32562000, 44141000, 44322300, 44163240

Banedanmark is commencing an upgrade and expansion of the fixed transmission network to a modern and highly-sophisticated system of optical fiber cables blown through polyethylene tubes. The tubes are connected via cable wells, which facilitates installation and maintenance. For this purpose, Banedanmark intends to procure optical fiber cables and polyethylene piping (compatible for blowing/jetting the fiber) as well as cable wells, joints, GPS chips, etc. necessary for the project in scope including stock. Banedanmark plans on publishing the tender by August 2017 and wishes with this notice to inform all potential suppliers of the content and expected time schedule.

Due to the size of the project, Banedanmark acknowledges the need of potentially awarding up to two contracts. Banedanmark would like to encourage interested companies to indicate their interest to Banedanmark and contact Banedanmarks contact person stated in section 1, if representatives of the respective company should be interested in engaging in a dialogue about market, scope, project details, etc.

The term of the contract(s) is expected to be up to 60 months from the time of award but an option to extend may be negotiated should the scope expand.

Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen | Published February 11, 2017
Henrik Hansen Elektronik

Bornholm Airport is a state airport and operated by Transport, Building and Housing. As part of the performance of the airport's core activities, it is necessary with a Supplier that can perform debugging and maintenance of telecommunication technical aviation safety - Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS).

Refer to section 1.4.

Telecommunications services

Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice A/S | Published March 10, 2017
64200000, 64210000, 72400000, 32250000

SKI expects to genudbyde framework 50.48 on the delivery of voice and data. The framework agreement includes the services of telephony and data. In addition it must be possible for the connected customers to purchase terminals and accessories for the terminals.

The Framework Agreement is divided into 2 lots binding. The division into lots is discussed further below in Part II.2).

When the tender is published (expected in early June 2017) will specify which municipalities and possible. other public institutions that have committed to apply the Framework Agreement and the exact scope of the obligation. Connection period is expected to take place in May 2017.

Prior to connecting municipalities will have the opportunity to review and comment on the tender documents.

This partial agreement related to the municipal binding agreement offered in close cooperation with KL on behalf of municipalities and SKI's other customers ahead of supply connect and undertake to apply the Framework Agreement.

As part of that SKI has taken over 'Phones and Mobile Broadband' agreement from the State Procurement Program, offered this in a state obligating lot offered in cooperation with a governmental expert group. The government clients undertake prior to supply to apply the Framework Agreement.

Security services

Egedal Kommune | Published March 10, 2017  -  Deadline April 5, 2017
79710000, 79713000, 79711000

Egedal Municipality provider on call as 2 lots. One agreement includes civil square guard and the other includes tour, alarm drive and control center treatment. The contract runs for three years with an option for 1 year option.


Offering includes regular guard in the daytime on Egedal Town Hall 'Civic Square.

The task requires that guards have experience in conflict resolution and proactive relative to anticipate potential challenges in a given situation. Therefore attaches great importance to getting a solution with a small number of fixed guards who can learn the routines and behavior of citizens, as well as delivering a consistent level of service.

This lot includes the following services within call. 1) Solid round ring guard and alarm services in the evening / night-time, 2) Alarm Driving out of the solid rounds and 3) Control Central treatment of municipal alarm system.

Egedal Municipality has an area of ​​approximately 125 km² and about 42 000 inhabitants. The municipality has three major metropolitan areas - Smørum, Stenløse and Ølstykke - but is mainly a rural municipality.

The properties covered by the tender, are essentially located in and around the 3 cities and some smaller villages in the municipality.

The municipality has over 100 AIA systems, over 350 TV cameras, 325 access controlled doors, and more than 40 fire alarm installation.

Delivery of digital radio / TV channels

Det Kongelige Bibliotek, National-bibliotek og Københavns Universitetsbibliotek | Published March 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017

In connection with the collection, preservation and accessibility of Danish heritage desired deals on digital delivery of digital television and radio channels.
The delivery includes a full post surfaces around the clock on all days of the year. The delivery must be delivered through networks of one or more of the entity addresses.