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Invitation to Offer for Provision of Telecommunication Management and Technical Design Services

Queensland Health ICT Industry Engagement Contract and Procurement Management | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016


 Queensland Health is seeking the services of:

  1. 24x7 Telecommunication Management (TM) Services (Service Desk) for the management of Queensland Health telecommunications services and facilities and the management of telecommunications inventory/CMDB maintenance; and
  2. Technical Design (TD) Services to provide project management, design and consultancy services for capacity and services upgrades to existing facilities and implementation/deployment of services to new health and hospital sites.

Within this ITO process it is intended to have an option for respondents to submit an offer for the TM Services only OR for the TD Services only, OR for both Services. Based on market responses, Queensland Health reserves the right to enter into 2 separate contracts or a single contract for these Services.

Vendors should note that the ‘Service Now (SNOW)’ ISTM platform is the delivery platform for Queensland Health ‘s existing TM services and that eHealth Queensland has also selected the SNOW platform for its InfoService Centre (ISC) which is due to come online in late 2016. This is expected to provide easier interface and synergies between the TM and ISC Service Desks.

 ITO respondents will need to be:

  • Queensland Government GITC v5.03 accredited;
  • QAssure certified;
  • Responsible for the delivery of all Services and meeting the requirements of the specifications to which they are responding.

Information and Telecommunication Technology Training Services

Department of Defence - ISG | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
The Commonwealth has an ongoing requirement to provide Information and Telecommunications Technology Training courses to staff within ASD. ASD’s communications environment is changing dramatically and with these changes a heavy reliance on networking knowledge and skills is required. The ASD Academy does not have the resources to meet this demand so will contract networking courses to ensure the delivery of high quality networking training from entry level to advanced digital network intelligence. Due to the changing environment and the increased need for more in-depth technical networking knowledge, ASD has a requirement to expand the scope of the training provided to include flexible learning options such as e-learning and practical application of this training to work related situations and problems. This work will require the redevelopment of some existing courses as well as developing and delivering new courses.

Provision of Search and Rescue Equipment Support Services

Australian Maritime Safety Authority | Published September 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 1, 2016
AMSA arranges for provision of SAR Equipment to the Search and Rescue Units (SRUs) to enable them to conduct SAR operations. SAR Equipment includes (but is not limited to) aircraft component items such as cargo anchors and restraints, aircrew safety (drop master) harnesses, aviation lifejackets, life rafts, de-watering pumps, sea-surface anchor kits, survival kits and parachute assemblies, and self-locating datum marker buoys. In addition, there is other equipment including electronic beacons and radio transceivers, pyrotechnics and other miscellaneous equipment items. AMSA outsources all SAR Equipment Support Services which are the Services sought through this RFT. The Support Services to be provided may be from one or more locations within Australia but must be capable of supporting all SRUs. Mobilisation and transitioning is to be undertaken in sufficient time to allow the Support Services to commence on 1 July 2017. The Contractor will be required to provide AMSA with a complete solution that comprises the following main areas of service: I. Storage and stock management II. Maintenance activities III. Logistics IV. Field Support For further detail, please refer to all the RFT documentation.
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