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VOF-method planning services for new administrative center city of Freiburg im Breisgau.

Stadt Freiburg im Breisgau | Published November 23, 2013
ingenhoven architects GmbHPlange Mühle 1Düsseldorf 40221

The city of Freiburg intends the departments of the administration, which are currently found in 19 different locations in the city of Freiburg, spatially Stühlinger district at the site Fehrenbachallee zukonzentrieren. The key objectives of the proposed management concentration are in particular the optimization derfunktionalen and organizational structures, management costs, and the creation of a high proximity, to be implemented in a new building with high functionality with good urban quality. To solve this planning task of the authority intends to carry out a restricted single-phase design competition with idea part within the framework of the VOF method. The Management concentration is to be realized structurally in three stages. For the first Stage should be planned as part desvorgesehenen design competition a new administration building with about 830 jobs, including community center with a total land requirement of approximately 22 500 m² of gross floor area (GFA). The idea of ​​the competition are to implement the steps 2 and 3 to develop concepts to the area required for 500 in the second Construction phase and approximately 280 employees in the third Construction stage, committees and council chamber (WHP 10 800 m² + 8200 m²) functional and urban portray as well as other ship options on the competition site, with a total size of about 43 000 m². The aim of the city Freiburgist to obtain an overall concept for a commercial implementation of the management concentration at the site Fehrenbachallee in which the planned new buildings of the 3 stages of construction is perceived as a unit, but any stage of construction works autonomously for themselves. The functional implementation of the program area follow solldem approach an open, flexible and reversible Office and workspace design. To Erbringungder competitive performance the participation of urban planners and landscape architects is recommended. For the realization part (stage 1) is valid for KG 200 KG 400 to an upper cost limit in the amount of 46 million EUR (gross) with the following non-binding subdivision: KG 200: 900 000 EUR, KG 300 +400: 45 100 000 EUR. The city of Freiburg intends the planning services of the service phases 2-8 according to § 33 HOAI conjunction. Appendix 11 to award exclusively for the realization part (implementation stage 1). The client WE RESERVE for a gradual commissioning of each phase. With the conclusion of the contract the performance phases 2-4 are commissioned. The phases 5 and 6-8 are to be ordered optionally. A legal right to transfer all the power phases does not exist. Likewise, there is no Rechtsanspruchauf Next assignment after rendering first phases. The Client reserves the right, power phases 5 and 6-8 to award to another company. The planning services for the realization of the steps 2 and 3 as well as other structural options are not part of the contract, but are merely part of the competitive performance (Idea part). When in the following, the masculine form is used (eg, applicants, project manager, etc.), here vonjeweils both women and men should feel addressed. Been waived only for reasons of better Lesbarkeitist out in the text below each both gender forms (etc. eg applicant or applicants, project manager or project manager) to use.
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