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Architectural, engineering and planning services

Agentia pentru Protectia Mediului Sibiu | Published April 28, 2015  -  Deadline May 7, 2015

Servicii de arhitectură, de inginerie şi de planificare

Building alteration work

Serviciul Public de Administrare a Unitatilor de Invatamant Preuniversitar de Stat Sibiu | Published November 18, 2017  -  Deadline December 21, 2017
45262700, 45262800, 71250000

Contract for execution of works having as object:

"Rehabilitation and extension House from Str. Oituz nr. Sibiu (PT + DDE + DTAC + obtaining the approvals and agreements in principle (at the PT + DDE phase) + verification of the documentation by the certified examiners + acceptance of the resistance project by the expert + technical assistance + execution of works), consisting in the design and execution of the works of:

- Architecture;

- Structure of resistance;

- Rehabilitation, arrangement and extension of the home;

- Installations: thermomechanical heating, interior sanitary, electric, thermal, water treatment, use of natural gas, guard and protection installations;

- Connections and fittings.

Estimated value of design (PT + DDE + DTAC + Obtaining approvals and agreements in principle (at Phase: PT + DDE) + Verification of documentation by certified verifiers + Assignment of resistance project by Expert + Technical Assistance): 593 836 RON without VAT.

Estimated value of works: 21 473 520 excluding VAT.

The total estimated value of the works, including design, covered by this procurement procedure is 22 067 356 RON without VAT.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Agentia pentru Protectia Mediului Sibiu | Published October 20, 2015
SC Avensa Consulting SRL

Service development strategies and local action plans on climate change adaptation in the municipality of Sibiu, Brasov, Tg. Mures will be performed in the period of the project "Green Path to Sustainable Development", financed through EEA Grants. Three surveys will be undertaken in three municipalities on public knowledge on adaptation to climate change. It will draw up reports for each meeting organized trainings, identifying vulnerable sectors and writing propriuzisa these strategies also will be drawn up five guidelines on adaptation to climate change. The printing of all documents provide results that municipal strategies Sibiu, Brasov and Targu. Mures, municipal guide for strategy on adaptation to climate change, the 5 guides for the following sectors: transport, energy, infrastructure / construction / urban planning, ecosystems, agricultural technologies. Estimated value excluding VAT 600.04 RON is 727 164 euro Info € 596.77 at the rate stipulated in the grant no. 95 / 08.01.2015, namely 1 EUR = 4.4205 RON / EUR and the value is different and neprevazutelor representing 0% 0 RON VAT.
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