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Telecommunications (16A60250)

Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, Niederlassung Leipzig 1 | Published August 3, 2016  -  Deadline May 26, 2017

Extension of the existing access control (Make Dorma): 1 pc server access control 3 pcs Controller Access Control 7 pcs emergency escape control wiring with FM and data cable renewal of intercom: 1 piece unit with 19 "rack 6 pc desktop stations 19 pcs doorphone 1 pc intercom station wiring with FM cable extension of the video system: 1 pc encoder 7 pcs monitor 1 pc camera cabling with data cable transmission networks:.. 1 pc data distribution cabinets 42U 35 data outlets Cat 6A, 2xRJ45 1200 m data cable Cat 7A 2500 m telecommunications indoor cable.

LVR-Klinik Viersen, telecommunications (Z2420-2016-0130)

Landschaftsverband Rheinland | Published August 3, 2016  -  Deadline April 13, 2018

450 Telecommunications 6 piece data prior distribution 42U 48 piece patch panel Cat 6A approximately 30,000 linear meters data cable about 2000 linear meters fiber optic cable 11 piece intercoms 1 piece Fire Panel 1 piece stainless steel column for FSD u. FSE 1300 piece Auto. Detector 1 piece Smoke Aspiration approximately 16500m fire alarm cable 1 piece burglar alarm panel about 2 pieces Infrared - Motion

LWL - Klinik Hemer, replacement building with 60 beds, electric Telecommunications, 17-062 east

Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) - Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

LWL - Klinik Hemer, replacement building with 60 beds, electric Telecommunications, 17-062 east

BBS V, branch Universitätsring 21, telecommunications (FB 24-B-121/2016)

Stadt Halle (Saale), Fachbereich Recht, Team Vergabe Bauleistungen/Bauplanungen | Published August 18, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2018

Alarm system / doorphone - 1 House Alarm für 6 loops - 1 LCD Display Panel - 1 Fire Protection Pendant Housing F30 - 1 transfer device - 1 fire brigade information and control system with FAT and FBF -. 26 piece manual call points - 70 pieces OT multisensor detector - 95 pieces OT multisensor detector with integrated sounder - 67 pieces Ringbus buzzer - 2900 m installation cable JH (St) H 2x2x0,8, BMK - 500 m installation cable JE-H (St) H 2x2x0,8, BMK, E30 - ca . 600 m installation cable JH (St) H 2x2x0,6 - 300 m installation duct, plastic, halogen-free - 80 m installation duct, sheet steel, halogen-free - 60m installation channel, sheet steel, e 30 - 400 m conduit - 100m wall slots - 230 m wall breakthroughs

Restoration GS Glaucha, Heinrich-Pera-Str.13, telecommunications (FB 24-B-119/2016)

Stadt Halle (Saale), Fachbereich Recht, Team Vergabe Bauleistungen/Bauplanungen | Published August 17, 2016  -  Deadline May 26, 2017

The construction project involves the rehabilitation of the historic school building of Glaucha School in Halle (Saale) to a primary school with nursery facility. The existing school building was built in 1883 as a massive three-storey building with a brick facade. The building is fully built and expanded the attic. The school building is located in the Southern part of downtown and is a public road (Heinrich-Pera Street) from accessing. The service specification comprises the following services: • 2 telephone systems (landline, DECT) • 1 clock system (primary and secondary clocks) • 1 break signaling (bells) • 1 piece burglar alarm system (surveillance with motion) • 1 alarm system (FIBS, 90 multisensor detector smoke / heat, 25 manual call points) • 1 piece of structured cabling (300 ports, 18km network cable)

Lot B-04 - Bauhauptleistungen 2. BA (16A20320)

Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, Niederlassung Bautzen | Published August 22, 2016  -  Deadline July 14, 2017

16A20320 - Bauhauptleistungen site equipment, ca. 170m³ excavated soil by hand, about 36m underground pipes renew, approximately 110m underground pipes flush with TV inspection, 7 pieces road gullies, about 83m gutter Granite small patch cancel approximately 12m³ chimney masonry, 1 exterior staircase cancel, cancel approximately 1660m² plaster, cancel approximately 225m² interior walls of brick and timbered, renew ca. 210m² Fachwerkgefache, renew ca. 105m² Vormauerungen brick, renew approximately 320m² base and wall masonry, about 230 pieces to masonry support yokes, ca cancel. 150m² concrete floors, ca.310m² horizontal sealing with protective concrete, ca. 100m³ Baustraße rückbauen approximately 275 m² gravel filter layer and concrete floor slab, approximately 215m² vertical sealing of mineral mixture and fill with top soil, mending 500m² unbound way mounting

Electrical work, V0856 / 2016 KuFZ Sweden House Osterholzer Heerstr., Bremen (V0856 / 2016)

Immobilien Bremen, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts | Published September 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 10, 2017

1 St. converter measurement; 1 St. HVT building with 75 St. Fire protection switch and 190 St. another built-in appliances; 285 St. Inst. devices and sunscreen and window control means KNX; 7.400m Starkstromltg .; 2,100m Schwachstromltg .; 240 St. lamps; 27 St. radio smoke detector; 1 St. RWA system for two skylights; 1 St. EDP system with 1 pc wall network cabinet and 16 St. data connection points

Framework agreement engineering August 2016 [BL030] (16-2016-00002)

Amt für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik | Published August 12, 2016  -  Deadline July 3, 2017

It is a framework agreement for telecommunication cable installation at the municipal telecommunications cable network. Herein included are repair and maintenance work throughout the city Frankfurt. We point out that this performance for a framework agreement for Entstörung- and repair work to be awarded under this call for a public tender on the basis of. Essentially it is in this work to building maintenance works and removal of interference, in which also the work may in assembly pits. Work will be responsible, each as needed. The use and the number of necessary construction and installation teams are determined by the particular need. The requirement of the construction or installation crews made by telephone, by e-mail or fax. Commitment is required to a lesser extent outside of regular working hours. In the case of urgent work (eg removal of interference), the insert-column is required to report on the construction site within 2 hours as requested by the AG. A more detailed description can be obtained with the specifications.

LVR-Klinik Viersen, UmBauhaus 18, electric (Z2420-2016-0119)

Landschaftsverband Rheinland FB Gebäude- und Liegenschaftsmanagement | Published August 3, 2016  -  Deadline May 31, 2017

In the LVR-Klinik Viersen the house is to be rebuilt 18. The LVR intends following services of the trades power and communications engineering forgive. Gewerk power 1 pc UV-closet 1 St energy meter 1 St. FI / LS 2 pole 10 A 35 m NYCWY 4 x 35 mm² 15 m Cable tray width up to 400 mm 150 St. A holder Metal 1,250 NYM 3 x 1.5 mm² 100 St. off / changeover switch 10 St. sockets with orientation light approx 23 St. Firestop wall opening 40 x 20 cm approx 37 St. ceiling Mounted Gewerk Telecommunications 1 St. compact Set disabled -Toilet 1 St. fire Panel about 168 St. multisensor detector about 13 St. EDP doses

Elektroarbeiten, V0710/2016, Übergangswohnheim für Flüchtlinge, Marie-Mindermann-Straße, Bremen ( V0710/2016 )

Immobilien Bremen, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts | Published August 3, 2016  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

9 St. Offset-Parabolantenne 90cm 18 St. Universal-Quatro-Speisesystem (LNB) 9 St. Flachdachständer 60/1100 mm 18 St. Multischalter Durchgang 9 auf 8 9 St. Multischalter 9 auf 8 162 St. Einzelanschlussdose u.P. 3fach (R/TV/SAT) 4800 m Koaxialkabel 6,8mm 20 m Elektroinstallationskabel 60/60mm psch. Dokumentation / Messung 1 St. Brandmelderzentrale 1 St. Internes Bedienfeld 2 St. Notstromakku 12V / 18 Ah 1 St. Externes Anzeigefeld 1 St. Schutzmodul 24V, 300mA 1 St. Schutzmodul 24V, 2A 1 St. Gehäuse mit Hutschiene 315 St. Rauchwarnmelder Funk / DIN 14676 315 St. Funkmodul für Rauchmelder 18 St. Funk-Gateway 18 St. Ein/Ausgangsmodul 18 St. Gehäuse für Ringleitungsmodul 2 St. Externe Energieversorgung 1,6A 1 St. Betriebsbuch 450 m A2Y(L)2Y 6x2x0,8 95 m Elektroinstallationskabel psch. Inbetriebnahme BMA 1 St. Messwandlerschrank Wesernetz 2 St. Energieverteiler 9 St. Gebäudeverteiler (Container) 715 m NYCWY 60 m Kabelgraben in Handarbeitschachtung 300 m Kabelgraben in Maschinenschachtung 360 m Trassenwarnband "Achtung Kabel" 18 St. Erdung 12m als Tiefenerder 18 St. Einzelstab 1,5m (D=25mm) als Mehrlänge für Tiefenerder 9 St. Anschluss Gebäudeverteiler an Tiefenerder einschl. Ltg. 257 St. Verlängerung 5pol. 9 St. Zul. Anschluss Begleitheizung 230V / 16A 4 St. Zul. Anschluss Hebeanlage 400V / 16A 9 St. Anschlussarbeiten Gebäudeverteiler (beidseitig) 2 St. Anschlussarbeiten Energieverteiler (beidseitig) 2 St. Anschlussarbeiten Hauptzuleitung (beidseitig) 3 St. Sensor LED-Strahler 4000lm / schwarz / IP44, einschl. Ltg. u. Stecker 1 St. Baustromverteiler (leihweise) 150 m H07RN-F 5G35mm² (leihweise) 5 St. Baustrahler 5600 Lumen (leihweise) 10 St. Feuchtraumleuchten als Baubeleuchtung (leihweise) 2 St. Aus- / Wechselschalter beleuchtet, (leihweise) 300 m H05RN-F 3G5,2mm² (leihweise) 50 m HO5RN-F 5G2,5mm² (leihweise) psch. Sachverständigenabnahme psch. Bestands-/ Revisionsunterlagen psch. Gesamtinbetriebnahme psch. Einweisung des Bedienpersonals 5 h Helferstunden 5 h Monteurstunden 5 h Obermonteurstunden
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