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DFS Deutsche Flugsischerung GmbH | Published February 4, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017

2 other VRS are purchased for the test and reference system as well as a training system for the establishment Langen. 

Optional is optionally an additional VRS are procured for another tower site.

Records are kept in continuous operation (24/7).

The VRS must in particular have the following characteristics:

An expansion of the recording capacity with respect to the number of documented channels as well as the archiving period must be possible.

(2) signal sources that can not be documented directly with VoIP (analog interfaces, E1 and S0 interfaces and channels of ALCATEL PBXs type 4400) are to be connected via gateways to the recorder.

(3) Record VoIP according to EUROCAE ED-136, ED-137, and VoIP to IETF

(4) documentation of other interfaces through the use of gateways to convert non-IP-based interfaces in VoIP (analog interfaces, S0 interfaces, interfaces to PABX systems of the type Alcatel 4400 (Omni PCX Enterprise, current software version is Release 11.0. 1)

(5) hardware and software components for voice documentation of individual telephones to PBXs type Alcatel 4400 (Omni PCX Enterprise, from Release 11.01.1)

(6) Redundant, uninterrupted recording with high availability

(7) Modular and scalable system architecture

(8) Local, central and inter-site monitoring and controlling the operation of VRS with SNMP

The delivery and services includes in particular:

Delivery, installation, configuration, acceptance (SAT), integration and commissioning of 2 VRS at the DFS office Langen (Test System and Training System) and 9 VRS for the tower locations of the DFS with a central and cross-site control and monitoring possibility after successful Factory Acceptance (FAT).

Following the delivery release the scaffolding of the VRS according to a present schedule takes place (to be announced at RFP).

Furthermore, local training for Auswertepersonal and delivery of documentation documents are provided.

After ensuring the implementation of a coordinated patch management to ensure the operational readiness and the Servitierung (maintaining the system functionality) as part of a maintenance contract is provided for above of products and services.

This is also training for the technical staff of the DFS are planned.

Therefore, a project term results until probably the end of 2022nd

It is intended, where appropriate, to procure another VRS of the Luxembourg site.

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