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Gewobag WB Wohnen in Berlin GmbH | Published September 11, 2012
Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH Germaniastraße 14 - 17 12099 Berlin GERMANY
45232320, 64212500, 92232000

Gegenstand des Auftrags ist die Installation und der Betrieb eines Breitbandkabelnetzes zur Versorgung von 528 Wohneinheiten mit Kabelfernsehen und sog. Triple-Play-Angeboten.

Town Hall train program, expanding northern Great Ulrich Street, Los 62.02.03 - Transport equipment and Baufeldfreimachungsleistungen EVH west side.

Hallesche Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft | Published August 9, 2013
Eurovia Verkehrsbau Union GmbHGewerbestraße 10Markranstädt 04420
45234126, 45234128, 45233120, 45233161, 45316200

10 projects, expansion of the northern Great Ulrich Street, Los 62.02.03 - Transport equipment and Baufeldfreimachungsleistungen EVH - west side, rail, road and Gehwegbau, cable TV systems.

BOS radio Police Department Hanover, New Broadcasting mast Uetze (15A50146)

Staatliches Baumanagement Lüneburger Heide | Published March 27, 2015

40 m steel lattice mast (Variants will be accepted) - Creation of statics and construction drawings - mast foundation of reinforced concrete - Spaces for terrain Fitting - fence with metal fencing - Power supply ZAS - Cable TV, Electric cables - lightning protection.

Railway bridge construction work

DB Netz AG, Regionalbereich Ost, Regionales Projektmanagement | Published April 22, 2017
Arge S2 Nord EÜ Mewesstraße / EÜ PT Röntgental

EÜ Mewesstraße: dismantling the existing S- and long-distance bridges; New construction as a three-track WIB composite bridge;

EÜ Personentunnel Bahnhof Röntgental: dismantling of existing S- and long-distance bridges, dismantling existing tunnel, new building as closed reinforced concrete frame (2 tracks F-Bahn and 1 track S-Bahn);

New construction Cable TV;

Transfer point: Installation of 4 points with point heating, superstructure conversion, conversion of the overhead line.

Termination of the planned rail welding and renewed implementation after reaching tolerable temperatures.

Electrical installation work

Klinikum Darmstadt GmbH | Published September 23, 2017
45310000, 45311000, 45311200, 45314000, 45316000, 48921000

As an extension building for the existing Klinikum Darmstadt, two components will be built.

The entire building will be built in a construction phase. Subsequent components of the project

deal with parts of the cost group 450 - 457 of the low-voltage systems.

For the building and room surveillance, video cameras with their respective

Recording equipment, door interphones with video, time recording systems, clock systems and

Access control systems.

According to official requirements, building radio, fire alarm, burglar alarm, light call,

Emergency call as well as a voice loudspeaker installation.

The communication technology in the building is carried out by a structured

Telecommunications and data networks. This applies to the passive and active components

Data network including UPS for active components. Television will be provided by cable television.

1 Telecommunication equipment - analogue telephony

2 disabled emergency call systems (part of the call system)

3 Light call system

4 Emergency call systems

5 Door phone algae with video

6 Time recording systems

7 Clock systems

8 Electroacoustical systems

9 Television and antennas

10 Fire alarm system

11 Building radio system

12 Video monitoring system.

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