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Architectural services for outdoor areas

Teatr im. Stefana Żeromskiego w Kielcach | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

The subject of the competition is the architectural concept of the planned modernization, expansion and superstructure of the historic theater.

The project stages:

The first stage will be a reconstruction of the superstructure and the expansion of the body of the theater

- Front building from the street Sienkiewicz with western outbuilding housed the scene of a large audience, entrance area, impresarios and administration rooms and back stage.

Phase II will be the reconstruction, expansion and superstructure outbuildings northern and eastern intended function of small scenes with facilities for the actors, technical equipment of the theater and the function of the hostel for artists. In the second stage should be provided for the reconstruction of the courtyard.

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

Świętokrzyski Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017
45200000, 71320000, 45233000, 45230000

27.0 km / Bypass construction Pińczów / ". 

27.0 km / Bypass construction Pińczów / "- in the system design and build.

The contract will be executed in accordance with the Program functional utility, Feasibility Study program - spatial concept, the decision on environmental conditions,

schedule of design and schedule of works and the model contract.

Most of the investment is located within the city limits Pińczów, partly on the grounds villages Brzeście and Italy.

In the state of existing communication infrastructure of the city consists of two regional roads DW 766 and DW 767, along with the entire network of other county roads and municipal roads.

2 + 462 to DW 767.

- Reserved for expansion of sections of regional roads are located:

stretch of provincial road 766 from KM 24 + 300 to KM 24 + 870 existing road mileage,

DW 3 KM 767 + 900)

using the existing waveform DW 767.

The scope of the contract includes:

a) Development of design documentation within the functional program (PFU) and the decision on the environmental conditions of the project

No OŚiGM.6220.4 / Wed / 01/16 of 25.05.2016 r. Issued by the Mayor

and District Pińczów with obtaining water permit decision - Legal and decisions

As part of the order, if necessary, should also make a report and carry out a new environmental impact assessment.

b) Performance of works together with the necessary accompanying infrastructure on the basis of design documentation made by the Contractor with benefits non-construction works and ensuring environmental supervision

the extent stipulated in specific provisions and the decision on the environmental conditions of the project, if necessary, protection

and moving monuments of small architecture, ensuring archaeological supervision

Detailed scope of work is presented in the PFU and environmental decision the project No. OŚiGM.6220.4 / Wed / 01/16 of 05.25.2016 r.

c) The exercise of author's supervision over developed project documentation.

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