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Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Banedanmark | Published February 10, 2017
32000000, 32522000, 32562000, 44141000, 44322300, 44163240

Banedanmark is commencing an upgrade and expansion of the fixed transmission network to a modern and highly-sophisticated system of optical fiber cables blown through polyethylene tubes. The tubes are connected via cable wells, which facilitates installation and maintenance. For this purpose, Banedanmark intends to procure optical fiber cables and polyethylene piping (compatible for blowing/jetting the fiber) as well as cable wells, joints, GPS chips, etc. necessary for the project in scope including stock. Banedanmark plans on publishing the tender by August 2017 and wishes with this notice to inform all potential suppliers of the content and expected time schedule.

Due to the size of the project, Banedanmark acknowledges the need of potentially awarding up to two contracts. Banedanmark would like to encourage interested companies to indicate their interest to Banedanmark and contact Banedanmarks contact person stated in section 1, if representatives of the respective company should be interested in engaging in a dialogue about market, scope, project details, etc.

The term of the contract(s) is expected to be up to 60 months from the time of award but an option to extend may be negotiated should the scope expand.

Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment

Rigspolitiet | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
50330000, 32570000, 32580000, 50340000, 72220000, 72250000, 72260000, 72600000

The Contracting Authority has the 1.16.2017 canceled tender 2016 / S 249-458000 of 24.12.2016, as the Contracting Authority has estimated that there has been no need to change some of the minimum requirements. The contract is a New tender of the tender 2016 / S 249-458000, which represent a few adjustments in relation to supply 2016 / S 249-458000.

The Contracting Authority genudbyder therefore Framework agreement for the supply of maintenance and support of existing videoconferencing equipment, purchase of videoconferencing equipment, maintenance and support thereof, and related services.

Danish Police, v. National Police and the Ministry of Defence at the underlying authorities, Defence Acquisition and Procurement Management Board will hold a joint tender concerning the maintenance and support of the Contracting Authority's existing videoconferencing equipment, purchase of videoconferencing equipment specified requirements in the specifications, maintenance and support thereof, and related services in the form of consultancy services.

Newspapers, journals, periodicals and magazines

Den danske stat, v/Moderniseringsstyrelsen | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline February 20, 2017
22200000, 79800000, 79900000

The framework agreement includes the purchase of Media Monitoring in electronic surveillance of media, including the establishment of a Portal / Archive of press cuttings on the Client's intranet and e-mail service, media monitoring based on search profiles and keywords in different types of sources, including national newspapers, local newspapers, weekly newspapers, trade journals, Internet newspapers / dailies, news agencies, TV and radio, as well as to those media related web media and subsequent sorting of press clips and preparation for sharing in-house by the Customer. In addition, the Framework Agreement, the possibility of acquisitions of monitoring social and foreign media and analyzes of Danish media's coverage of the Customer and cases relating to the Customer. Finally, the Framework Agreement gratuitous advice about it for the customer the most appropriate procurement of the above. The above represents only a general description of the service. Benefit specific contents stated in the Framework Agreement and the related documents.

Railway engineering services

Banedanmark | Published February 8, 2017
71311230, 71311000, 71320000, 71313100, 71332000, 71353000, 71520000, 71311300, 90522000, 90732000, 90732400, 71000000, 71312000, 71322300, 71631450, 72212140, 90710000, 98342000, 71355200, 90700000, 90522300, 45247210, 71322400, 45262300, 71600000, 45234000, 45221242, 45221240, 45221000, 45221100, 45221114

Qualification scheme aims to establish a list of qualified companies that can provide consulting, engineering and surveying services to Rail Net Denmark in the following areas:

- Construction work in connection with railway projects (including, but not limited to, soil and drainage work incl. Contaminated soil, concrete and pipe works)

- Structures in the web projects incl. bridges, tunnels and platforms

- Track system

- Strong power supply systems

- Prevention systems (including signaling)

- remote

- train control

- Transmission (LAN / WAN)

- telephony

- radio

- Public information

- SCADA systems and mechanical equipment

- Geotechnical studies

- Surveying work (including landmålings-, sporafsætnings- and cadastral tasks)

- Environmental management and health and safety, including health and safety coordinator

- Advice in connection. railway projects

- Validation, including changes and projections of, inter alia, structures.

Construction work

Banedanmark | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
45000000, 45262210, 45200000, 45315300, 45232340, 44212263, 45232332, 44212230, 44212250, 45231000, 44212261

Net Denmark are faced with having to purchase and install masts for radio coverage for:

1) The line between Copenhagen and Ringsted,

2) Signal program

3) Fehmarn

4) Internet in trains.

In order to cover the current needs provider Net Denmark hereby a framework agreement including delivery and installation of a number of master.

Please refer to the Order section II.2.4).

The purpose of the framework agreement is that the contractor, after entering into a Delivery Agreement, will supply and install the master, in some cases bringing foundations and complete the necessary ground works, and thus build a number of mast sites.

The Contractor shall in this connection charge of production and supply of masts, including carrying out construction work, as well as establish the necessary access roads.

Finally, the Framework Agreement cleanup in the terrain, leading back to the original state, except for the access road and from the foundation position.

Access roads to be constructed so that they can withstand driving in connection with the construction and subsequent traffic for maintenance and operation of antennas / master.

Immediately after the award obliges contracting entity to enter into the Delivery Agreement including the supply and installation of a number of masts on the route between Copenhagen and Ringsted. In addition, the framework agreement is not exclusive, ie the Contracting Authority in concrete situations may choose to enter into other agreements relating to the services covered by the Framework.

Besides the Delivery Agreement including the supply and installation of a number of masts on the Copenhagen-Ringsted could Contracting Authority can not guarantee that a given turnover of the framework agreement is achieved.

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