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DRC Urban Development Project - P129713

PDU | Published June 23, 2015  -  Deadline July 17, 2015

Control And Monitoring Of Work And Rehabilitation Of Roads Modernization Priority Targeted Cities From Bukavu In Kikwit, from Kindu, Matadi And In The Framework Of Urban Development Project From REPUBLIQUEDEMOCRATIQUE of Congo Ministry of Planning, Habitat Secretariat Urbanismeet the Urban Planning and Housing Directorate of Studies and Planning Permanent Secretariat URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (PDU) NOTICE OF SOLICITATION OF INTEREST DEMANIFESTATIONS RECRUITMENT FIRM FOR CONTROL AND MONITORING MISSION OF REHABILITATION AND MODERNIZATION OF ROADS PRIORITY TARGET DESVILLES OF Bukavu, Kikwit, DE KINDU, MATADI AND UNDER THE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. No. Dedon: IDAH8420 - DRC Urban DevelopmentProject -P129713 No. Notice for Expression of Interest: AMI 002 / SP / PDU / 15 Publication Date: June 23, 2015 Closing Date: 17 juillet2015 And its management is entrusted to the Permanent Secretariat is housed in the Directorate General FirmsMore duSecrétariat Planning of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Housing. 2. The targeted roads, purpose of the expression of interest are divided commesuit: (i) town of Bukavu: Avenues Fizi (710 m) and Mimoza (265m); (Ii) City of Kikwit: Wazabanga Avenue (2000 m); (Iii) villedé Kindu: Avenue de la Paix (1800 m); (Iv) City of Matadi: Terrace Avenue (1800 m); 3. consulting services ("Services") are to ensure the work control surveillanceet targeted cities roads Inthe Project listed above. The criteria for établissementde shortlisted are: Legal documents of the existence of the firm, number of missions and contracts signed (brèvedescription) Similar executed during the last five years, the names of organizations with which contracts have étésignés. It is brought to the attention of Consultants that paragraph 1.9des "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Labanque of the Borrowers under the IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and donations" dated May 2004, revised in 2006, May 2010 and janvier2011 ("Consultants Guidelines"), relating to dela World Bank rules on conflicts of interest apply. Consultants may associate with other firms to strengthen respective leurscompétences as a solidarity group or a sub-agreement traitant.Un Consultant will be selected according to the selection method based on cost and laQualité as described in Guidelines Consultants.Les Consultants interested can obtain further information àl'adresse below dessouset the following times: Permanent Secretariat of Urban Development Project "PDU" 32, avenue de la Gombe / Town of the City of Gombe-Kinshasa Republic Democratic Republic of Congo Monday to Friday; from 10 hours to 15 hours. The intérêtécrites events must be submitted to the following address dessousen person parcourrier or by e-mail no later than July 17 2015 to 14 local time. SecrétariatPermanent Urban "PDU" Development Project At Monsieur Augustin Warning Kabau / SecrétairePermanent 32, avenue de la Gombe, Gombe Commune / City Kinshasa / DRC Tel: + 243 998 139 860 991 209 928 or + 243 E-mail: sp .pdu.uh @
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