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Architectural design services

Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
71220000, 71223000, 71242000

10 200 m² gross floor area. 

to conduct a negotiated procedure without notice in accordance with § 98 (5).

The building design must be borne in mind that the building will be located:

- EMC measurement chamber, whose creation over the next two decades to ensure the NMIAH for supplying current and anticipated tasks of the necessary technical background, taking into account the expected development of the technology;

- Development of server centers, which allows the NMIAH data center reliability, availability and security in terms of reaching the level of Tier-3 class;

- The establishment of laboratories are needed, which are identical number of special shielding, security requirements must be met, and many of them non-standard ceiling height must be developed;

- Develop event center on the top floor of the necessary server rooms;

- The development of staff required for the operation of these functions to accommodate offices;

- Placing vehicles in the building below the surface of the Visegrad street and yard site.

The project will be developed within the framework of the following items, in addition to ongoing demolition operation of the authority:

Breakdown of 900 sq m single storey building (warehouse and workshops).

New construction under the earth's surface (Gross 4800 m²)

- EMC-protected data center, additional facilities, establishment of warehouses approx. 1200 m² gross;

3600 m².

Special requirements: each level high ceilings over 4 m.

New construction circa above the Earth's surface. 5400 m² gross:

- High ceilings (over 10 meters), EMC-protected (screened) measurement chamber;

- 10-12 pieces measurement laboratory (some ceilings and EMC protection between 4-5 meters);

- 120 person capacity event center on the top floor;

- Offices, meeting rooms;

- Warehouses;

- Service areas (cable management, copy machine, toilet, shower etc);

- Construction of a large antenna on the roof rack system.

If the full realization of the functions indicated it would not be in the design mode, you need to reduce the specified office space.

Ideally, the new building is connected to the existing building for passenger traffic, access to the garage and restaurant.

Expectations regarding general architecture:

Green solutions are applied during the planning phase.

The design of the building in such a way as to facilitate the cost-effective and sustainable operation.

The design of the building, where possible, giving a role to the natural ventilation of the premises, ie, the windows can be opened.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

BKK Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017

framework IKOP-3.1.0-15-2016-00008 identification number of projects planned park and ride destination and licensing works, preparation of feasibility studies.

framework IKOP-3.1.0-15-2016-00008 identification number of projects planned park and ride destination and work permit, within the framework of feasibility study:

1 feasibility study (Chapter 5 parts), 4 feasibility study preparation, production and licensing authority licensing 3 pcs design documentation, and 3 construction plan and construction bidding documentation.

sites involved in the procurement exercises and tasks are as follows:

- Békásmegyer P + R parking (377 spaces): feasibility study sites examined.

- Csepel P + R parking (150 spaces): feasibility study, feasibility study, permitting and construction plans, official authorization.

- Mexican Road Park & ​​Ride car park (4-600 seats): feasibility study, feasibility study. The study plan multi-storey underground car park or parking garage, the possibility is examined.

- People's Park & ​​Ride car park (400 spaces): feasibility study, feasibility study, permitting and construction plans, official authorization. A multi-storey car parking building or garage to be placed.

- Újpest City Gate P + R parking (260 spaces): feasibility study, feasibility study, permitting and construction plans, official authorization.

implementation of the project has won the support IKOP BKK, the first step within the framework of the implementation of the project was fixed TSA procured under this procurement process services to carry out the design work.

A detailed technical description includes tasks that are part of the procurement documents.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Magyar Testgyakorlók Köre Budapest | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline April 14, 2017

The development of Kerepesi Sports Park to make way for the 2019 European Maccabi Games Act (Event) central events of sports competitions, cultural and community programs. utóhasznosítási period after the events of the completed facilities mainly in education and youth-serving as well as a competitive sport and leisure sport can be important venues, while excellent opportunities to provide a leisure area for the urban population.

The implementation of the development solution provides several key social responsibility in terms of:

- Successful implementation is also supported by the Government of Events,

- Implementation of city development goals, reuse of brownfield sites, creation of an open action, civic, urban environment for sport and leisure needs playgrounds, outdoor sports surfaces

- Utóhasznosításként of the rising generation and race and facilities for leisure sport creation of related medical services and technical environment that facilities for 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games organized in Budapest excellent training venues, additional sports fields may or accommodation and other service functions are also provided.

Laboratory reagents

Péterfy Sándor Utcai Kórház-Rendelőintézet és Baleseti Központ | Published February 18, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017

Supply of laboratory reagents section 15, test pieces 3,960,213 / year

Part 1: Ammonia test 300 tests / year

Part 2: Test Electrophoresis 300 / year

111 500 tests / year

Part 4: immunochemical analysis test II7300 / year

Part 5: Clinical chemistry test 1.4546 million / year

Part 6: Chemistry and fluids systems and reagents ISE test 1.5086 million / year

Part 7: Haematology test 172 500 / year

Part 8: Coagulation tests test 116 900 / year

Part 9: Test Urine Tests 112500 / year

Part 10: Blood group serology testing vizagálatok10000 / year

Part 11: Chromatographic studies test 20,000 / year

Part 12: Test Preanalitika193000 / year

Part 13: Serological testing and manual testing 13900 / year

Part 14: Toxicological tests 5702 tests / year

Part 15: Test Reagents Microbiology studies 233 111 / year.

Ammonia test: Pocket ARKRAY Chem BA, PA 4130 analyzer, batch 1, 300 Test / y, as follows:

Item 1: Ammonia definition plasma test 300 / year.

Electrophoresis SEBIA electrophoresis apparatus, batch 1, 300 Test / y, as follows:

1.tétel: Se electrophoresis, 300 tests / year.

Architect Abbott unit, lot 35, 11,500 tests / year, as follows: Lot 1: Digoxin, 300 tests / year, lot 2: FSH 2200 tests / year, lot 3: LH 2200 tests / year, 4 . composition: Prolactin, 2500 tests / year, lot 5: estradiol, test 2200 / year, lot 6: breadsticks gonads human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), 1000 tests / year, lot 7: Cytomegalovirus IgG test 1000 / year , item 8: Cytomegalovirus IgM 1000 tests / year, lot 9: Carcina-embryonic antigen (CEA), 3500 tests / year, 10 items: CA 15-3, 2200 tests / year, 11 items: CA 125 2200 tests / year, 12 items: CA 19-9, 2500 tests / year, 13 items: AFP (tumor marker), 1500 tests / year, 14 items: Total PSA test 5,000 / year, item 15: Free PSA test 2000 / year, item 16: Toxoplasma IgM 1000 tests / year, item 17: Toxoplasma IgG test 1000 / year, 18 items: vitamin B12, 1500 tests / year, 19 items: Troponin I, 5000 tests / year, 20 items: Folic 1500 tests / year, 21 items: CK-MB (mass measurement), 500 tests / year, item 22: Myoglobin, 1800 tests / year, 23 items: homocysteine, 500 tests / year, item 24: Cortisol, 1000 tests / year, 25 items: Progesterone, 2200 tests / year, 26 items: Testosterone, 2500 tests / year, item 27: TSH, test 35,000 / year item 28: Open-T3, 8000 tests / year, 29 items: Free T4 test 15,000 / year, item 30: Syphilis TP, 200 tests / year, item 31: HCV AT 1000 tests / year, 32 . composition: HBsAg, 1000 tests / year, 33 items HIV half of 1000 tests / year, item 34 SCC 300 tests / year, 35. Item: anti-CCP test is 200 / year.

Construction work

Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zártkörűen működő Részvénytársaság | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017
45000000, 45200000, 45212314

Determination of the contract: Framework agreement, the second phase of the framework agreement procedure of a contract.

Subject: ". The conclusion of a framework agreement related to the MNV tasks to perform construction works".

framework agreement related to the MNV Zrt.'s tasks to perform construction work, the allocation (net 40 billion HUF) last.

Expected main works: In particular, but not being limited to protected monuments building sites: building construction work, complete renovation / remodeling / reconstruction (structural engineering, architecture, engineering, strong and weak electricity, elevators, exterior works, facade and roof insulation, window replacement, heat and waterproofing systems, solar collectors and solar systems construction, preservation, restoration), the restoration works, parking garage, other civil engineering works where appropriate, special civil engineering technology (piling and diaphragm wall), existing buildings, renovation / conversion, new building (for industrial / public building) construction may have.

Part Bidding is not possible, with regard to:

Based are ordered by MNV Zrt high character works as a general rule based on this framework agreement award procedure.; In this circle were three people in order to ensure both greater competition - tendering procedure had been determined - based on race újranyitásán. Thus, indirectly, the performance of the framework agreement broken down into several parts, ie, default by a number of undertakings as possible. tasks do not belong to this group of MNV Zrt. - the investment activities of maritime administrations - separate procurement procedures to award, given that it is to bring more opportunity for the operator to perform a task.

Museum construction work

Budapesti Történeti Múzeum | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017
45212313, 45221250, 45261400, 45400000, 39150000

The Budapest History Museum Kiscelli necessary for the development of the Museum of general contractor to carry out works within the framework of a contract.

The development objective of the contracting authority's premises (Kiscelli Museum) under monumental protection 'properties achieved works, spaces under the building background color spatial structure transformation, revitalization, and the exhibition and storage space expansion, an intervention that preserves the value of the building is best.

3-level underground structure to be met in the semi-open historic buildings, it comes under the South Station.

interventions to be implemented: the rock cellar restoration, turning the museum visitors of Transportation, the southern courtyard of the sziklapincéhez aláépítése related and ancillary works, the ground floor of the historic building wing cross modernization of spaces receiving visitors.

The construction and renovation of areas affected / capita:

Ground floor: 266.12 m².

Pince1: 875.41 m².

Pince2: 460,00 m².

Deep Basement: 1 236.23 m².

Total: 2 837.76 m².

Key implementation challenges:

- CFA pile wall production technology,

- NA 600 meter pile in 1160,

- NA 800 710 m piles,

- Concrete Drilling,

- Making Talajhorgonyok 117 pieces,

- Jet grouting works

- Manufacturing of Reinforced Soil Blocks 405 m³,

- Handling and removal of reactive m³ in 1074,

- Jet during the preparation of the building columns, Dmin = 100 cm, 665 m,

2 layers. ironing, 528 m²

- Torkrétbetonos strengthening and renovation of an existing masonry wells,

- Dewatering during construction collector roads,

- Leaky building system

- Excavation and disposal 13 600 m³,

- Síkalapozás,

- Reinforced concrete structure building,

- Insulation against rainwater 1330 m²

- Groundwater pressure against teknőszigetelés 1120 m² 2119 m² horizontal and vertical surfaces,

- Walk-green roof and heat and soundproofing of 1248 m²,

- Installation of metal objects and rolling rack storage system with fixed lines,

- Public utility installation, rainwater harvesting, waste water, domestic water, fire water, heating and cooling in the property business,

- Water supply and sanitation,

- Heating and cooling,

- Ventilation, smoke ventilation,

- Sprinkler equipment

- Sprinkler reservoir 36.5 m³,

- Power supply power, lighting, control (KNX / EIB), lightning protection, jobs

- Weak current networks (fire detection, video monitoring, Burglar, Access Control System, IT network, multi-functional hall)

- Building automation works,

- Multi-purpose exhibition space, warehouse work of art, restoration workshop, visitors WC, space travel and space engineering teams design,

- Additional master builder and finishing works in the historic wing connection,

- 3x6-meter sized openings glazed surface leadókapu, mechanical chain hoist,

- 4 630 kg capacity passenger elevators,

- 1 x 2000 kg capacity and passenger-freight elevator,

- 2 hydraulic door

- Environmental planning, landscape architecture and garden work.

Contractor (contractor performing the contract) must works to which the contract qualitative and quantitative definitions set out in the tender documents, according to implement the relevant legislation, standards and other requirements and compliance with quality requirements in addition.

30.) Govt. § 46 (3)].

Technical description Chapter and the technical annexes to the tender documents contain.

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