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Installation of telecommunications equipment

Das Land Hessen vertreten durch das H.B. Wagnitz-Seminar – Dienstleistungszentrum für den hessischen Justizvollzug | Published March 16, 2017

Award of service concession "prisoners Telecommunications" for the Penitentiary Limburg.

The authority intends to award the service concession of prisoners telecommunications for Penitentiary Limburg. The respective concessionaire shall enter in the prison to install a prior art corresponding prisoners telecommunications system, which is used exclusively by prisoners and to operate at their own risk. The land or premises required for this purpose are made available to the concessionaire by the correctional facility available.

The prison Limburg is a prison for male sentenced and remand prisoners and has an average occupancy of 55 prisoners. A telecommunications system for prisoners is not yet operated in the JVA Limburg. When scope is desirable three vandalimus- and tamper-proof call stations for outgoing calls, which are used exclusively by prisoners and three corresponding devices for monitoring the stations and three Administration places in a house on three stations.

Refer to procedural documents.

Interested companies want, the corresponding telephone services plus in the said prison within the next four years. an extension option of one year assume, are requested in accordance with this notice to express their interest and submit a qualified application.

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