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Network servers

Komunikacyjny Związek Komunalny Górnośląskiego Okręgu Przemysłowego | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 27, 2016

Delivery of blade servers, along with equipment and software for the maintenance of the project Purchase.

The contract is for the supply, assembly, installation and configuration of hardware and software included in the nw. points:

- Housing Blade (1 pcs.);

- Server Blade TYPE 1 (1 pcs.);

- Server Blade Type 2 (6 pcs.);

- Server Blade Type 3 (1 pcs.);

- Storage Array (1 pcs.);

- Switch SAN 16Gb FC (2 pcs.);

- Switch LAN (2 pcs.);

- 19 "rack (1 pcs.);

- Uninterruptible Power Supply (1 pcs.);

- Autoloader (1 pcs.);

- Set the monitor to the KVM switch (1 pc.);

- CCTV Camera (1 pcs.);

- License virtualization software (1 pc.);

- License to a virtualized environment administration (1 pcs.);

- Licenses for the software system Windows Server Data Center (3 pcs.)

- Licenses for the software system Windows Server Standard (2 pcs.)

- CALs (client access licenses 250);

- Annual subscriptions to the system software, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (3 pcs.)

The required parameters of the devices and software worksheet parameters and characteristics of technical and operational constituting Appendix 1 hereto.

The purchaser is a local authority association, therefore, it is advisable to offer licenses were type government.

The required period of warranty for all hardware and software compatible with the warranty period offered by the Contractor, but not less than 24 months.

Object of the contract is to be installed and implemented by the person or persons having valid certificates related to the installation and deployment server-matrix having, in particular:

- Certificate obtained within the path of the HP Server Solutions V2 or V3-level Professional, Expert, and Master,

- Certificate obtained within the path HPE Storage Solutions Architect V2 at Expert or Master,

- Certificate obtained within the path Vmware Certification: Cloud at Professional or Expert or in the path of VMware Certification: Cloud Management and Automation at the level of Professional, Advanced Professional Implementation Expert, or Design Expert.

With the system supports HP P2000 disk array.

Katowice: Construction of the fountain on the Square of Twin Cities in Katowice Ligota BO.

Zakład Zieleni Miejskiej | Published July 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016
Construction of the fountain on the Square of Twin Cities in Katowice Ligota BO. Investment object is located: Fountain in terms of the architecture located on a plot of the registration number 24/40, which is owned by the City of Katowice and is in the permanent board of the Department of Greenery in Katowice based on Decision No. GM-V.6844.4.8.2011.KK Mayor of Katowice of 24 October 2013. BALANCE OF AREA Before work will be drawn up a protocol state 0. cadastral plot No. 24/40: 2,8786ha area in terms of development: 167m2 Surface hardened: 90,82m2 Trough Fountain: 51,31m2 hatch: 1m2 Planting shrubs: 3,72m2 Lawn park: 12,74m2 Dishes under the trees: 7,08m2 FORM aND FUNCTION oF tHE OBJECT the aim of the investment is to create a friendly and accessible public space in which the main attraction is a fountain with a basin, in line with expectations and the originators of the Investor. PAN FOUNTAIN planned to fill the basin with water fountains at + 0.3m in relation to the level of 0.00m accordance with the design process plant industry. The lining trough perform all the transitions and tight installation approach and embed the necessary fittings according to industry of technological installations, to finish cladding was aesthetic. Surface finish tiles to grouting lining blocks of granite, use flexible mortar joints for outdoor use, waterproof and resistant to the process of freezing and thawing, resistant to shock and biological washing under pressure, showing resistance to chemicals (according to. The technology industry) in the basin fountains, adapted for use in the basins of pool, holding the NIH study. CHAMBER TECHNICAL MACHINERY layers of inheritance should be made of cement mortar waterproof and water-resistant. Technical engine compartment must be equipped with a manhole and ladder system solution according to the manufacturer, installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The hatch should be warm and apply a protective grille with additional closure. Installation carried out on masonry anchors according to manufacturer's recommendations. Paved Particular attention was paid to the aesthetic finishing of the surface around the basin fountains, protective grilles on the tree and connecting with the existing surface. GREEN Use of plant specimens with well-educated root balls and above-ground part - according to the following parameters and characteristics of the species and varieties of Chaenomeles x superba Nicoline - The size seedlings C2, H20-40cm. Park benches Assembly benches made according to the manufacturer's instructions. GRILLE PROTECTION UNDER THE TREE
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