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Electrical wiring and fitting work

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published July 1, 2015  -  Deadline August 17, 2015
45311000, 32344250

The TP2 is composed of two sections: Section 6 (Serrières - Neuchâtel Maladière) and section 7 (Neuchâtel Maladière - Saint-Blaise). Work Sales 6.3 "radiocommunication" in this contract consist of: Radio Installation, Sections 6 and 7: - complete renewal of active devices of headend stations and stations except tunnel headend to the BAP: the number of stations tunnels is increased from 6 to 10 stations for 2 sections, with establishment of a star network architecture secure on optical fibers between the stations, - replacement of radiating cables, - introduction of radio coverage of tunnels, inter -Tubes and technical premises, - implementation of an intercalation messaging system for 7 areas on VHF frequencies, the intercalation system to be sized to be expandable to the entire territory Neuchâtel, The wardrobe Polycom Site BAP is not affected by the TP2 project, but the signals it emits must be broadcast in tunnels, as well as signals from Polycom terminals in tunnels must be received by Polycom cabinet - implementation of the retransmission of a bunch of FM stations (up to 12 programs) and also the possibility of further dissemination of digital radio 2 blocks T-DAB (digital audio broadcasted) in the band 170-230 MHz - report synthesis defects of the radiocommunications equipment to the field of installation of control Various (DIV), - removal of old existing plants. Key estimated quantities: - 2 cabinets and head stations, with their accessories (optical drawer, distribution / electrical protection, making headbands, ...) - 10 stations cabinets and tunnels with their accessories (optical drawer, distribution / electrical protection, headbands making ...), and intercalation messaging system - about 13 300 m 'of radiating cable for 2 way traffic over 7 cable sections - about 6800 m of coaxial cable, - about 1 000 m 'garters FO singlemode, - lot Replacement associated with new facilities. Simplified planning of work is as follows: - 2016: implementation of new radio equipment for the floor section 6 Lausanne - 2017: implementation of new radio equipment to Section 6 Biel floor including Vauseyon exchanger, - 2018: Implementation of new radio equipment for section 7 floor Biel

Installation of road signs

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière Ouest filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published November 11, 2015  -  Deadline December 21, 2015

For the establishment of bi-up phases of the works of Confignon, Goats and Vernier, a variable signal should be added to the existing signaling. This signal will be active only during the works of restoration sites. The prism 17 includes signals that this temporary measure will be moved according to the needs defined by the work phases. Included in box: 1. The 17 prism panels 3 images. 2. The power supply integrated in the panels, battery and solar panel. 3. The radio receivers for bidirectional data transmission. 4. The antennas for radio transmission, by a panel and a remote control box. 5. The panels of the fastening elements on the mast. 6. The fastening elements of the remote control box at the back of each signal. 7. The remote control box fixing elements on the mast, by a box. 8. The remote control box and transceiver for transmitting data to each panel. 9. All panel installation benefits to the sites (several changeovers). 10. All test benefits and commissioning of the system at each changeover. 11. Any documentation and training necessary for the perfect operation of the system. 12 call service with 4 hour response 7 days 7. Not in the lot: 1. concrete bases 2. The mounting poles.

Electrical installation work

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière — filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published March 4, 2015  -  Deadline April 17, 2015

Renewal of all different facility and its management system. Installing and connecting the various boxes in technical galleries. Installing racks for the lot in various technical areas. Connect all signals recovered by lot different equipment in the traffic area (emergency doors, SOS cabinets, etc.). Connect all signals recovered by lot different opencast equipment (low voltage cabinets, cabinets ice detection). Connection of all the signals picked up by the lot of equipment in various technical areas (ventilation, heating, air conditioning, pumping, holding tank, oil separators, radio, etc.). Testing and commissioning of the new variety of plant. Tests interdomain. Removing the old signaling system. The 13,531 lot includes: - 1 Control Installation - 3 local controls - 19 boxes in technical galleries - 19 sensors on emergency doors, - 104 sensors in the SOS cabinets (extinguishers) - 21 signals from cabinets ice detection.

Monitoring and control services

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière Ouest Filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published January 19, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2016

The contract covers monitoring missions and construction of access monitoring, including monitoring of input and output tunnel, comprising the following tasks: - provision of a team of agents, - management and operational organization ( management shifts, breaks agents) including intelligence job descriptions and mission, as well as training and instruction of staff in charge of surveillance; mandatory training of police officers training + radio, - managing attendance lists advertised workers on site, - use of access control system with card readers provided by the client (agent training for the use of management system), - editing badges (plastic cards, paper cards for occasional profiles), - coordination of agents with local directions of work - solicitation agent in connection with the applicable procedures in case emergency - participation in link at coordination meetings with security and traffic, - inclusion of night work requirements, including weekend (7 days on 7), - every evening service taken at least one hour before Hourly site, - participation in the management of expectations tract located upstream of the entry into tunnels - punctuality absolute requirement during post catches agents - agents of rigor in the performance of their tasks.

Engineering services

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière Ouest filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published May 7, 2016  -  Deadline June 14, 2016

Migration of IP networks to Gigabit IP.

PMV: Installation or renovation of variable message signs (VMS) on highways N1, N9 and N12 in order to inform users traffic conditions on these routes, and thus promote a traffic load shedding in case of major disruptions.

DAB +: DAB + project aims to equip all tunnels under the subsidiary 1 FEDRO with BSA equipment needed to broadcast digital radio DAB +.

IVI VD: Renewal of video system the canton of Vaud for motorways N1, N5 and N9, and two books for the canton of Fribourg (Frasse Tunnels and Sévaz).

Counting: Creation of metering stations on motorways N1, N5, N9 and N16 under the subsidiary 1 FEDRO, for online data collection as well as traffic statistics.

The various tasks of BAMO will be:

- Administrative and financial management;

- Project budget control;

- Administrative (DAO call to tender documents, according to public procurement procedures);

- OC Management (complementary offerings);

- Audits of technical solutions proposed in the OC;

- Organization of periodic project monitoring sessions (outlook);

- Organization of meetings (and DirPro Copil);

- Organisation of the reception of the works.

See a detailed description of tasks in section 3 "Description of the benefit" of the contract.

Telecommunications services

Aéroport international de Genève, département planification et infrastructures, division technologies de l'information et de la communication | Published April 7, 2016  -  Deadline May 19, 2016

Provision of wired and wireless infrastructure to ensure connection and coverage of the airport campus. Provision of fixed telephony, mobile telephony and mobile data transmissions.

Electrical wiring and fitting work

Office fédéral des routes — infrastructure routière — filiale Estavayer-le-Lac | Published July 1, 2015  -  Deadline August 17, 2015
45311000, 31625100, 34996000

Le marché de construction s'inscrit dans l'Uplans de Colombier–Cornaux, TP2 (Serrières — Saint-Blaise). Le TP2 est composé de 2 sections: la section 6 (Serrières — Neuchâtel Maladière) et de la section 7 (Neuchâtel Maladière — Saint-Blaise). Les travaux du lot 5.2 «Surveillance DIN-DIV» objet du présent marché consistent en: Installation de détection incendie tunnel (DIN), sections 6 et 7: — renouvellement complet de la partie d'installation «détection thermique» en tunnel, — mise en place de la partie d'installation «détection de fumée» en tunnel. Principales quantités prévisionnelles: — environ 9 200 m' de câbles détecteur d'incendie, répartis en 7 tronçons de tunnels, associés à 7 unités d'évaluation (contrôleurs), — environ 156 détecteurs de fumée tunnel, répartis en 16 tronçons de tunnels, avec: – environ 13 733 m' de câbles d'alimentation électriques, – environ 15 279 m' de câble pour transmission de signaux (bus de terrain), — dépose de l'ancienne installation de détection incendie tunnel existante. Système de gestion — installation divers (DIV), sections 6 et 7: — mise en place, par section, d'un système de gestion (automates CI/CL) du domaine 5 (D5.3) avec leur réseau Ethernet pour gérer les parties d'installation suivantes: – unités d'évaluation des câbles détecteur d'incendie et détecteurs de fumée tunnel de l'installation de détection incendie tunnel (mesures, défauts…), – caméras de l'installation vidéo (défauts des protections électriques), – stations de détection de verglas de l'installation de surveillance et d'alarmes météo (uniquement les défauts techniques et des protections électriques), – stations du système radio (uniquement les défauts techniques), – armoires de l'installation «téléphone de secours (TRN)» (défauts des protections électriques), – portes des issues de secours (états ouvert/fermé des portes), – armoires SOS en niches et IS/LT (états accroché/décroché des extincteurs). — raccordements (câblage) à ces systèmes de gestion D5.3: – des unités d'évaluation et détecteurs de fumée (surveillance), – des protections électriques des caméras de l'installation vidéo (surveillance), – des stations de détection de verglas (surveillance et alimentation), – des stations du système de radiocommunication (surveillance), – des protections électriques des «téléphone de secours» (surveillance). — mises en place et raccordements (câblage) à ces systèmes de gestion D5.3: – des capteurs d'ouverture de porte (surveillance et alimentation), – des décrochés d'extincteurs des armoires SOS (surveillance). — dépose des éléments «divers» existants (ex. : dans les armoires des niches SOS). — intégration des commandes d'Installation «SURV» des 2 systèmes de gestion D5.3 dans le SGE UT IX («gestion section passerelle» et «gestion générale») et dans respectivement les 2 nouveaux systèmes de gestion section des sections 6 et 7. Principales quantités prévisionnelles: — 42 armoires réparties dans 36 locaux techniques: 2 primaires et 34 secondaires, — 10 automates: 2 commandes d'installation (2 sections), 8 commandes locales (8 zones) avec 37 modules d'E/S pour environ 1 000 points physiques par section, — 40 switches Ethernet et 4 convertisseurs de médias constituant les réseaux SURV, — 47 capteurs d'ouverture de porte, — 111 contacts de décrochés d'extincteurs, — environ 11 070 m' de câbles d'alimentation électriques, — environ 2 214 m' de câbles à fibres optiques monomodes, — environ 32 167 m' de câbles pour transmission de signaux (liaisons TOR ou séries). Remarque: les autres installations du domaine 5 «installation vidéo» (lot 5.1) et «installation de surveillance et d'alarmes météo» (lot 5.3) font l'objet de lots distincts. Ils partagent néanmoins certaines armoires du présent lot dans les locaux techniques secondaires. La planification simplifiée des travaux est la suivante: — 2016: section 6, chaussée Lausanne, — 2017: section 6, chaussée Bienne, — 2018: section 7, chaussée Bienne, — 2019: section 7, chaussée Lausanne.

IP telephone services

Aéroport international de Genève, département planification et infrastructures, division technologies de l'information et de la communication | Published August 12, 2016
Sunrise Communications AG

Provision of fixed and mobile telecommunications services to Geneva Airport.
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