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Elsässerstrasse Areal Parzelle 1-2756, BKP 113 Dismantling of building technology and interior design

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Kantonale Fachstelle für öffentliche Beschaffungen | Published October 7, 2017  -  Deadline November 17, 2017

CPV: 45111000 - demolition, preparation and clearing
Building cost plan number (BKP): 113 - Dismantling


IEC sa Institut pour l’Economie de la Construction | Published June 26, 2015  -  Deadline September 7, 2015

Interior design project of a central unit of Cold Production (UCP) and a logistics platform to extract the central store of the main hospital building (BH) CHUV.

Expansion Pflegimuri - Project Lion BKP 112 demolition

HSSP AG | Published March 24, 2016  -  Deadline April 14, 2016

Demolition of an office building (volume about 10'500m3).
Whole shell (with base plate), incl. Complete household equipment and overall interior design.
Various terminations of exterior walls and express coverings.
Detailed description in the tender documents.

New semi-kindergarten Hansel and Gretel in Rüfenacht

Bauabteilung | Published October 28, 2016  -  Deadline November 28, 2016

The double Kindergarten Hänsel und Gretel in Rüfenacht was realized in the year 1972nd The building fabric, ie, building envelope, interior design, and engineering are in need of renovation. For these reasons, the council of the municipality Worb has decided to implement a replacement building for the double kindergarten and classroom for German as a second language at the old location. The new building is to be based in the summer of 2019.

Bus station running road and civil engineering works

Bau- und Umweltschutzdirektion Kanton Basel-Landschaft Zentrale Beschaffungsstelle | Published October 23, 2014  -  Deadline December 11, 2014

Low / Road: demolition of the existing road, sidewalk, parking the entire Bushofes and space areas around the station building (flooring and Kofferung). Neubaustrasse, bus station, sidewalk, parking and space areas. The areas Bushof and Bahnhofstrasse are mostly created from concrete slabs. New utility lines. Demolition and construction of a small retaining wall. Demolition of SBB-track. Various dismantling and clearing. Create various foundations In interior design, lighting and Busperrondach.

Canton Road No. 13, Bütschwil-Ganterschwil:. Avoidance Bütschwil, Central Tunnel Neudietfurt

Tiefbauamt Kanton St.Gallen | Published August 31, 2015  -  Deadline September 29, 2015

However, the new headquarters tunnel Neudietfurt (Electric Central) includes the shell of this center including their Vorschächte exclusive interior design. The excavation material, securing the excavation, the design of the final state with a riprap / overfill and sealing are also part of the present invitation to tender. Main dimensions: - Excavation loose rock about 1,600 m3 - excavated rock about 1,400 m3 - Tension free anchor in loose ground about 140 pcs - backfill around 1,200 m3 - Reinforced concrete construction about 260 m3 - reinforcement about 40,000. kg - including sealing protective layer about 420 m2

Wall-covering work

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Kantonale Fachstelle für öffentliche Beschaffungen | Published May 19, 2016  -  Deadline June 23, 2016

Interior paint works in laboratory 1096th

Relining the back built on Core & Shell laboratory building model years 1929 1957., 1986

Get interior design is created from scratch in 2016 with flexible walls, plastered surfaces and masonry in the basement. It carried Decorators works and paints in 28 laboratories, laboratory-side rooms, office space and storage rooms and repainting the component 1929 (smooth renovation).

Floor area total of 6200 m 2 , The building is located within the area Bio Park Rosental (Mayfield Areal).

The construction site is located within the area Bio Park Rosental (Mayfield area).

L05721, LG tunnel Riedenberg resumption propulsion

Amt für Nationalstrassenbau | Published July 18, 2014  -  Deadline October 16, 2014

The A9 highway is four lanes Coming out from the Lower Valais to Brig-Glis. The tunnel is part of the section Riedenberg Siders - Gampel. It crosses here as loose rock tunnel an interglacial landslide consisting of silty gravel sands. The landslide material was thoroughly compacted by the fall energy and cemented. In the portal areas of the interglacial landslide of slope debris and a top layer is superimposed. There are mining techniques advanced through the naturally formed cone of Ried Bergs bidirectional separate tunnels. The tubes are constructed double track without a hard shoulder and 451.5m or 587.15m (north or south tube) long. Currently the two tubes are partially created. The north tube was broken at 133m and the south tube of 192m. The blowout preventer made of shotcrete and other support measures (in particular radial jetting columns in sole and parament) of the cavity has been stabilized. The project to resume the advance is based on the statements made during this period new geological findings and the current applicable standards and directives of the SIA and the ASTRA with the following main quantities: excavation and pipe umbrella Forepoling 114 x 8mm, L = 10m = 520m excavation = 102 ' 000fm3 shotcrete with steel fibers, layer thickness 20cm = 27'000m2 GRP anchor = 23'000m steel arch HEB 200 = 1'550t reinforcement = 2'180t concrete U40 = 28'300m3 rear portion excavation bottom = 9'800fm3 demolition concrete and shotcrete = 7 '000m3 steel arch HEB 200 = 550t 770T concrete reinforcement = = 7'600m3 shotcrete = 10,000m2 interior design shotcrete 0-4mm as a seal carrier = 25'700m2 PVC geomembrane 2 mm = 1,022 Tm = 3'155t reinforcement concrete = 25'000m3 plastic fibers Concrix = 56'000kg

Technical devices and the control room.

Swissgrid AG | Published February 12, 2014  -  Deadline April 11, 2014
32323000, 32424000, 39134100, 50340000, 50342000

Swissgrid national company operating the network, plans to set up on the site Prilly-Malley, Flumeaux Route 41, a second control center 24/7. It will serve as the center of redundancy main Swissgrid Control Laufenburg control. The control center of Lausanne has a large rear projection screen LED. This screen will be reused and supplemented with additional modules. In the room of the control center and 2 other rooms, new workstations 24/7 equipped with computer screens and input devices are provided. System computers are outsourced using the matrix KMVA in two rooms of redundant servers. The whole system is controlled by keyboards and the user interface (touch panel). The control center is furnished new height-adjustable tables, more ergonomic for the control room equipped with technical integration spaces. In addition, there joinery and interior fittings. The tender for Technical and devices for control room Lausanne aims to standardize enterprise-wide technical workstations withdrawals KVMA computer system and replace KVMA "existing systems on sites Laufenburg by 11 two workstations and on the BCM site in the Zurich region by 8 workstations. The tender includes the following sub-sections: - large screens with monitor control - withdrawal KVMA and connection matrix computers - programming solutions KVMA - systems integration belonging to third parties - video integration technologies and audio - computer systems integration - programming of control systems - work planning and installation - directions of project and construction - preparation of documentation - implementation of training for users - Hotline 24/7 with maintenance contract - delivery and mounting height-adjustable tables for the control center - Delivery chairs for the control center 24/7 - individual carpentry and interior design
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