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Electric (4/034/2016 H35 LV304)

Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline January 11, 2017
The construction of farm buildings house 35 is located in the core area of ​​the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main.Das present Leistungsverzeichnis refers to the electrical installation work of the building parts canteen; Administrative and Seminarpavillon.Leistungskennwerte:. Title - power installations KG 44070 pcs terminals mains on-site NSHV36 Stk Niederspannungsunterverteiler1 Stk Central Battery System with approx 130 pcs Security / Rettungszeichenleuchten800 m Kabelrinnen160 m Brüstungskanal55.000 m cable and LeitungenKNX sunscreen and Beleuchtungssteuerung850 lights Title - telecommunications... -.... and Information technology equipment KG 4503 pcs 19 "Netzwerkschränke450 Doppeldatendosen32.000 m data cable installation Kat.73 Stk intercoms, 3 pcs Videogegensprechanlagen3 Stk Beh. toilet Notrufset6 pcs clocks.
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