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Joinery work

Gminne Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne „Eko-Babice” Sp. z o.o. | Published December 12, 2015  -  Deadline January 19, 2016
45421000, 45421100, 45421110, 45421130

The contract is for the supply and installation of joinery exterior - windows, walls curtain, exterior doors, garage doors and cladding of laminated fiber - cement for the construction of a complex of buildings in Zielonki Lots of Stare Babice composed of the Municipal Gymnasium, Centre for Culture and Hall Sports facilities. Object of the contract describes in detail: 1) The design documentation: a) Construction Projects Landscape planning and architecture - construction project, part I Information BIOZ b) Projects Implementing Executive design - architecture - Stage I Project Executive - architecture - Phase II Project Executive - construction ( substructures for curtain walls) Design of teletechnical c) STWiORB - A building - phase I d) STWiORB - building B and C stage II e) STWiORB - telecommunications engineering

Reconstruction and expansion of the water treatment plant in the town of Brzóza, village Glowaczow.

 | Published September 8, 2014  -  Deadline September 23, 2014
45252120, 45232150, 45232430, 45332200

A detailed description of the contract is contained in the documentation which is attached to this ToR: - Design of architectural - engineering - construction project - the executive part of the technological - Sanitary - Landscape planning - Detailed Technical Specifications Performance and Acceptance of Construction Works, Object of the contract includes : Reconstruction and expansion of the water treatment plant in the town of Brzóza, municipality Głowaczów: 1) Construction Technology (including plumbing, piping) - submersible pump raw water pipeline, discharge and suction line - internal installations plumbing. - External technological sewer - Technology Station - Installation of ventilation, -zbiornik retention - generator 2) Construction - demolition works, -very zero - raw state - the state of finishing, - settler backwash water - septic tank - the foundation for reservoir, - fencing - rigid pavements. 3) Electrical works - outdoor lighting - power submersible pump - internal installations - Installation of lightning. In addition, under this contract the Contractor at his own expense is required to: - give a minimum of 3 years warranty for the completed construction works and used to perform the contract materials and construction products - make documentation as-built surveying inventory and return it to the Employer within 30 days of the date of receipt of the work. - Subject of the order should be made of new materials and products for which the Contractor shall provide certificates or certificates of release to service for each request supervisor and forward them to the Purchaser on the date of receipt of the order - after completion of the works, but before the date of their receipt, should organize children's building and return it in good condition, no worse than before the commencement of works, 4 Provisions relating to the project documentation: 1) The Contractor shall comply with the subject of the contract in accordance with the design documentation and as indicated by the designer of technology and in accordance with the principles of technical knowledge, standards, terms of technical execution and delivery of the works, indicated the Employer and the applicable regulations. 2) The Contractor is required to read the project documentation and submit in writing spotted errors or deficiencies that may affect the proper execution of the contract. 3) In case of circumstances render it necessary to make changes in the design documentation Contractor shall notify the Purchaser in writing of this fact within three days from the date of occurrence of / in the circumstances. Do not allow the submission of a tender providing a different way than the performance of the contract specified in the design documentation. 5 The provisions for the implementation of the agreement: Documentation is available in room 12 at the Purchaser. 2) If the design documentation and in the order specification product names used to indicate the manufacturer of the contracting authority permits the use of products equivalent to the corresponding technical parameters specified in the documentation. 3) The Contracting Authority recommends that the Contractor has made the vision of the local terrain, covered by future construction work under this object of the contract in order to familiarize yourself with the terms of the works. 4) Transfer of the site - will take place in the presence of the Contractor, the Contracting Authority and the Supervisor at a time agreed by the parties. 5) The Contractor shall notify the Purchaser in writing of the circumstances which may affect the failure to date of implementation of the contract no later than 7 days from the date of occurrence of / in the circumstances. 6) All cables underground encountered Contractor shall secure. In the event of damage, immediately so notify the Employer, the Superintendent and other stakeholders, and to repair the damage at his own expense. 7) carried out construction work must comply with building regulations, health and safety, fire., Sanitary and environmental regulations, under the supervision of persons who have the power to conduct the work. 881). The Contractor shall be fully liable for any damage caused to third parties as a result of works, from the building site. Subcontracting: 6.1. Employer allows the participation of subcontractors in the implementation of the contract. 6.2. Employer requires the indication by the Contractor in the tender part of the contract he intends to subcontract or a statement of no employment contractors (according to the model annexed to the Form for quotation - est. No. 1 to the ToR). 1 of the Act. 1 of the Act, the Contractor is obliged to prove to the contracting authority that proposed another subcontractor or contractor alone
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