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Construction work

Gminne Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne „EKO-BABICE” Sp. z o.o. | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017
A detailed description of the contract includes terms of reference (TOR częśćIIII - description of the order) and design documentation annexed hereto. 

Construction of the complex of buildings in Zielonki Lots in the Municipality of Stare Babice consisting of building school and educational, cultural center and sports hall with facilities, with a total usable area of ​​approximately 8 700 m2, building area 7 176 m2 with land development area of ​​about 43 709 m2

Object of the contract includes:

1) Provide container office, warehouse and social services to the needs of their own construction.

Recreation with driveways, sidewalks, bike path.

3) Execution of fire road with parking and maneuvering squares.

4) Execution of the access road to the building, along with economic maneuvering squares.

5) Execution of pavements and street furniture.

6) Execution of trash.

7) Execution of the fence.

Detailed Description of the order is included in the technical documentation:

1) Construction Projects

a) land development project and architecture - construction project, part I

b) structural design, static calculations - construction project, part II

c) design of sanitary installations - construction project, part III

d) design electrical and telecommunication installations - construction project, part IV

e) Project roads and surfaces - construction project, part V

f) Information BIOZ

2) implementing projects

a) Executive design - Architecture - Building A (includes drawings DFA)

b) Executive design - Architecture - Building B and C (contains drawings DFA)

c) Project Executive - Freight

d) Project constant traffic organization

e) PZT - replacement construction project with the correction of the fence

f) The pitch and running track - changes sidewalks

3) Documentation included for auxiliary purposes:

Recreation, sanitary sewer connection and the internal network Fr.

b) Executive design - sanitary - storm water drainage network

c) Executive design - sanitary installations - Connections and internal water supply system

d) Project Executive - Green

4) The technical specifications for execution and acceptance of construction works - architecture stage I and II (includes work on DFA) and technical specifications, performance and acceptance of road works.

Notes on the terms of reference:

The scope of these works should be performed no later than 31 August 2017.

2) Determination of Phase I and Phase II of the agreement refers to the execution of the contract terms, while the designation of Phase I and Phase II in the documentation and cost estimates only applies to those documents.

3) The contract scope includes surveying services along with the implementation built inventory of roads, sidewalks, utilities (sewer manholes), buildings, along with bringing to material accountancy state resource surveying and mapping.

2 of the PPL Contracting Authority requires that the contractor has done in person at least 50% of the work paved surfacing.

Order in the first place must be made in accordance with the tender documents, contract, project documentation, technical specifications for execution and acceptance of construction works, technical expertise, construction practices and regulations in force.

A detailed description of the contract includes terms of reference (TOR) and the design documentation annexed hereto, which consists, in particular projektybudowlane, regulations, technical specifications of performance and acceptance of works.

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