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Ministry of finance-Technical Service Unit | Published October 30, 2015  -  Deadline December 11, 2015

Development Of The Standard Finance And Accounting Software Package For Ipard Agency Montenegro Ministry ofAgriculture and Rural Development Montenegro InstitutionalDevelopment and Agricultural Strengthening Project (MIDAS) Invitationfor Bids (IFB) Development of thestandard finance and accountingsoftware package for IPARD agency MNE-MIDAS-7716-ME-ICB-G-15-2.1.b.11 1.         This Invitation for Bids followsthe General Procurement Notice for this Project that appeared in DevelopmentBusiness, issue no. February 5,2009 2.         The Government of Montenegro has received a loan in the amount of EUR11million (US$15.7) equivalent from the International Bank for ReconstructionDevelopment (IBRD) and from the Global Environment Facility Trust Fund, GEF, inthe amount of US$ 4 million toward the cost of the Montenegro InstitutionalDevelopment and Agricultural Strengthening Project (MIDAS) and it intends toapply part of the proceeds to payments under the Contract for Developmentof the standard finance and accounting software package for IPARD agency. 3.         Technical ServicesUnit on behalf of the Ministryof Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), now invites sealed bidsfrom eligible and qualified bidders for Development of the Register ofAgricultural Holdings. 4.         Bidding will be conducted through theInternational Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures, specified in the WorldBank's Guidelines: Procurement under IBRDLoans and IDA Credits, edition May 2004., revised in October 2006 and itwill be open to all bidders from Eligible Source Countries as definedin theGuidelines that meet the following minimum qualification criteria: (i)During the past five (5)years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), the Bidder must have completed three (3)successful contracts, value of minimum 70,000 EUR each, involving thedevelopment and implementation or maintenance of ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning) systems for the government authorities and/or public companies. Duringthe past five (5) years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014), the Bidder must havecompletedthree (3) successful contracts involving the development and implementation ormaintenance of complex information systems which provided on-line connection tothe information system of EU for the government authorities and/or publiccompanies. Duringthe past five (5) years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014), the Bidder must havecompletedone (1) successful contract, involving the development and implementation ormaintenance of complex information system for the government authorities and/orpublic companies, developed on proposed development technology and used by atleast 500 concurrent users. Documentaryevidence signed by the bidder's clients (including description, value, year ofcommencement and completion, client and a contact person for reference) thatdemonstrate bidders' experience should be submitted. (ii)The minimum requiredannualaverage turnover over the previous three (3) years (2012, 2013 and 2014) mustbe EUR 180,000.00 calculated as total revenue at official exchange rate ofCentral Bank of Montenegro at the end of each respective year. To prove this,the Bidder must submit balance sheets/audited financial statements certified bya registered accountant for the last three years (2012, 2013, 2014). Wherenecessary, the Purchaser will make inquiries with the Bidder's bankers; In casethat Bidder is Joint Venture, each member must satisfy 25% of aboverequirements, and leading member must satisfy 50% of above requirement. (iii) The bidder shall provide information aboutexisting local officeor fully documented plan for local office to be established in order to response on the location of thePurchaser with the deadline of maximum 12 hours of received call and requestfor support, working days and next first working day after the weekend andholiday. The supplier shall, upon receipt of a written request for intervention(e - mail , fax) no later than 8 hours after received request notify thePurchaser / User about undertaken activities on realization of the request andrespond on them with qualified staff on the Purchaser location. (iv) The Bidder must demonstratethat have adequate Personnel capabilities of the Bidder (Project manager andSystem architect and software development manager) 5.        Interested eligible bidders may obtain furtherinformation and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from10.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. every working day. 6.        A complete set of Bidding Documents in Englishmay be purchased by interestedbidders on the submission of a written application to the address below andupon payment of a non refundable fee of 100 EUR or equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency. Themethod of payment will be direct deposit to our account: Beneficiary Customer: / 2345800-02010658 Ministarstvo FinansijaCG Projekat MIDAS (za otkup tenderske dokumentacije) 81000 Podgorica,Montenegro;    SWIFT transfers in EUR Field 56A:       SOGEFRPP (Intermediary)SOCIETE GENERALE ?PARIS Field 57A:      (Acc with Inst.) PDBPMEPG Podgorickabanka AD Societe Generale Group Podgorica Field 59:      ME25550005220000032317 (Beneficiary) MinistarstvoFinansija; Podgorica; Montenegro INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT Reference number:MNE-MIDAS-7716-ME-ICB-G-15-2.1.b.11 For LocalPayment Acc. Number: 832-1191-19 The exchange rate to beapplied is theselling exchange rate from the list of the Central Bank of Montenegro,prevailing on the day of payment. The Bidding Documents will be purchased atthe TSU office indicated at the address below. 7.         Bids must be delivered to the addressbelow at or before 13:00 hour local timeon December 11,2015.Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be openedin the presence of the bidders' representatives who choose to attend in personat the address below at 13:05 hour localtime, on December 11, 2015. All bidsmust be accompanied by a BidSecurity in amount of EUR1,500.00 or an equivalentamount in a freelyconvertible currency. 8.         The attention ofprospective Bidders is drawn to (i) the fact that they will be required tocertify in their bids that all software is either covered by a valid license orwas produced by the Bidder and (ii) that violations are considered fraud, whichcan result in ineligibility to be awarded World Bank-financed contracts. Contact information: Ministry of finance-Technical Service Unit Attn: Mr.Mirko Lje?evi?, Procurement officer Adress: Jovana Toma?evi?a bb (Stara zgradaVlade) 81000 Podgorica Crna Gora Tel +382 20 201 695 Fax +382 20 201 698 Email adresa:
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