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Urban planning and landscape architectural services

Horsens Kommune | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017
71400000, 71300000

Horsens Municipality hereby invites interested landscape architects to undertake the design of three spaces in Horsens, Jessen Street, the main pedestrian street Søndergade incl. The Square. Competition area is approximately 15 500 m² with a construction cost of approximately 60 million DKK excl. VAT. The competition is a design compelling bid for pedestrian and urban design with a focus on creating the best possible framework for a vibrant city life and active business life. Some work experience activities in continuation of the measures, Horsens Municipality has already done. The center must, in beautiful surroundings, offering activities that surprises and inspires and encourages long-term stays, meeting places, movement, play and an inspiring shopping. Activities will contribute to lifting the overall experience of a modern "be street '. The urban spaces should be designed with high availability, service features and security. Participants must work process that reduces the generation of trade and commissioning holiday season 2018.

Advisor Assistance to 01242 Grønnegade neighborhood

Københavns Kommune | Published September 23, 2015  -  Deadline October 12, 2015

Offers Act, Title II. The task Technical and Environmental Administration has in 2014 prepared Collection of Grønnegade neighborhood, some of the ideas must now be realized. See Job Description for 01242 Grønnegade district (Appendix 1) and Collection of Grønnegade district (Appendix 2) which describes the task in more detail. Construction work done by the Technical and Environmental why the main project consists of drawings and bills of quantities with mass quantities. Conceptual design and main project for this space are included as an option. There is expected to contract award in the week from 43 to 44 based on the attached "draft agreement on technical advice and assistance to Grønnegade neighborhood". Overall schedule: End of October 2015: Contract Award Oct / December 2015: Development of conceptual design and lighting project incl. meeting (s) with stakeholders in December 2015 / January 2016: Drafting of the main project for the seats incl. lighting project in November 2015 / January 2016: Drafting of the main project for tree plantings, bicycle parking and sidewalk extensions. See also the accompanying explanatory material; examples of ATR schedules Environment in construction, SAB lighting in the City of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Action Plan for Urban Design Manual for urban spaces and parks and Drawing Requirements for the main project. Submission of tenders Tenders submitted by. e-mail to project manager Ulrik Kristensen Mail must have the following in the subject line: Advisor Assistance to 01242 Grønnegade neighborhood - Deals If this is not possible because of the size of files, and offer therefore may be split into multiple files, want a clear naming of the content. Tender deadline 10.00. Questions Questions regarding the tender documents must be submitted in writing by. e-mail marked "01242 Grønnegade neighborhood - advises tender - questions". 12.00. Complaint Deadlines Pursuant to the law on enforcement of procurement rules, etc. shall complaints must be submitted to the Review Board within 45 calendar days from the day after the date on which the contracting entity informed the tenderers concerned about who entity decided to contract with, if the notice would contain a summary of the relevant reasons for the decision.
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