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Architectural design services

SZOVA — Szombathelyi Vagyonhasznosító és Városgazdálkodási Zrt. | Published July 13, 2016

Architectural design services

Architectural design services

SZOVA – Szombathelyi Vagyonhasznosító és Városgazdálkodási Zrt. | Published March 24, 2016  -  Deadline May 30, 2016

Architectural design services

Contract award notice - 4_Megvalosithatosagi_tanulmany

SZOVA Szombathelyi Vagyonhasznosító és Városgazdálkodási Zrt. | Published August 26, 2015
BDO Magyarország Hotel és Ingatlan Szolgáltató Kft.

Subject: immediate vicinity of the lake of its services making use of all or part of the local tourism infrastructure preparation and hotels specified in the study, the operator of finding the maximum extent appropriate and substantiating the information available and provide a realistically achievable service offerings synergistic optimum hotel establishment of a feasibility study Quantity: immediate surroundings lake, its services partly or fully exploit the local tourism infrastructure to the maximum extent appropriate and preparation and hotels specified in the study, the operator of exploration available, as well as underlying property offers a realistically achievable service offerings synergistic optimum establishment of a feasibility study on the implementation of the following tasks: feasibility study as defined procurement as the subject taking into account the obligations imposed on the overall procurement specification range of structural and content architecture defined in this subsection compliance with the maximum professionalism which should be ready in such a way that the completed and approved by the contracting study must be suitable to take investment and operation managers decisions. The contractor should follow basic standards set out below, however, allowed to make changes to the individual chapters and sub-chapters address the structural study any allowance for expansion, if technically justified; But not only entitled to - not to leave items of content required by the contracting authority. A feasibility study on the expected structure and content structure: Summary Executive Summary 1.1 the most important components of hotel project proposals 01.02 brief, essential summary of the study results (why was this study, what is the problem to be solved, justification of the hotel building) 1.3 Fit the lake of development programs and ideas Results 1.4 Appraisal Brief Summary 1.5 Operator and financing environment 1.6 Technology - investment advice, Summary Hotel Presentation Presentation of the market environment Szombathely and the region near market demand and supply trends (according to CSO statistics) Szombathely and the region determining hotels in the presentation (opening date, owner, operator, capacity planned and services, key performance indicators estimates, critical remarks) Szombathely and the area of ​​new hotel projects Mapping (planned year of opening, determination developer, operator, number, features rooms) Market gap, hotel development, justification of support, defining the main objectives Location and project evaluation of the proposed project sites presentation, proposing the most suitable placement, SWOT analysis of the planned hotel project opportunities for the presentation of the project justification presentation (economic, trade, logistics, sports, leisure and cultural trends of the town, a short description of the characteristics of the proposed project in connection with the natural and built environment, Analysis of the planned hotel significance) Risk analysis (preparation of market, environmental, etc.) Conceptual design 4.1 professional development program for the planned hotel by following key indicators, along parameters: Description • market positioning against competitors USP (Unique Selling Proposition - a unique selling advantage ) presenting unique ideas, conceptual solutions • Presentation of theme hotel classification (based on the classification system Hotelstars formulated criteria / source: the number of room configurations (room types, floor space) • rooms; • Type of catering, size, capacity, configuration; • Number of conference rooms, configuration, capacity; • wellness / fitness / spa facilities and capacity; • Other services (rental, parking, laundry, business corner, etc.) • Net and gross floor areas, guest rooms and service areas the proportion of aggregate Where contracting requirements on elements determined, which are not included in the Hotelstars classification system, in the event separately subchapter. 4.2 4.1. technical advice based on detailed work program described above, a simplified capital cost estimate (without the proposed location regardless of land purchase), investment advice, pre-- financiers and operators rulings suitable - 3D renderings preparation of a preliminary land use plans, a brief technical description and mass-raising r

Information on the outcome - SIOP-2.2.6-12 / 1B-2013-0014 - "integration of outpatient and inpatient care Markusovszky the University Teaching Hospital in Szombathely and Körmend premises" - to carry out construction works of Körmend site

Markusovszky Egyetemi Oktatókórház | Published May 29, 2015
ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt.
45000000, 45100000, 45200000, 45300000, 45400000

A contract to the SIOP-2.2.6-12 / ID No. 1B-2013-0014, "the integration of outpatient and inpatient care Markusovszky the University Teaching Hospital in Szombathely and Körmend premises" Körmendi site required by implementation of the project construction work at SIOP 2.2.6- 12 / 1B 2013-0014 of SEQ ID NO needed to carry out "outpatient and inpatient care Markusovszky integration of the University Teaching Hospital in Szombathely and Körmend premises" in implementation of the project implementation works as follows: No. 5. below) for the builder. Technically parts of the building organically linked, discussions took place during the planning, but also a necessary co-ordination in the implementation of tasks for the development of the two areas, especially in the front, building engineering, building electricity, and especially to meet the fire regulations. Building Contracting perform evacuation, pass empty Contractor. Architecture: The ground floor of the farm building was constructed in the central part locker room, laboratory block and two medical rooms. (1310m2) I was raised housed in the specialized outpatient, patient recruitment and blood collection office space associated with the premises. (1370m2) in the II-th (775m2) and III-th floor (720m2) in the chronic internal medicine department, IV.-th floor (720m2) and was placed in the surgical department. VI floor (268m2) and mechanical engineering (565m2) loft is located. The building total net usable area of ​​6563m2. The building is full accessibility of reality. Building services engineering, ventilation and air conditioning technology: within the projected water pipes building: under the base lines utility tunnel and the respective levels ceiling, moving above the ceiling, the take-off established for this purpose a vertical shaft, the branch lines are also under the canopy, above the ceiling or in the water equipment downtime than szerelendőek wall. The rainwater evacuation of the building will be constructed separately from the waste water, the use of existing connections. Fresh air ventilation systems control is carried out on the basis of the supply air temperature. Total heat demand: 471 kW. The demand for cooling room of the hospital provide top level specially designed for this purpose compact chillers to be installed. The exhaust air is blown over the roof to the outside. Operating rooms and air-conditioning system serving the premises of the room environment carried out by central air handling units on the roof synth engine casing. The upper and lower operating theaters suction, exhaust service spaces the upper used. Building wiring, weak power: The offices were designed for patient call system areas of the hotel is modern nurse call systems. The HVAC equipment with its own automatic, error signal indicating failure must tableau the dispatcher center. The building gets a new lightning protection equipment to reduce the harmful effects of lightning pulses harmonized surge suppression system will be installed. Issued in the framework of the process design tasks quantities in short, for the facade program: 2750 m2 of facade window installation: 730 m2 Elevator renovations or installation: floor area affected 3 Total net refurbishment 6563 m2 Operating remodeling and renovation: 3 Option items: Office No ARCHITECTURE OPTION 1 TOTAL (aluminum doors and windows surcharge) OPTION 2 TOTAL TARKETT premium grade PVC jacket: OPTION 3 OPTION TOTAL glass cloth wallpaper wall coating 4. All Ages classroom ceiling 5. OPTION TOTAL southwest front ground floor - IV. floor area between wall screens a total of 1-2 as facade cladding design plan premium Architecture Options: ALL ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY BUILDING Building wiring option Medical Services Medical Devices gas 6: 225th § (1) and 6: 226th § rules apply.

Szombathely Diocese dormitory building makeover.

Szombathelyi Egyházmegye | Published November 28, 2014
West Hungária Kft. ; ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. közös ajánlattevők

Szombathely, Táncsics M. u. 48th c. the property was under the existing contract for restructuring of the college building. Szombathely, Táncsics M. u. 48th c. the property was under the existing college building makeover. Transform net area of ​​1,728.71 m2. The transformation includes detailed design documentation, as part of the budget announcement, the building permit and the Offeror all work in accordance with technical comments, which is required for conversion for the full implementation: Architecture Structural Gas supply, central heating and cooling water supply and sewerage Ventilation Installation High Power Low Power Interior Technical comments

Architectural design services

SZOVA – Szombathelyi Vagyonhasznosító és Városgazdálkodási Zrt. | Published April 22, 2017
B3 Építész Stúdió Kft.
71220000, 71222000, 71242000, 71245000, 71247000

"Multifunctional municipal public service sites Szombathely - worth Sardi road" licensee preparation and execution plans. "

for public service company owned by the Municipality of Szombathely, a unified and economically optimal and cost-effective way to operate a central site design, in accordance with the following main parameters:

Central office buildings total useful floor area of ​​1890 sqm.

Workshop, total useful floor area of ​​1873 sqm warehouse.

Automotive repair facilities total useful floor area of ​​777 sqm.

Social buildings total useful floor area of ​​764 sqm.

total useful floor area for outdoor storage, outdoor assembly area is 3369 nm.

Incubator Module total useful area 725 nm.

Bicycle parking and storage design total useful area 2920 nm.

The detailed terms and conditions, requirements included in the technical description, tables and detailed quotation of the draft contract as part of the procurement documents.

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