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Onze Lieve Vrouw Van Troost VZW | Published November 13, 2015

The contracting authority will in accordance with Article 15 of the Law 15.6.2006 concerning public contracts and certain contracts for works, supplies and services act as a command center for related entities. Thus Hospital Sisters of Antwerp, Antwerp University Hospital, AZ Monica, AZ Nikolaas and AZ Sint-Blasius (Our Lady of Consolation VZW) via the "Optimus Hospital Procurement Platform". This is the name of the initiative taken by the Flemish hospitals in terms of purchase together. More information about Optimus is found on Affiliated entities have the ability but not the obligation to use the results of this procedure. This contract concerns the supply of radiopharmaceuticals notably Tc99m generators, hot and cold kits kits. In general, radiopharmaceuticals are administered by injection. Radiopharmaceuticals are used in the nuclear medicine department. These radiate a part of the thyroid gland and may thus, for example, road cure diseases of the thyroid gland. As the spot is extracted the decay product technetium-99m (with a half-life of only 6 hours, inconvenient for transport) and used for a variety of nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures, wherein the short half-life is very useful. These radiopharmaceuticals are thus created on site in the hospital.
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