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Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) for the award of a public service concession for the design, manufacture, delivery, installation, operation, training, maintenance and periodic upgrading of an automated single dose-system and smart cabinets for Pharmaceutical, Medical Materials and Surgical Devices for E-Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) to the Department of Health (Malta).

Projects Malta Limited on behalf of the Ministry for Energy and Health | Published October 28, 2015  -  Deadline December 14, 2015

The aim is to revolutionise the current pharmaceutical distribution setup into a reliable, validated, lean, efficient, real-time distribution process. A process conceived with a clear aim to drastically eliminate medicament wastage in the storage and distribution flow stages, delivering real-time consumption and cost-per-patient data. This shall be delivered through a robotic pharmaceutical storage and delivery solution that is in a position to: — prepare a unit-dose medicament stock on-site through a validated process; — maintain original medicament package intact; — perform a validated labelling process; — deliver medicaments via a traceable and validated pathway on a patient-named basis to wards as required; and — with respect to the Mater Dei Hospital, provide robotic equipment that is a fully-approved and automated extension to the current pneumatic tube transport system. More specifically, the beneficiary would like to procure and have supported an integrated E-Prescribing & Medicines Administration (ePMA) consisting of: — E-Prescribing; — Medicines and medical materials / surgical devices; — Medicines Decision Support and Controls; — Ward robotics and smart cabinets; — Recording and incorporation of Patient Observations; — Pharmacy stock system; — Pharmacy stock robotics. The system will provide high standards of resilience and performance and the successful bidder will, inter alia, be responsible for interfacing its systems with other systems as already available within the present healthcare entities. The successful bidder will commit contractually to performance standards/mechanisms as well as strict obligations to meet delivery timescales. The most appropriate architecture for the healthcare entities, including methods of data/image storage and processing, migration, management and distribution, will be determined by the procurement process. The systems will be kept updated throughout the contract period to ensure that the technology and functionality are kept at the leading edge. The final solution, including options, will be decided following a competitive procedure. Bidders must have the capability of acting as prime contractors for the delivery and performance of the service concession. The best value options for procuring the system including but not limited to supplier-owned and operated will be considered. Bidders will be required to accept part or all of the risk relating to cost and benefits over time. The final beneficiary of this contract will be the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit (CPSU) on behalf of the Department of Health within MEH.
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