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Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

Bundesbauabteilung Hamburg, in Vertretung für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland | Published February 4, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017

Military Hospital Hamburg - House 2 bed house BOS / GSM / WLAN.

Creation of a GSM network in the interior of each of the three mobile operators in Germany (Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica), each with a link antenna on the roof of the building, installation of repeaters, power antennas in the building, antenna cable, fire protection, measurements.

Hybrid telecommunications system with digital peripherals

Hamburgische Staatsoper GmbH | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

Renewal of the communication solution of the Hamburg State Opera in Hamburg. It is to realize a modern hybrid solution with fully digital peripherals, as the IT network does not have the necessary VoIP readiness. At 3 locations about 450 digital and 150 analog subscribers are willing noted. The to be offered communications solution must be future-proof by meeting the following requirements: connection via SIP connections to All-IP conversion of the carrier, supporting open interfaces and standard protocols for current and future applications, integration of voicemail, Administration has a management system. Commercial implementation: purchase / installation and commissioning, service contract over 5 years.

Transmission apparatus for radiotelephony, radiotelegraphy, radio broadcasting and television

Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) | Published February 3, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

The HH in Lokstedt operated in a network Clearcom command systems to be upgraded to the new software version EHX. In this context, the exchange of all LCD-based KDO Stations 4200 Series is imperative to current stations of the V-series, since the new software version EHX no longer supports this.

The NDR intends operated on the NDR site in Hamburg Lokstedt in a network Clearcom KDO systems to update holistically EHX to the new software version. The reason for this is that the currently operated software version ECS is 5:25 no longer supported by the company Clearcom promptly and that any replacement of individual plants (matrices) in the network (eg. As in the timely upcoming studio projects NDR1 and NDR2) only on can be carried out based on the software version EHX.

To ensure the operation of the entire KDO network on the NDR site in Hamburg Lokstedt continue, the entire system thus needs to be updated must be included in the software version EHX. In addition, new functionality such. B. The use of IP-stations for deposition of receivers in external areas on standard IT components only on the current software version EHX be possible.

EHX To update the operating software of the version ECS 5:25 to the current version of the exchange of all LCD-based Intercom stations of Series 4200 is preliminarily necessary, as the new software version EHX this no longer supported. The old LCD-Panels Series 4200 must be exchanged for actual stations of the V-series before the software update.

Moreover, in this context are also the FreeSpeak intercoms (beltpacks) to replace.

For these reasons, only products of the manufacturer of the overall system - Fa Clearcom -. Are used.

Electrical installations for IT networks

Bundesbauabteilung Hamburg, in Vertretung für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017

Manufacture of core holes for cabling, fire protection, laying of aerial lines for the respective radio systems (BOS / GSM), route structures in different types and copy, installing additional 230V terminals, computer terminals for access points (WLAN) includ. Mains, junction boxes, installation, calibration, shunting

Secondary school construction work

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, FB SBH | Schulbau Hamburg | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017
45214220, 45311000, 45331000, 45332400

On the school grounds are 8 buildings. 

The building site area for the preliminary measure to reach over the schoolyard entrance in Ladenbeker way. 13

Driving on the playground surface should be avoided.

There may be no building materials and tools unattended unloaded or stored in the schoolyard.

Electric KG440:

- Renovation of a school building with classrooms, staff rooms and technical rooms.

- The inventory low voltage distribution, which serves for the electrical supply of the entire school complex will be redeveloped.

- The formation of the low-voltage distribution skin occurs in the ELT-building connection room in the basement.

The vast laying is carried on cable trays, 400m power cable from NYCWY 5x16 mm² to 4x35SM16.

The classrooms and teachers rooms are fed from the respective floor distributor.

17 000 m low voltage installation cables of 3x1.5 to 5x6 mm².

- Cable tray cable tray to 500/60 mm 400 m, cable collection holder to 70 lines 1 000 pieces.

45 m.

50 m.

120 pieces, for lighting only the assemblies are to be offered.

20 circuits,

50 escape sign luminaires and 170 security lights in LED technology.

- Lightning protection and Erdungsanalgen, lightning protection class 3, 410m fishing lines in aluminum.

Heating Central:

- The heating headquarters in class house 2 supplies the entire school with heat.

- The heating panel is advertised separately and is not a subject of this invitation.

Heat distribution:

- In principle, should the horizontal inventory lines remain in the object, because they are in good standing.

- The Class House 2 (yellow house) has 4 crate bays.

The existing heating pipes in 2 bays to be dismantled and replaced.

There are heating pipes in the basement and in crawl spaces available.

- The lines of the former gymnasium that are out of service, should be dismantled.

The lines between the heating unit and the expansion vessels are intended for dismantling.

- The insulation of the existing heating lines composed of artificial mineral fibers.

This insulation should be professionally dismantled, discharged from the building and disposed of properly.

- All non-visible heating pipes get new insulation.

- All strands of horizontal distribution obtained shutoff valves in the flow and differential pressure regulator in the return.

350 m black steel pipes up to DN 65 + fittings and insulation of rock wool - disassemble and assemble.

Dismantle 45 piece radiator and mount,

Dismantle 205 piece thermostatic valves with thermostatic heads and mount,

disassemble and assemble 205 pieces lockshields.

30 floor drains.

- The water is heated directly at the point of consumption by electric water heater (3.5 kW).

- Drinking water installations:

10 UP-off valves,

5 electric water heater,

4 automatic hygiene flushing and renewing the home port.

- Drainage installation:

330 m sound-absorbing sewage pipe to DN 150 + moldings, Schwitzwasserdämmung,

5 Roof vent,

24 floor drains.

- Rainwater installation:

60 m sound-absorbing sewage pipe to DN 150 + moldings.

- Fire protection:

15 pcs. for drinking water pipes and

15 pcs. for drainage lines.

- Number of sanitary objects:


23 urinals,

25 washbasins and

13 sinks velvet wall installation.

- Number of valves:

25 pillar taps (cold or hot / cold water),

12 outlet valves, 24 device connector valves, angle valves 40,

3 outdoor taps and connection of 3-site kitchen sinks.

Telecommunications KG450:

- Renovation of a school building with classrooms, staff rooms and technical rooms.

- The inventory computer system will be expanded in scope remediation.

A patch cabinet is in the basement and the other patch cabinet is in the EC.

- The data double doses are to be executed as a duct about 30 pieces.

- For the disabled toilet, a disabled toilet set is planned.

- The Electroacoustic plant is located in the entrance center, therefore 2 hochpaarige cables are fed into the H building.

- In the building are planned H 2 E30 housing for A / B speaker circuits.

- In the building H circa 14 A / B speaker circuits are planned for alerting and 3 loudspeaker circuits for Pausengong.

For Pausengong about 55 speakers are provided.

- The alarm system is also available in input center.

A total of 14 house alarm buttons are provided.

Total 3 pieces.

4600 m communication lines of 2x2x0.8 mm 2 to 4x2x0,8 mm 2 and 3 000m
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