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Architect and Consultant Services

Røros Kommune | Published June 2, 2017

Roros Municipality invite for the project Øverhagaen Health and Welfare Centre to an open tender competition for architect and consultant services. Architect and consultants to design concepts for buildings and the area as a whole with drawings and descriptions until tender and implementation of competition for construction contracts. The client wants compare performance of an architect and consultants where specific subjects and skills are included. Construction will take place in close cooperation with the client's project teams and project management. It is considered to bring architect / adviser on the process as a representative of the builder upon completion of the construction project. This translates as an option in the tender documents.

Architect and spatial planning

Østfold Fylkeskommune | Published September 2, 2017

The client wants a framework agreement on the acquisition of consulting:
Architect and spatial planning to the real estate section at Østfold county.
Real Estate section has several types of construction projects ranging from minor alterations and extensions to existing buildings to larger builds. The need for architectural and spatial planning may vary considerably during the contract period.

Architect and Consultant Services Roros Health and Welfare Center

Røros kommune, offentlig virksomhet | Published March 2, 2017

Architect and consultant services for the development and construction of Roros health and welfare center

Architect and analysis assistance area plan for Melhus center

Melhus kommune | Published February 2, 2017

In connection with the preparation of the area plan for Melhus center and feasibility study for the station there is a need for architectural / planning aid and assistance for analysis. There is a need for:
1. Simple place analysis as a basis for a more well-founded range plan, with visibility of Gaula in the center.
2. Architect and plan assistance
3. Superior traffic analysis
4. Noise Study
5. An assessment of the area stability / landslide risk assessment for the entire planning area
6. Superior water and wastewater plan including stormwater solutions
7. Superior energy plan with the use of available renewable energy sources, with emphasis on groundwater.
8. Personal assistant / report in preparing the feasibility study for public transport hub / station.

Architect Missions, Nesfjella to center

Nes Kommune i Buskerud | Published August 2, 2017

Purpose and extent
The competition is for a contract to deliver architectural services in connection with the preparation of proposals for the development of the center in Nes municipality. Implementation will take place as two parallel missions to ensure a good open process with broad academic diskusjon.Anskaffelsens value estimated at: NOK 800,000, - excluding VAT and will be distributed equally between the two leverandørene.For further information please refer to Part 2, specification .

Dialogue Conference - future IT architecture in vehicles

Ruter As (Forsyning) | Published November 1, 2017

Ruter has ambitious goals for the development of digital customer experiences. We want to develop innovative solutions that support and inspire customers throughout the customer journey across mobility forms. Key features in this context are in the areas of ticketing and travel information. We want to develop more dynamic and personalized digital solutions - which is very costly and time consuming with our existing systems are complete, self-contained solutions within specific functional areas.
Through the use of international standards we will facilitate closer integration between the solutions so that a given service is available across the different channels customers use through customer journey. One key point of this is to centralize business functions to the greatest possible extent so that the distributed system components can be designed as simple as possible - logically.

Dialogue Conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants

Elverum kommune | Published June 1, 2017

Short description:
Elverum Municipality invite the private sector to dialogue conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants
Invitation to dialogue conference on the future procurement of architects and technical consultants
Elverum Municipality wants dialogue on procurement of architects and technical consultants on the framework agreement and invites dialogue conference Monday 30 th January 2017.

Acquiring engineering group for New nursing home with dementia village

Sandefjord kommune, Bygge og vedlikeholdsseksjonen | Published June 2, 2017

Sandefjord Municipality will build new nursing homes with dementia village. Cost is about 500 excl. VAT
Sandefjord Municipality wishes in this regard to link up with a design group consisting of an architect, landscape architect and all rådgivningsfag with ties to the construction industry.

Fv.46 Ostasteidn picnic

Statens vegvesen Region vest | Published January 31, 2017

The planned plant is part of the tourist route Ryfylke located in Suldal by county 46.
The work includes reprocessing picnic area and erection of toilet construction. Work will be performed in line with detailed plans prepared by the architect.

Multidisciplinary consulting team; Walking route along the river

Skien kommune | Published September 1, 2017

Skien Municipality invites to an open tender in connection with the acquisition "Multidisciplinary consulting team; Walking route along the river. "
The purpose of the procurement is to establish a multidisciplinary team that can supplement principal in this project.
The interdisciplinary consulting team will mainly draw illustrations, plans, detailed design and prepare a feasibility study.
The following fields should be included in this interdisciplinary project:
Landscape architect / architect / land planning etc.
Consultant engineer (structures)
team management

E-0208 ICT Consultancy

Entur AS | Published December 2, 2017

Entur invites prequalification in competition agreement.
Entur should make it easier to plan and buy travel on public transport throughout Norway. To do this we need the right people with the right expertise. The purpose of this procurement is just that, to find the people who can make our solutions even better. The delivery includes the hiring of resources who will work in teams together with employees of Entur and chartered from other companies.
The Framework Agreement on Delivery Area 1: Management, Architecture and Design. The framework agreement will ensure effective and good consultancy in mentioned areas to the Buyer.
The Framework Agreement on Delivery Area 2: Development. The framework agreement will ensure effective and good consultancy in mentioned areas to the Buyer.
Employer intends to conclude a framework agreement with one supplier for delivery area 1: Management, Architecture and Design
Employer intends to conclude a framework agreement with one supplier for delivery Area 2 Development.

Framework agreement for ICT Consultancy to Fjellinjen AS

Fjellinjen AS | Published September 2, 2017

Fjellinjen will conclude framework agreements with five to seven vendors that can assist Fjellinjen in projects around technical expertise in Project Management, IT Architecture and Technical Consultancy, Development and adaptation and handover to Operations & Management. The framework agreements will expected to have a total quantity of between 2 and 10 million. We refer here to the attached documents.

17/00142 Storformat- and overhead scanner

NMBU | Published February 15, 2017

Norway's Minister of the Environment and Life Sciences University (NMBU), the faculty landscape and society ensure competition in connection with the procurement of large format scanners.
A seminar at the Institute of Landscape Architecture includes information about Garden architects / landscape architects their projects and background to the project idea, implementation and realization (plans, maps, sketches, notes, correspondence). The purpose of the procurement is to ensure collection through digitization. This applies primarily maps and plans, but also archival documents, manuscripts, notes, etc.

New Aspåsen school, concept studies and sketches

Bodø kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Preparation of feasibility study and draft project for new Aspåsen school. Includes preparation of decision document indicating opportunities for the creation of functions described in the existing building and identify any need for additional spaces, drawing concept sketches for solutions and descriptions of these and cost.
Includes all subjects, including among other architect, RIB, RIE RIV, RIBR, building physics, acoustics, traffic and outdoors.
The work will commence in April 2017 and be completed by mid-August 2017. Also included is an option to prepare tender documents for contract (s).
Benefits emerges quote request will be posted shortly after publication.

Organ Søndeled church

RISØR KIRKELIGE FELLESRÅD | Published August 1, 2017

It will be procured a new pipe organ to Søndeled church in Risør, Aust-Agder.
Søndeled church was originally a medieval stone church that has been developed later into a cruciform church with pieces of wood. It has about 450 seats. The project applies a mechanical loop charging organ in traditional style, with 21 to 25 votes distributed Principal, svellverk and pedal, alternatively with electric registratur and combinations. Ulf Uldæus SAR is engaged as an architect, and he has prepared plan and facade drawing that will be the framework for the project. There will be specific requirements for the execution of the new organ facade.

Normal Hall Storelva - Group Contract Design

Tromsø Kommune, Eiendom | Published February 28, 2017

Tromsø Municipality - Development Service invites with this competition for simplified preliminary and detailed design of a normal hall scheduled listed on Storelva at Kvaløya in Tromsø municipality.
We ask for offer engineering group which will include the following subjects: Architect, advisers for building, plumbing, electrical and automation. One of these will serve as the engineering group and will have overall responsibility for the necessary coordination between designers. The group will be supplemented with other subjects, such RIBR, RIAku, RI Energy / environment etc.
Further follow-up during the construction period up to and including one year reklamajonsbefaring takeover and any assignments on the warranty period will be activated through option.

Omsorgsbolig Grue Hagan, Eidsvoll municipality

Øvre Romerike Innkjøpssamarbeid | Published February 13, 2017

Grue Hagan is a plot in Eidsvoll municipality, in municipal ownership. There shall be established 14 care homes with accompanying Management Section at the property. The project is a new build on a plot with good natural qualities. These must be included in planning and execution, so it needs special considerations when establishing a rig and construction pits etc. so that existing forest floor and vegetation safeguarded as far as possible. The architecture is thought simple and precise, and all transitions and details must be carried out as scarce as sound is, and it is not allowed to use detective structures, moldings, fittings, deck table etc, unless this is explicitly described. Where principle details in supply surface is not adequate, it should be set to an equivalent button detailing and precision. The project is partially Husbankfinansiert, and their terms of quality of construction works must be complied with in addition to ordinary regulatory requirements and regulation. Building is approx 1300m2, only 1st floor.
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