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Supply engineering and architectural consulting activity - information on the contract award notice

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 14, 2015
Magyar Energia Centrum Kft.
71315210, 71315200

And the quantity of procurement: ongoing professional knowledge generated during the project implementation, participation and Engineering-related architecture and content of final follow up. Expert assistance related to the Project Commissioned by the decisions of the preparation. Expert in design of resolutions concerning participation in the Project and Engineering-architecture, final production, quality documents, in connection with the functional, technical compliance of. Engineering-related architecture and partly produced during the project and effectively ensure product quality. Expert partially related to the resolution design created during the Project and Engineering-architecture or related to the ratio value end products. Resolution of the Project design expert professional contractors charged with implementing the judgment of the contractual performance of products related to the subject of income generated and architecture Engineering-on. Engineering and architectural quality care insurance, decision preparatory activities under a contract (continuous). Documentation: During the delivery of documents to be produced within two (2) pieces of original and printed on one (1) electronic copy of the transfer.

DDOP framework 2.1.1 / B-12-2012-0015 identification number of projects in Pecs Royal Serbian Orthodox Church and the Regional Centre for Religious Art Collection the renovation, expansion and construction of the chapel and bell tower - No. 1. contract modification

Budai Szerb Ortodox Egyházmegye | Published February 25, 2015
45453100, 45232151, 45262690, 45311200, 45331100, 45321000, 45422100

DDOP framework 2.1.1 / B-12-2012-0015 identification number of projects in Pecs Royal Serbian Orthodox Church and the Regional Centre for Religious Art Collection the renovation, expansion and construction of the chapel and bell tower. Quantity: The technical content of 09-9 / 4152-14 / 2012th based on the information registration number valid building permit and the construction plan documentation included. Background: The Diocese for the beginning of 2005 gave a mandate to the center of Pécs church and church art collection building design. Registration historic buildings marked the regulation does not exist, is the only archaeological site under protection. The official site of the full title deed under the Royal Serbian Diocese of property, archaeologically protected lakóház- yard and three farm building was located on it. No. 15 18 597 u. regarding property under the new chapel bell-tower building. Design tasks: The contractor responsible for carrying out the technical content provided on the basis of a valid building permit and construction plans and permits. The archaeological expertise necessary to perform the tasks prior to contractor must provide the necessary time and financial conditions, as well as for specialized tasks should be subject to archaeological institutions authorized to perform the tasks contract. A collection of exhibition space will be renovated premises of the proposed functional architecture and associated specialist mechanical and electrical safety transformations. Floor plan of the building Arche type breakdown of (Sole-Naos-pronaosz-exonartex), while the interior is shaping (archaic cabin and síkmennyezet) and external shaping (archaic Sheet-closing action-store belts) mass archaic (distributed mass and articulated cornice) is a historical quote appearance follows. The detailed technical specifications included in the detailed design architect. The gallery is also the chapel lobby level split toronyalj indoor hallways can be approached as a participant in the liturgy choir members, through the firewall steel staircase with wood paneling along the driveway. The two-storey tower covered saucer and tower room and the open belfry pronounced element of the composition. The building is a mixture of archaic and modernist design, with an emphasis displaying the orthodox elements, endeavoring to use the simple clean shapes. The facade of the chapel liturgical space typically traditional plaster wall architecture, masonry brick cornice with decorative stone and brick paneling, interior and exterior wood doors and windows.

The Galyatetői Creative House Renovation

Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published October 7, 2015
ASTON CONSTRUCTION Építőipari és Szolgáltató Kft.

Design: • Preparation of detailed design documentation. Architecture, building engineering, building electricity, environmental planning: • basement renovation, new doors, female, floor and side villages tuning of the wall has dried promote légpórusos plaster • in some rooms establishment of an independent wet rooms • office space to expand, creating new door installation • mechanical area of ​​the office at the back, • foreground slight expansion, creating new dividing replacement installation • Replacement of toilet room • Expansion chamber demolition, window increasing • façade windows • New internal doors • ceramic tiles • floor coverings • Reconstruction walls, ceilings, plastering and painting • roof thermal insulation • New heating build boilers and Review of indirect-fired boiler • Water-sewer system renovation, new furniture and wireless network • electrical system • drainage design: rainfall canal construction, infiltration creation, building around sidewalks rebuilding yard • building around environmental settlement building floor area in total: 163.95 m 2 Garden area total: 2,699 m2

Szentendre, Danube Promenade II. The pace of the Danube Promenade complex transport, ARCHITECTURAL PLAN APPROVAL AND PUBLIC SUPPORT OF WORK contract modification

Szentendre Város Önkormányzata | Published April 1, 2015
FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt.

Szentendre, Danube Promenade II. The pace of the Danube Promenade complex transport, ARCHITECTURAL PLAN APPROVAL AND PUBLIC SUPPORT OF WORK. Special authority and utility of conducting negotiations documented. The licensing process interaction. The evaluation study plans two copies on paper + 1 digital copy on CD, five copies of the final study plans on paper + 1 digital copy on CD, the licensee plans 2 + 2 copies on paper copies digitally on CD. The CD has delivered written one piece design cost estimate, the main sex work is acknowledged. Consultation availability of public consultation on the plans (on-site engineer 3 days).

City surveillance system expansion results

Szentendre Város Önkormányzata | Published July 24, 2015
"Multi Alarm" Biztonságtechnikai, Fejlesztő, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
35125300, 35125000

BACKGROUND expansion of urban surveillance system architecture of the system should be based on the tender documentation. PLANNING APPROVAL In addition, the construction phase of full implementation, commissioning, preparation of as-built documentation and training of the operating personnel. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION There are 32 pieces of surveillance cameras operating in the system. Bidder should cost up every venue in terms of cameras, fittings, power and wireless networks required for deployment. You need to build an additional workstation in the observation room. The end points must be connected to the transmission grid. INSTALLATION LOCATIONS Szentendre, Railway villas - Spar parking on street Dome Camera Szentendre, Szentlászlói street - Church Street public space a fixed camera Szentendre, gooseberry road on street fixed camera Szentendre, Peach road - Strawberry Street public space a fixed camera in the call OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS LIST AND ITS compliance with the system will be key components: - expansion of the Central Monitoring System 1 NVR and 1 client station by building - Installation of Camera endpoints based on specified criteria - construction of transmission network Wireless Technology Requirements opposite the central elements of the work station must be ergonomically suitable for 12-hour continuous work. The surveillance software upgrade is required to receive adequate The notice must be capable cameras. The required storage capacity must be chosen so that the legislation can ensure adequate recording time in eight days to provide cameras to be expanded. Technical Requirements against the cameras used in lux light sensitivity should be at least 0:07. The lux light sensitivity should be at least 0:05. Power The Power cabling design and conduct of the authorization procedure dealt with by the contractor. Technical Requirements against the transmission network, the transmission network must be designed to obtain the surveillance system signs to the center of the camera. The offer includes the necessary licensure population. The radio transmission network must provide 98% uptime. The wireless network required safety elements: - Password protection programming interface - IP address filtering for remote access - for MAC-level authentication AP and client - using WPA2-PSK encryption Bidder is responsible for power transmission components of energy supply in licensing and the measured or unmeasured electrical Switching network. Helpdesk

Providing marketing services to the EMI image of his own creation - information on the contract award notice

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 2, 2015
Salt Communications Kft.
79340000, 79822500, 72413000

The subject of the public procurement: Graphic Design Full great image renovation and creation of a new corporate identity manual, which includes the following: a logo and mutations, organization and project logos, corporate identity colors, fonts, tanúsítási- and quality indicators Vignette, certification diplomas, business cards, printed stationery, electronic letterheads, envelopes, folders, memo pad, name plate layout, booklet layout, brochures, memo, advertising creative (poster layouts, city lights, billboards), calendars, invitations, paper, mobile advertising tools (roll-up, beachflag) 20-hour availability Ongoing graphic design week in connection with employment, which is used for info graphics, layouts, newsletters, smaller publications, posters, preparing management materials, and office forms or preparation, photography, web design making (EMI website), office brand media image elements displayed on an electronic interface further raised is not included in the corporate identity manual design elements, as well as their manufacture and disposal. Website design and online activities in preparation of the EMI (such as Office) under the new website is complete style guides, which reflects the EMI website aims, values ​​and in line with today's design trends. Work to be undertaken EMI pages: - Develop menu structure negotiations on the basis - the preparation of website content and logical structure - domain (s) sequestration - back office, creating workflows - programming, website coding, - Contents, layout - design tasks - site testing of potential programming and repairing other defects, process accompaniment - making public websites and management / charging surfaces transferring user level - intranet switching, frame by purchasing and commissioning the operation of Websites, online activity and Social Media online activity Full content and website management, weekly, 20-hour availability in connection with employment. Operational tasks related to the EMI website: - webdesign: continuous new and changing content site fitting, customization and updates, - proofreading, proof reading the correct language content compliance. It is based on: - Social Media Management: Create, manage, community page (s) - Campaign Planning and implementation - the establishment of operational structures, creation of system - topics generate reconciliation broadly - the desired tone, setting context is to be used, - advertising campaigns, design, compilation , Running, reporting, - analysis, evaluation, statistics - graphics, creating and editing photos - Continue updating the visual elements in accordance with the corporate identity manuals - articles, receiving content. E-CONSTRUCTION SITE operation of the continuous coor- tasks: as a result of the negotiations, site map and clickable wireframe design and construction. Marketing and Public Relations III / 1. Standing PR and marketing jobs, 10 hours a week in the framework of availability: we want to create awareness of the EMI name, customer base expansion, as well as media relations and other communications by contact, cultivate and develop a corporate identity, brand image. - Branding - Press relations: searching for information resources, a single press relations - press events organization - Presentations preparation, holding, - speech writing, writing other texts - communication training - copywriting: creative copywriting (articles, campaigns texts, bill texts, leads, mottos / slogans, ear texts, speeches, etc.). - creative concept creation, - graphic design, - newsletters, compilation of DM letters, sending out - related to planned professional conference participants and organizing and activating follow-up communication; - vacancies communication possible internship positions to promote college , for universities. Making a newly established project plan Architect Magazine to be included in the project plan: objectives and target groups, messages, frequency of appearance, layout and graphic design, editorial board, the proposal, editing and content creation, workflow description, budget plan
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