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Architectural design services

Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
10 200 m² gross floor area. 

to conduct a negotiated procedure without notice in accordance with § 98 (5).

The building design must be borne in mind that the building will be located:

- EMC measurement chamber, whose creation over the next two decades to ensure the NMIAH for supplying current and anticipated tasks of the necessary technical background, taking into account the expected development of the technology;

- Development of server centers, which allows the NMIAH data center reliability, availability and security in terms of reaching the level of Tier-3 class;

- The establishment of laboratories are needed, which are identical number of special shielding, security requirements must be met, and many of them non-standard ceiling height must be developed;

- Develop event center on the top floor of the necessary server rooms;

- The development of staff required for the operation of these functions to accommodate offices;

- Placing vehicles in the building below the surface of the Visegrad street and yard site.

The project will be developed within the framework of the following items, in addition to ongoing demolition operation of the authority:

Breakdown of 900 sq m single storey building (warehouse and workshops).

New construction under the earth's surface (Gross 4800 m²)

- EMC-protected data center, additional facilities, establishment of warehouses approx. 1200 m² gross;

3600 m².

Special requirements: each level high ceilings over 4 m.

New construction circa above the Earth's surface. 5400 m² gross:

- High ceilings (over 10 meters), EMC-protected (screened) measurement chamber;

- 10-12 pieces measurement laboratory (some ceilings and EMC protection between 4-5 meters);

- 120 person capacity event center on the top floor;

- Offices, meeting rooms;

- Warehouses;

- Service areas (cable management, copy machine, toilet, shower etc);

- Construction of a large antenna on the roof rack system.

If the full realization of the functions indicated it would not be in the design mode, you need to reduce the specified office space.

Ideally, the new building is connected to the existing building for passenger traffic, access to the garage and restaurant.

Expectations regarding general architecture:

Green solutions are applied during the planning phase.

The design of the building in such a way as to facilitate the cost-effective and sustainable operation.

The design of the building, where possible, giving a role to the natural ventilation of the premises, ie, the windows can be opened.

Landscape architectural services

Bányavagyon-hasznosító Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2017

Disused mine deep drilling for full reclamation of mining 2017th

A detailed description of the tasks found in the tender documents.

8 pieces kútkörzet reclamation. During the execution should be carried out (given the estimated quantities of data) in the following works:

- Improving access roads, reinforcement (3970 m²)

- Excavation beside mine (160 m³)

- Space Concrete, deep base, breaking the wells (830 solid m³)

- Concrete debris loading (up and down) (1430 loose m³)

- Delivery of concrete fragments (loose m³ * 28 520 km)

- Placing Concrete Debris (1430 m³)

- Sand, green waste, subsoil, waste loading (up and down) (80 m³)

- Sand, green waste, subsoil, transportation garbage (1500 km * m³)

- Sand, green waste, subsoil, waste disposal (80 m³)

- Hazardous-waste extraction drilling mud (100 m³ of solid)

- Premises licensed hazardous-waste drilling mud removal (2700 km * loose m³)

- Hazardous-waste disposal of drilling mud (200 m³ loose)

- Sol Price material supply (930 solid m³)

- Sol loading (up and down) (1286 loose m³)

- Sol transport (28 130 km * loose m³)

- Deposited land leveling, landscaping (1620 m²)

- Agro Technical reclamation, land-use planning (8060 m);

- No extraction of contaminated soil and restore (100 m³)

- Felling, felling (0.4 ha)

- Head Pipe transformation (csőelvágás, pipe caps manufactured, pressure gauge, needle valve equipment) ( "0")

- Control laboratory test sample (28 pieces)

- Restoring the original condition of the approach route (3970 m²)

- Zöldkár (7380 m²)

- Soil Conservation Plan (to be laying, ground) 8,

- Replacement or conversion (csőelvágás, pipe caps manufactured, pressure gauge, needle valve equipment) The head tube is recognized based on the actual amount.

Architectural design services

Testnevelési Egyetem | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 3, 2017

Contract for the new campus of the University of Physical Education, and the associated sports facilities, hotels and service units II. the pace of supply planning (licensee and export) works.

Contract for the new campus of the University of Physical Education, and the associated sports facilities, hotels and service units II. the pace of supply planning (licensee and export) works.

The University of Physical Education sport institutions, sports facilities, dormitories, student hostels, sports hotel, integrated lab, as well as optional item details contained in the preparation under the existing listed building A10 building of converting necessary for implementation outline plans licensee design documentation and detailed design documentation part of the documentation planning program.

) preparation of the plans listed below:

- Plan program,

- Preparation of technical studies,

- Preparing the draft plan,

- Construction plans and licensing authority licensing, including the restoration of monuments associated with each additional scientific documentation that has not been transferred to Customer,

- Tender plans,

- Preparation of all necessary technology plans (lab technology, sports technology, educational technology, wellness technology)

- Filing, plans obligation,

- Implementation plans (demolition and building all disciplines)

- Renewable energy and efficiency test plans

- Conservation consultation,

- Designer's leadership.

b) the preparation of any plan described in point a) the applicable laws, rules and regulations and in accordance with industry-specific standards chamber, as well as the general and recognized rules of Hungarian standards, guidelines, taking into account the requirements of design and construction is done.

Buildings of particular historical or architectural interest

Pallas Athéné Domus Animae Alapítvány | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 15, 2017
located at Boat Street 1, 14357th plot numbers, complete finishing construction works of monumental 16025th registration number registered in the villa for the establishment of an art gallery and restaurant facilities II. the pace of the framework contract for design and construction. 

The main work of the currencies of the construction work to be carried out as follows:

- Construction of technical theater system

- On-site concrete and reinforced concrete works,

- Plastering and rabicolás,

- Dry construction,

- Substrate preparation, preparation of cold and hot pavement,

- Wooden and plastic construction positioning

- Placing metal doors and building structure,

- Glazing,

- Finishes,

- Insulation,

- Placing Mobilia,

- Installation of elevators,

- Installation of plumbing equipment and accessories,

- Integrated transport and lifting equipment installation,

- Heavy- and light-current works,

- Water, sewage, heating, ventilation and air-technical works,

- Architectural works,

- Construction staging system.

The main currencies of the work carried out design works as follows:

- The completion of detailed design documentation, a uniform structure -kidolgozása,

- The fire alarm network,

- A structured network,

- The audio-visual systems,

- IT systems

- Security systems,

- The kitchen technology works,

- The building automation systems,

- Heat and smoke control systems,

- Designer's leadership.

The contractor is also responsible for operations under the real new feature for official procedures required permit for the acquisition of personal involvement by the Customer.

The details of the tasks to be undertaken include the procurement documents and technical documentation.

Lot number Address of the property covers an area of ​​project elements.

14357 2 444 m² Villa TAAAT and terrace.

Building basic data.

Building a named function: gallery exhibition space, restaurant.

built-up over the background color: 654 m² (26.75%).

built-up during the background color: 1 475 m² (60.37%).

Net floor space:

- Level -2: 283 m² + 76 m² refrigerator house,

- Level -1: 440 m² + 22 m² refrigerator house,

- Level 0: 1019 m² + 81 m² outdoor cloister, (u boat.)

- Level +1 (King's stairs): 467 m² + 635 m² terraces, green roofs,

- +2 Level: 287 sqm + 42 sqm balcony,

- +3 Level (Hunyadi J. Street): 287 sqm + 12 sqm balcony,

- Attic: 142 m²,

- Total: 2 925 m² + 868 m² outdoor space.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Csepeli Városfejlesztési és Gazdaságfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

Implementation of the Unified licensing, export planning services.

The customer's core interests, taking into account the runoff conditions, the water yields and quantities stored (probabilities) reasonably and cost-effectively manage the course of planning.

Part 1: Gyöngyvirágos road trip I Fenyves, ivy Road I, II ivy road. road, pavement and construction of green space and drainage, as well as the road Fenyves II. Csalitos Csalitos public road and drainage design of a total of 2230 m long.

The customer's core interests, taking into account the runoff conditions, the water yields and quantities stored (probabilities) reasonably and cost-effectively manage the course of planning.

Part 2:. Damjanich út 29-31, Forester public, gently sloping street bekanyarodva the Meter Street, Tiborc street bekanyarodva the Vesszősfia Street, Wild Dove Street, Perch Street and Mosquito street road, sidewalks and green space construction and drainage design of 2205 m length.

Approval plans, working drawings and specifications

MTA Kísérleti Orvostudományi Kutatóintézet | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

necessary for the performance of the IEM premises to be established a new research building full design, architecture, Structures laboratories, offices and develop other service areas on and the new building is full of technology and comfort engineering and full electrical energy and building automation 1 design concept, 1 evaluation plan , preparation of all necessary design plan and detailed design documentation for one piece design framework agreement.

Bidder is required for each task, complete and correct to the applicable regulations building construction design, detailed design, preparation of technical specifications, which required a total of about 7000-8000 m² net floor area of ​​research building construction, about 3500-4000 m² lab.

The IEM premises to be established a new research building full design, architecture, structures, supplying laboratories, offices and develop other service areas on and the new building is full of technology and comfort engineering and full electrical energy and building automation need one piece design concept, 1pc evaluation plan , preparation of all licensing and 1 tervs construction design documentation for planning framework contract.

Bidder is required for each task, complete and correct to the applicable regulations building construction design, detailed design, preparation of technical specifications, which required about a 7000-8000 research m²összes net floor area building construction, about 3500-4000 m² lab.

Custom software development services

Országos Nyugdíjbiztosítási Főigazgatóság | Published January 18, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017

"Creating and related services Single Supply System (ALS)."

Uniform Supply System (EER) Design and construction, and operation-support system.

750 000 transactions take place.

The tasks include systems development across the full operating range of ONYF process reengineering (BPR: analysis and optimization), or performing administration tasks organization with the new operating model, including the preparation of technical proposals for the necessary legislative changes as well.

System design jobs after the administration organizational tasks include designing the entire system architecture (hardware, software components), including the addition of support for the administrative functions that support the operation of software applications design environment.

to be performed within the implementation phase of activities included in the finished installation of software licenses required for the modification of software components currently in operation, preparation and integrate these components in the new unified system architecture for new applications.

All software required for the safe, cost-effective and user-friendly operation of the system components to design, supply and integration of the system includes the development of terms of reference.

The introduction of customer agreed to conduct testing and making the required user and operator training.

Results Product (s):

EER Uniform Supply System integrated information system transferred to the Customer-tested state encompassing the final bid-winning supplier of software components formulated, related documentation and training required for the use and operation.

Product list for partial fulfillment of the industrial and entrepreneurial award in accordance with section assigned to be clarified during the negotiations, and contracts made on the basis of the winning bid will be recorded in the Annex.


Process Assessment, Process and transfer of technology and planning of results, software tools needed for development delivery, preparation and delivery of pilot schemes planned for the first phase.


The transfer of test development operation.

Végteljesítés: 24 months after the treaty enters into force, but not later than 6 weeks prior to the first day of the current date of the project is in sharp physical closing of the transfer operation of the entire system EER (now closing date of the project 31.12.2018.).

a detailed description about the expectations contained in the technical specification.

Information systems and servers

Országos Nyugdíjbiztosítási Főigazgatóság | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

Under the KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15 code project "Purchase of new IT tools necessary for the proper administration of regional processes, the introduction of changes, expansion of existing assets."

3 IFL.

12 x 8 GB of RAM.

2 OSA-Express 10GbE port 1.

The recommended hardware elements of that equipment must be usable without any additional expense.

Bidder is responsible for on-site commissioning.

Equivalent products megajánlása possible in this case to demonstrate equivalence in the offer is required.

planning Contracting the use of two-site operational model in order to ensure high availability, the case that solutions to achieve maximum computing capacity and optimal utilization of space possible, enabling high server density is the goal, so contracting the case of application servers servers in the frame waiting for an offer.

The reason for this architecture, the following main elements waiting for an offer:

It is important that these elements should be fully usable without any additional expense ONYF architecture.

The reason is that we want to expand the existing hardware components and their utilization is maximized.

2 has to be, until 6 expanded to) Ethernet connections, have at least 2 x 16Gbps SAN connectivity (upgradeable be four connections), PCIe adapters to be expandable I / O capacity, if needed to ensure the virtualization layer high availability, integrated solution support.

The current ONYF architecture must be usable without any additional expense.

The product is at least 24 pieces of two-processor server should provide three years of follow-up.

As virtualized server operating system with an unlimited number of executable ( "unlimited guest").

Up to 400 meters range capable of signal transmission (4700MHz * km (OM4)).

a detailed description about the expectations contained in the technical specification.

Warranty: 3 year manufacturer's addition site, 7/24, and availability, guaranteed within 24 hours of troubleshooting.

Equivalent products megajánlása possible to demonstrate equivalence Bidder task.

PDUs) provide.

Bidder is responsible for on-site commissioning and contracting professionals to prepare for operation.

To ensure such high availability Contracting plans to use two-site operation model, pursuant to which offer is waiting two, that is, two storage system.

Requirements storage system requirements and functionalities per site:

- Providing at least 150TB gross space, 1 pair of nodes, SAS drives, up to 600GB capacity plates built.

- The total storage area required to provide a minimum gross 6,8TB capacity SSD with headquarters.

- Each node of at least 16 pairs of 16Gbps storage network connectivity, redundant connect.

- Must have a redundant, active-active controller.

- Should be a way to ensure high availability disk during operation, control and power exchange.

The functions of the entire storage area must be licensed.

- Must have a web (GUI) and command-line management interface.

- Be able to work in a cluster up to 4 nodes pair as well.

- Must have an internal battery to protect the cache memory.

- Be able to manage up to 2PB data node pairs.

- Node pair can be used up to 20 branch expansion as well.

- At least 12Gbps-inch redundant data connection between the controller and the expansion drawer.

- Node pair to be connected to up to 504 drives.

- The storage system must be able SAS (12GB / s and 6Gb / s) and NL-SAS disk technology and SSD devices to treat or even within the same account.

- Support the RAID following modes: RAID0, 1, 5, 6, 10th

If a license is required Tiering With the recommended system includes the full spectrum licenses in the area.

- 128GB cache / node pair.

- The solution features a secure online storage level (inline) compression (compression), with the support of dedicated hardware to compress the license if necessary, the recommended system includes a license for the entire storage area.

The functions of the entire storage area must be licensed.

Thin Provisioning technology.

- Ensure the storage system level virtualization -> logic-level representation of the physical layer, which covers the hardware limitations of use and flexible service.

- It must be possible with other virtualization FC-based storage devices, so that they become manageable capacity / usable / kiajánlhatóvá within the storage system.

- A system to enable FC-based storage means of migration to other manufacturers, in order to make quick and easy reloading.

The expectations conn

Construction work for buildings relating to education and research

Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

"- MOME Creative Innovation and Knowledge Park Campus -" investment project is the third element of construction general contracting contract.

The present public procurement procedure "MOME Campus - Innovation and Creative Knowledge Park" as part of the performance-related element of the investment is the third project construction and demolition jobs general construction contract.

Each building forms a separate unit that can be handled separately in the schedule, separate start and end dates.

construction works of the backbone networks of public utilities, internal road network and landscape architecture related is always connected to the pace of the first to be implemented in such a way that the buildings realized the potential future pace and accompanying parts of the territory of rain utility and road networks will be connected to be, but the previously completed building operation is ensured.

Description - "Creative Innovation and Science Park Campus MOME design" buildings under the investment project is the third element

Academic wing of the building (gross floor area: 7071 sq m): The building is to be held, utilization of renewal, transformation is possible.

Academic Wing, Building B (gross floor area: 4392 sq m): demolished, site of the new building is built.

Gondűző villa (gross floor area of ​​329 m²): The building is a national monument protection, recovery is possible refurbishment.

Knowledge Center: The current site of the college built a new building.

Knowledge Center MOME heart and buildings combined gross floor area: 6369 m².

The car traffic plays a minor role compared pedestrian access between the buildings and outdoor functions, where appropriate, establishment of mixed traffic, green concrete way possible.

"MOME Campus - Creative Innovation and Knowledge Park" project implemented in buildings of the same date, the gross floor area of ​​18 160 sqm.

Outdoor area features: 13 291 m².

For detailed information on the subject of government procurement include the procurement documents.

Construction work

Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zártkörűen működő Részvénytársaság | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

Determination of the contract: Framework agreement, the second phase of the framework agreement procedure of a contract.

Subject: ". The conclusion of a framework agreement related to the MNV tasks to perform construction works".

framework agreement related to the MNV Zrt.'s tasks to perform construction work, the allocation (net 40 billion HUF) last.

Expected main works: In particular, but not being limited to protected monuments building sites: building construction work, complete renovation / remodeling / reconstruction (structural engineering, architecture, engineering, strong and weak electricity, elevators, exterior works, facade and roof insulation, window replacement, heat and waterproofing systems, solar collectors and solar systems construction, preservation, restoration), the restoration works, parking garage, other civil engineering works where appropriate, special civil engineering technology (piling and diaphragm wall), existing buildings, renovation / conversion, new building (for industrial / public building) construction may have.

Part Bidding is not possible, with regard to:

Based are ordered by MNV Zrt high character works as a general rule based on this framework agreement award procedure.; In this circle were three people in order to ensure both greater competition - tendering procedure had been determined - based on race újranyitásán. Thus, indirectly, the performance of the framework agreement broken down into several parts, ie, default by a number of undertakings as possible. tasks do not belong to this group of MNV Zrt. - the investment activities of maritime administrations - separate procurement procedures to award, given that it is to bring more opportunity for the operator to perform a task.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Országos Rendőr-főkapitányság | Published January 3, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

-RUTIN A contract (road police information system) module to develop mobile applications KÖFOP-1.0.0 - Applications context of VEKOP-15 "Innova" project.

The development was supported by the necessary routine use on all platforms achieved, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps are both required for turn-by-turn navigation, integrated native support.

navigation solution according to the subject of acquisition shall be pursued majority of client-server architecture (off-board navigation), ie the services required (map service, routing, geocoding) on ​​the server side, and client-side applications to map and route satisfying display of user interactions manage and navigate to the path done.

The developed system of road incidents and traffic restrictions related management must provide the National Police present system of direct integration or to ensure receipt supplied by third parties and road events, and of course planning to take account of the route, as well as a web application in cinematography assist.

During the development of ROUTINE application and server environment will be expanded:

- Off-board navigation,

- The National Police outside traffic affects the ability to receive information,

- During navigation traffic events on the vehicle's path by signaling

- In the vicinity of the oncoming vehicle navigation specially marked vehicles running "detection" and the driver of alerts.

During development, the goal is not only to third-party services traffic information, but also to further develop a mobile application that uses this information to citizens and is also used for this application.

activities to be undertaken by the contractor:

- System Development,

- Testing,

- Education,

- Support.

the provision of related services:

- Conveyor side project management,

- Participation in the handover process,

- Participation in the pilot plant.

The documents to be delivered:

- Logical and physical system design,

- Test plan

- Operating manual

- user manual,

- Documentation of education,

- Education Plan

- Teaching aids.

A detailed technical description included in other public documents.

Availability of other public documents:

The tender offer documents from at least one contractor or subcontractor named in the offer to be electronically reach of the procurement documents and receipt of the acceptance statement must show that the sending e-mail to the expiry of the tender deadline.

Tentative procurement:

KÖFOP-contracting 1.0.0 - "Innova" Project proposals can be submitted in the framework VEKOP-15 calls for proposals and contracting demand for assistance has been receiving, acceptance of the amount needed are small or considered to be a circumstance for which the procedure is declared ineffective .

Based on (12) of § 135 of the implementation phase of the Managing Authority approval conditional contract for the entry into force of the Grant Contract.

Provision of digital communication services

Det Europæiske Institut for Innovation og Teknologi | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 2, 2017

Formålet med denne rammekontrakt er at indgå kontrakt med en virksomhed specialiseret i digitale kommunikationer om at dække alle EIT's behov med hensyn til digitale medietjenester med følgende ansvarsområder:

— teknisk vedligeholdelse

— webhosting (serverforvaltning)

— statistikrapporter

— bistand til migration til næste udbyder

— risikostyring

— undervisning

— revision af det nuværende websted (under hensyntagen til eksistensen af et netværk af websteder knyttet til EIT)

— webprojektstyring

— webarkitektur/-navigering

— webdesign

— webudvikling/-programmering

— integration af indhold/data

— tests

— iværksættelse af nyt websted

— udvikling og løbende forbedringer baseret på brugerbehov og nye digitale udviklinger

— revision af sociale medier, rådgivning og undervisning

— vidensdeling om udvikling af nye funktioner og kampagner for EIT's/videns- og innovationsfællesskabers sociale medier

— indkøb af tjenesteydelser inden for sociale medier

— programmering i forbindelse med sociale medier

— EIT's nyhedsbrev

— SEO (søgemaskineoptimering)

— udformning af begivenheder

— datavisualisering

— andre specifikke udviklinger

— indkøb af domæne

— udvikling af mobilwebsteder

— indkøb af yderligere værktøjer

— rapporter eller revisioner.

Ziel dieses Rahmenvertrags ist die Beauftragung eines Unternehmens, das sich auf die Bereitstellung digitaler Kommunikation spezialisiert hat, um alle Bedürfnisse des EIT im Bereich digitaler Mediendienste abzudecken. Dies umfasst folgende Aufgaben:

— technische Wartung,

— Web-Hosting (Server-Management),

— Statistikberichte,

— Unterstützung bei der Migration zum nächsten Anbieter,

— Risikomanagement,

— Schulung,

— Prüfung der aktuellen Website (unter Berücksichtigung eines vorhandenen Netzes von EIT-verbundenen Websites),

— Web-Projektmanagement,

— Web-Architektur/-Navigation,

— Web-Design,

— Web-Entwicklung/-Programmierung,

— Integration von Inhalten/Daten,

— Tests,

— Einführung einer neuen Website,

— Entwicklung und kontinuierliche Verbesserungen auf Grundlage des Bedarfs der Benutzer und neuer digitaler Trends,

— Prüfung, Beratung und Ausbildung in Verbindung mit sozialen Medien,

— Weitergabe von Wissen über die Entwicklung neuer Funktionen und Kampagnen bezogen auf die Nutzung sozialer Medien durch das EIT/KIC,

— Beschaffung von Diensten für soziale Medien,

— Programmierung sozialer Medien,

— EIT-Newsletter,

— Suchmaschinenoptimierung (search engine optimisation — SEO),

— Veranstaltungsplanung,

— Datenvisualisierung,

— andere spezifische Entwicklungen,

— Domain-Beschaffung,

— Entwicklung mobiler Websites,

— Beschaffung zusätzlicher Werkzeuge,

— Berichte oder Prüfungen.

The purpose of this framework contract is to engage a company specialising in digital communications to cover all the EIT's needs in terms of digital media services with the following responsibilities:

— technical maintenance,

— Web hosting (server management),

— statistical reports,

— assistance with migration to next provider,

— risk management,

— training,

— audit of the current website (taking into account the existence of a network of EIT-related websites),

— Web project management,

— Web architecture/navigation,

— Web design,

— Web development/programming,

— content integration/integration of data,

— testing,

— launch of new website,

— evolution and continuous improvements based on user needs and emerging digital trends,

— social media audit, consulting and training,

— knowledge sharing on development of new features and campaigns for EIT/KIC social media,

— purchase of social media services,

— social media programming,

— EIT newsletter,

— search engine optimisation (SEO),

— event design,

— data visualisation,

— other specific developments,

— domain purchase,

— mobile website development,

— purchase of additional tools,

— reports or audits.

El propósito del presente contrato marco es contratar una empresa especializada en el ámbito de las comunicaciones digitales para cubrir todas las necesidades del EIT en materia de servicios de medios digitales, con las siguientes funciones:

— mantenimiento técnico,

— alojamiento web (gestión del servidor),

— informes estadísticos,

— asistencia en la migración al siguiente proveedor,

— gestión de riesgos,

— formación,

— auditoría del sitio web actual (teniendo en cuenta la existencia de una red de sitios web relacionados con el EIT),

— gestión de proyectos web,

— arquitectura/navegación web,

— diseño web,

— desarrollo/programación web,

— integración de contenidos y datos,

— pruebas,

— puesta en marcha del nuevo sitio web,

— evolución y mejoras permanentes sobre la base de las necesidades de los usuarios y las tendencias emergentes en el ámbito digital,

— auditoría, consultoría y formación en materia de medios de comunicación social,

— intercambio de conocimientos sobre el desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades y campañas para los medios de comunicación social del EIT/CCI,

— adquisición de servicios de medios de comunicación social,

— programación de medios de comunicación social,

— boletín de noticias del EIT,

— optimización de buscadores (SEO),

— diseño de eventos,

— visualización de datos,

— otros desarrollos específicos,

— adquisición del dominio,

— desarrollo de sitios web móviles,

— adquisición de herramientas adicionales,

— informes o auditorías.

Tämän puitesopimuksen tarkoituksena on digitaaliseen viestintään erikoistuneen yrityksen palkkaaminen Euroopan innovaatio- ja teknologiainstituutin (EIT) kaikkien digitaaliseen mediaan liittyvien tarpeiden täyttämiseksi. Yrityksen on vastattava seuraavista:

— tekninen ylläpito,

— verkkosivustojen isännöinti (palvelimen hallinnointi),

— tilastolliset raportit,

— avustaminen seuraavaan tarjoajaan siirtymisessä,

— riskien hallinta,

— koulutus,

— nykyisen verkkosivuston tarkastus (ottaen huomioon EIT:hen liittyvien verkkosivustojen kokonaisuuden olemassaolon),

— verkkohankkeiden hallinnointi,

— verkkoarkkitehtuuri/navigointi,

— verkkosuunnittelu,

— verkkokehittäminen/ohjelmointi,

— sisällön/tietojen integrointi,

— testaaminen,

— uuden verkkosivuston julkaiseminen,

— kehitys ja jatkuvat parannukset käyttäjien tarpeiden ja nousevien digitaalisten kehityssuuntausten perusteella,

— sosiaalista mediaa koskevat tarkastukset, konsultointi ja koulutus,

— tietämyksen jakaminen uusien toimintojen kehittämisestä ja EIT:n / osaamis- ja innovaatioyhteisön (knowledge and innovation community – KIC) sosiaalista mediaa koskevista kampanjoista,

— sosiaalista mediaa koskevien palvelujen hankinta,

— sosiaaliseen mediaan liittyvä ohjelmointi,

— EIT:n uutiskirje,

— hakukoneoptimointi (search engine optimisation – SEO),

— tapahtumien suunnittelu,

— tietojen visualisointi,

— muut erityiset kehitykset,

— verkkotunnusten hankinta,

— mobiiliverkkosivustojen kehittäminen,

— täydentävien työkalujen hankinta,

— raportit tai tarkastukset.

L'objectif du présent contrat-cadre est de faire appel à une société spécialisée dans les communications numériques afin de répondre à l'ensemble des besoins de l'EIT sur le plan des services de médias numériques et qui sera chargée des tâches suivantes:

— maintenance technique,

— hébergement sur Internet (gestion de serveurs),

— rapports statistiques,

— aide à la migration vers le fournisseur suivant,

— gestion des risques,

— formation,

— audit du site internet actuel (en tenant compte de l'existence d'un réseau de sites internet liés à l'EIT),

— gestion de projets internet,

architecture/navigation web,

— conception de sites internet,

— développement/programmation de sites internet,

— intégration de contenu/de données,

— test,

— lancement du nouveau site internet,

— évolution et améliorations continues fondées sur les besoins des utilisateurs et les tendances numériques émergentes,

— audit des médias sociaux, conseils et formation connexes,

— partage des connaissances sur le développement de nouvelles caractéristiques et campagnes pour les médias sociaux de l'EIT/des CCI,

— acquisition de services de médias sociaux,

— programmation des médias sociaux,

— bulletin d'information de l'EIT,

— optimisation de moteurs de recherche,

— conception d'événements,

— visualisation de données,

— autres développements spécifiques,

— achat de domaine,

— développement de sites internet mobiles,

— acquisition d'outils supplémentaires,

— rapports ou audits.

Ο σκοπός της παρούσας σύμβασης-πλαίσιο είναι η απασχόληση εταιρείας η οποία εξειδικεύεται στις ψηφιακές επικοινωνίες, προκειμένου να καλύψει όλες τις ανάγκες του EIT όσον αφορά υπηρεσίες ψηφιακών μέσων, με τα ακόλουθα καθήκοντα:

— τεχνική συντήρηση,

— υποδοχή περιεχομένου ιστού (διαχείριση εξυπηρετητή),

— στατιστικές αναφορές,

— παροχή βοήθειας σχετικά με τη μεταφορά στον επόμενο πάροχο,

— διαχείριση κινδύνων,

— κατάρτιση,

— έλεγχος του υπάρχοντος δικτυακού τόπου (λαμβάνοντας υπόψη την ύπαρξη ενός δικτύου δικτυακών τόπων που σχετίζονται με το EIT),

— διαχείριση δικτυακού σχεδίου,

— αρχιτεκτονική δικτύου/πλοήγηση,

— σχεδιασμός διαδικτυακών εφαρμογών,

— ανάπτυξη/προγραμματισμός διαδικτυακών εφαρμογών,

— ενσωμάτωση περιεχομένου/ενσωμάτωση δεδομένων,

— έλεγχος,

— εκκίνηση νέου δικτυακού τόπου,

— εξέλιξη και συνεχείς βελτιώσεις αναλόγως των αναγκών των χρηστών και των αναδυόμενων ψηφιακών τάσεων,

— έλεγχος, παροχή συμβουλών και κατάρτισης σε θέματα μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης,

— ανταλλαγή γνώσεων σχετικά με την ανάπτυξη νέων χαρακτηριστικών και εκστρατειών για τα μέσα κοινωνικής δικτύωσης του EIT/KIC,

— παροχή υπηρεσιών κοινωνικών μέσων,

— προγραμματισμός μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης,

— δελτίο τύπου EIT,

— βελτιστοποίηση μηχανής αναζήτησης (SEO),

— σχεδιασμός εκδηλώσεων,

— απεικόνιση δεδομένων,

— ανάπτυξη άλλων ειδικών χαρακτηριστικών,

— αγορά πεδίου,

— ανάπτυξη κινητής ιστοσελίδας,

— αγορά επιπλέον εργαλείων,

— εκθέσεις ή έλεγχοι.

Lo scopo del presente contratto quadro è di reclutare un'impresa specializzata nelle comunicazioni digitali per soddisfare tutte le necessità dell'EIT in termini di servizi di mezzi di comunicazione digitali con le seguenti responsabilità:

— manutenzione tecnica,

— web hosting (gestione di server),

— relazioni statistiche,

— assistenza nella migrazione al prestatore successivo,

— gestione dei rischi,

— formazione,

— revisione dell'attuale sito web (tenendo conto dell'esistenza di una rete di siti web correlati all'EIT),

— gestione di progetti web,

— architettura/navigazione web,

— progettazione web,

— sviluppo/programmazione web,

— integrazione di contenuti/di dati,

— testaggio,

— lancio di nuovi siti web,

— evoluzione e miglioramenti continui basati sulle necessità degli utenti e le tendenze digitali emergenti,

— revisione, consulenza e formazione in materia di media sociali,

— condivisione di conoscenze sullo sviluppo di nuove funzionalità e campagne per i media sociali dell'EIT/CCI,

— acquisto di servizi di media sociali,

— programmazione per i media sociali,

— newsletter dell'EIT,

— ottimizzazione del motore di ricerca (SEO),

— progettazione di eventi,

— visualizzazione di dati,

— altri sviluppi specifici,

— acquisto di domini,

— sviluppo di siti web mobili,

— acquisto di strumenti supplementari,

— relazioni o controlli.

Het doel van deze raamovereenkomst is het in de arm nemen van een onderneming die gespecialiseerd is in digitale communicatie om alle behoeften op het gebied van digitalemediadiensten van het EIT te dekken, deze onderneming krijgt de volgende verantwoordelijkheden:

— technisch onderhoud,

–– webhosting (serverbeheer),

— statistische verslagen,

–– bijstand bij de migratie naar de volgende dienstverlener,

— risicobeheer,

— opleiding,

–– audit van de huidige website (rekening houdend met het bestaan van een netwerk van websites die verband houden met het EIT),

— webprojectbeheer,

–– webarchitectuur/-navigatie,

— webdesign,

— webontwikkeling/-programmering,

–– integratie van content/integratie van gegevens,

— tests,

–– lancering van de nieuwe website,

–– evolutie en continue verbeteringen op basis van de behoeften van gebruikers en de opkomende digitale tendensen,

–– controle, advies en opleiding in verband met sociale media,

–– delen van kennis betreffende de ontwikkeling van nieuwe kenmerken en campagnes voor sociale media voor het EIT/de KIG,

–– aankoop van socialemediadiensten,

— programmering van sociale media,

–– EIT-nieuwsbrief,

–– zoekmachineoptimalisatie (SEO),

— ontwerp van evenementen,

— visualisatie van gegevens,

–– andere specifieke ontwikkelingen,

–– aankoop van domeinen,

–– ontwikkeling van een mobiele website,

–– aankoop van bijkomende tools,

–– verslagen of audits.

O objetivo do presente contrato-quadro consiste em contratar uma empresa especializada em comunicações digitais para cobrir todas as necessidades do EIT em termos de serviços de comunicação digital com as seguintes responsabilidades:

— manutenção técnica,

— alojamento Web (gestão do servidor),

— relatórios estatísticos,

— assistência na migração para o próximo prestador,

— gestão de riscos,

— formação,

— auditoria do sítio atual (tendo em conta a existência de uma rede de sítios relacionados com o EIT),

— gestão de projetos Web,

— arquitetura/navegação Web,

— conceção Web,

— desenvolvimento/programação Web,

— integração de conteúdo/integração de dados,

— ensaio,

— lançamento do novo sítio,

— evolução e melhorias contínuas com base nas necessidades do utilizador e nas tendências digitais emergentes,

— formação, consultoria e auditoria dos meios de comunicação social,

— partilha de conhecimentos sobre desenvolvimento de novas funcionalidades e campanhas para os meios de comunicação social do EIT/da CCI,

— aquisição de serviços de comunicação social,

— programação dos meios de comunicação social,

— boletim informativo do EIT,

— otimização de motores de busca (SEO),

— conceção do evento,

— visualização de dados,

— outros desenvolvimentos específicos,

— aquisição de domínio,

— desenvolvimento de um sítio móvel,

— aquisição de instrumentos adicionais,

— relatórios ou auditorias.

Syftet med detta ramavtal är att anlita ett företag som är specialiserat inom digital kommunikation för att täcka alla EIT:s behov vad gäller digitala medietjänster, inom följande ansvarsområden:

— Tekniskt underhåll.

— Webbhotell (serverförvaltning).

— Statistiska rapporter.

— Stöd avseende migrering till nästa leverantör.

— Riskhantering.

— Utbildning.

— Granskning av den nuvarande webbplatsen (med hänsyn till förekomsten av ett nätverk av EIT-relaterade webbplatser).

— Webbprojektledning.

— Webbarkitektur/webbnavigering.

— Webbdesign.

— Webbutveckling/webbprogrammering.

— Innehållsintegrering/integrering av data.

— Testning.

— Lansering av ny webbplats.

— Utveckling och kontinuerliga förbättringar på grundval av användarnas behov och framväxande digitala tendenser.

— Granskning, rådgivning och utbildning avseende sociala medier.

— Kunskapsdelning avseende utvecklingen av nya funktioner och kampanjer för sociala medier avseende EIT/KI-gruppen.

— Köp av sociala medietjänster.

— Programmering avseende sociala medier.

— EIT:s nyhetsbrev.

— Sökmotoroptimering (search engine optimisation – SEO).

— Evenemangsutformning.

— Datavisualisering.

— Andra särskilda utvecklingar.

— Domänköp.

— Utveckling av mobil webbplats.

— Köp av ytterligare verktyg.

— Rapporter eller granskningar.

Účelem této rámcové smlouvy je najmout společnost specializující se na digitální komunikace k pokrytí všech požadavků ETI v oblasti digitálních mediálních služeb s následujícími povinnostmi:

— technická údržba,

— webový hosting (správa serverů),

— statistické zprávy,

— pomoc s migrací na dalšího poskytovatele,

— řízení rizik,

— školení,

— audit aktuálních internetových stránek (s přihlédnutím k existenci sítě internetových stránek týkajících se EIT),

— řízení webového projektu,

— internetová architektura/navigace,

— design webových stránek,

— vývoj/programování webových stránek,

— integrace obsahu / integrace údajů,

— testování,

— spuštění nových internetových stránek,

— rozvoj a trvalá zlepšení na základě uživatelských požadavků a nových digitálních trendů,

— audit, poradenství a zaškolení v oblasti sociálních médií,

— sdílení znalostí o vývoji nových prvků a kampaní v sociálních médiích EIT/KIC,

— nákup služeb v sociálních médiích,

— programování sociálních médií,

— zpravodaj EIT,

— optimalizace vyhledávačů (SEO),

— návrh akce,

— vizualizace údajů,

— další konkrétní vývoje,

— oblast nákupu,

— rozvoj mobilních webových stránek,

— zakoupení dalších nástrojů,

— zprávy nebo audity.

Raamlepingu eesmärk on leida digitaalsidele spetsialiseerunud ettevõtja, et täita kõiki Euroopa Innovatsiooni- ja Tehnoloogiainstituudi (EIT) digitaalse meedia teenustega seotud vajadusi koos järgmiste kohustustega:

— tehniline hooldus;

— veebilehtede hostimine (serveri haldamine);

— statistikaaruanded;

— abistamine järgmise teenuseosutaja teenustele üleminekul;

— riskijuhtimine;

— koolitamine;

— praeguse veebisaidi auditeerimine (võttes arvesse EITga seotud veebisaitide võrgustiku olemasolu);

— veebiprojektide juhtimine;

— veebi arhitektuur/navigatsioon;

— veebikujundus;

— veebiarendus/programmeerimine;

— sisu integreerimine / andmete integreerimine;

— katsetamine;

— uue veebisaidi avamine;

— arendus ja pidev täiustamine, tuginedes kasutajate vajadustele ja tekkivatele digitaalsetele suundumustele;

— sotsiaalmeedia auditeerimine, nõustamine ja koolitamine;

— EIT / teadmis- ja innovaatikakogukonna (Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)) sotsiaalmeedia kampaaniate ja uute funktsioonide arendamise kohta teadmiste jagamine;

— sotsiaalmeediateenuste ostmine;

— sotsiaalmeedia programmeerimine;

— EIT uudiskiri;

— otsingumootorite optimeerimine (Search Engine Optimization (SEO));

— ürituste kavandamine;

— andmete visualiseerimine;

— muud konkreetsed arendused;

— domeeni ostmine;

— mobiilse veebisaidi arendamine;

— täiendavate vahendite ostmine;

— aruanded või auditid.

A szóban forgó keretszerződés célja egy digitális kommunikációra specializálódott vállalat szerződtetése az EIT digitális médiaszolgáltatásokkal összefüggő valamennyi igényének kielégítése céljából, amely az alábbi feladatokat foglalja magában:

— műszaki karbantartás,

— webtárhely-szolgáltatás (szerverkezelés),

— statisztikai jelentések,

— segítségnyújtás a következő szolgáltatónak történő átadásban,

— kockázatkezelés,

— képzés,

— a jelenlegi webhely ellenőrzése (az EIT-hez kapcsolódó webhelyek meglévő hálózatának figyelembevételével),

— webes projektmenedzsment,

— webes architektúra/navigáció,

— webdizájn,

— webfejlesztés/-programozás,

— tartalmak integrálása/adatok integrálása,

— tesztelés,

— új webhely elindítása,

— fejlesztés és folyamatos tökéletesítés a felhasználók igényei és a megjelenő digitális trendek alapján,

— közösségi médiával kapcsolatos audit, szaktanácsadás és képzés,

— az ismeretek megosztása az EIT/KIC közösségi médiával kapcsolatos új funkciók és kampányok kidolgozásáról,

— közösségi médiával kapcsolatos szolgáltatások beszerzése,

— közösségi médiával kapcsolatos programozás,

— EIT-hírlevél,

— keresőmotor-optimalizáció (search engine optimisation, SEO),

— rendezvények tervezése,

— adatvizualizáció,

— egyéb konkrét fejlesztések,

— domainvásárlás,

— mobilwebhely-fejlesztés,

— további eszközök beszerzése,

— jelentések vagy auditok.

Šios preliminariosios sutarties tikslas – pasamdyti įmonę, kuri specializuojasi skaitmeninių ryšių srityje, kad ji patenkintų visas EIT reikmes, susijusias su skaitmeninės žiniasklaidos paslaugomis, vykdydama šias pareigas:

— techninę priežiūrą,

— žiniatinklio prieglobą (serverio valdymas),

— statistikos ataskaitas,

— pagalbą su perkėlimu kitam tiekėjui,

— rizikos valdymą,

— mokymus,

— esamos svetainės auditą (atsižvelgdama į su EIT susijusių svetainių tinklą),

— žiniatinklio projektų valdymą,

— žiniatinklio architektūrą / navigaciją,

— žiniatinklio projektavimą,

— žiniatinklio kūrimą / programavimą,

— turinio integravimą / duomenų integravimą,

— testavimą,

— naujos svetainės paskelbimą,

— plėtotę ir nuolatinius patobulinimus, paremtus naudotojų poreikiais ir kylančiomis skaitmeninėmis tendencijomis,

— socialinės žiniasklaidos auditą, konsultavimą ir mokymus,

— dalijimąsi žiniomis apie naujų funkcijų kūrimą ir EIT / KIC socialinei žiniasklaidai skirtas kampanijas,

— socialinės žiniasklaidos paslaugų pirkimą,

— socialinės žiniasklaidos programavimą,

— EIT naujienlaiškį,

— paieškos sistemos optimizavimą (SEO),

— įvykio kūrimą,

— duomenų vizualizavimą,

— kitus specialius darbus,

— srities pirkimą,

— mobiliosios svetainės kūrimą,

— papildomų įrankių pirkimą,

— ataskaitas ar auditą.

Šā pamatnolīguma mērķis ir nolīgt uzņēmumu, kura specializācija ir digitālās komunikācijas, lai apmierinātu visas Eiropas Inovāciju un tehnoloģiju institūta (EIT) ar digitālajiem plašsaziņas līdzekļiem saistītās vajadzības, izpildot pienākumu šādās jomās:

— tehniskā uzturēšana,

— tīmekļa mitināšana (serveru pārvaldība),

— statistikas ziņojumi,

— palīdzība migrācijā attiecībā uz nākamo pakalpojumu sniedzēju,

— riska vadība,

— apmācība,

— pašreizējās tīmekļa vietnes pārbaude (ņemot vērā ar EIT saistītu tīmekļa vietņu tīkla pastāvēšanu),

— tīmekļa projektu vadība,

— tīmekļa arhitektūra/navigācija,

— tīmekļa lapu noformēšana,

— tīmekļa lapu izstrāde/programmēšana,

— satura integrācija / datu integrācija,

— testēšana,

— jaunu tīmekļa vietņu palaišana,

— attīstība un pastāvīgi uzlabojumi, pamatojoties uz lietotāja vajadzībām un jaunām tendencēm digitālās komunikācijas jomā,

— sociālo plašsaziņas līdzekļu pārbaude, konsultēšana un apmācība,

— zināšanu apmaiņa saistībā ar jaunu funkciju un kampaņu izveidi attiecībā uz EIT / zināšanu un inovāciju kopienas (ZIK) sociālajiem plašsaziņas līdzekļiem,

— sociālo plašsaziņas līdzekļu pakalpojumu iegāde,

— sociālo plašsaziņas līdzekļu programmēšana,

— EIT biļetens,

— meklētājprogrammas optimizācija (search engine optimisation – SEO),

— pasākumu plānošana,

— datu vizualizācija,

— citi īpaši jaunizstrādājumi,

— domēnu iegāde,

— mobilo tīmekļa vietņu izstrāde,

— papildu rīku iegāde,

— ziņojumi vai revīzijas.

L-għan ta' dan il-qafas ta' kuntratt huwa li jqabbad kumpanija li tispeċjalizza fil-komunikazzjonijiet diġitali biex ikopri l-bżonnijiet kollha tal-EIT f'termini ta' servizzi tal-midja diġitali bir-responsabbilitajiet li ġejjin:

— il-manutenzjoni teknika,

— l-iħħostjar tal-Internet (immaniġġjar tas-server),

— ir-rapporti dwar l-istatistika,

— l-għajnuna bil-migrazzjoni lejn il-fornitur li jmiss,

— l-immaniġġjar tar-riskju,

— it-taħriġ,

— il-verifika tas-sit tal-Internet kurrenti (b'kont meħud tal-eżistenza ta' netwerk ta' siti tal-Internet irrelatati mal-EIT),

— l-immaniġġar tal-proġett tal-Internet,

— l-arkitettura/in-navigazzjoni tal-Internet,

— l-iddisinjar tal-Internet,

— l-iżvilupp/l-ipprogrammar tal-Internet,

— l-integrazzjoni tal-kontenut/l-integrazzjoni tad-dejta,

— l-ittestjar,

— it-tnedija ta' sit tal-Internet ġdid,

— l-evoluzzjoni u t-titjib kontinwu bbażat fuq il-bżonnijiet tal-utent u x-xejriet diġitali emerġenti,

— il-verifika, il-konsulenza u t-taħriġ fejn tidħol il-midja soċjali,

— il-qsim ta' għarfien fuq l-iżvilupp ta' karatteristiċi ġodda u kampanji għall-midja soċjali tal-EIT/KIC,

— ix-xiri ta' servizzi tal-midja soċjali,

— l-ipprogrammar tal-midja soċjali,

— il-ħruġ ta' bulettin tal-EIT,

— l-aħjar użu tal-magna għat-tiftix (SEO),

— id-disinn tal-avvenimenti,

— il-viżwalizzazzjoni tad-dejta,

— l-iżviluppi speċifiċi oħra,

— ix-xiri tad-'domain',

— l-iżvilupp ta' sit tal-Internet mobbli,

— ix-xiri ta' għodod addizzjonali,

— ir-rapporti jew il-verifiki.

Celem umowy ramowej jest zaspokojenie wszystkich potrzeb EIT w zakresie usług mediów cyfrowych przez firmę specjalizującą się w komunikacji cyfrowej, która będzie odpowiedzialna za:

— obsługę techniczną,

— usługi hostingu (zarządzanie serwerem),

— sprawozdania statystyczne,

— pomoc w przeprowadzeniu migracji do nowego dostawcy,

— zarządzanie ryzykiem,

— szkolenie,

— audyt obecnej witryny internetowej (obejmujący istniejącą sieć witryn internetowych powiązanych z EIT),

— zarządzanie projektem internetowym,

— architekturę/strukturę nawigacyjną witryny internetowej,

— projektowanie stron internetowych,

— programowanie stron internetowych,

— integrację treści/danych,

— testowanie,

— uruchomienie nowej witryny internetowej,

— rozwój i ciągłe ulepszenia w oparciu o potrzeby użytkowników i pojawiające się trendy w rozwiązaniach cyfrowych,

— audyt mediów społecznościowych, doradztwo i szkolenia w zakresie mediów społecznościowych,

— przekazywanie wiedzy na temat opracowywania nowych funkcji i kampanii dla mediów społecznościowych EIT/WWiI,

— zakup usług mediów społecznościowych,

— programowanie mediów społecznościowych,

— biuletyn EIT,

— optymalizację wyszukiwarki (SEO),

— projektowanie wydarzeń,

— wizualizację danych,

— inne konkretne rozwiązania,

— zakup domeny,

— opracowanie mobilnej wersji witryny internetowej,

— zakup dodatkowych narzędzi,

— sprawozdania lub audyty.

Cieľom tejto rámcovej zmluvy je angažovať spoločnosť špecializovanú na digitálnu komunikáciu v záujme pokrytia všetkých potrieb EIT, čo sa týka mediálnych služieb, s nasledujúcimi povinnosťami:

— technická údržba,

— hosting webovej stránky (správa servera),

— štatistické správy,

— pomoc pri migrácii k inému poskytovateľovi služieb,

— riadenie rizík,

— školenie,

— audit súčasnej webovej stránky (berúc do úvahy existenciu siete webových stránok týkajúcich sa EIT),

— riadenie webových projektov,

— webová architektúra/navigácia,

— web dizajn,

— vývoj/programovanie webových stránok,

— integrácia obsahu/integrácia údajov,

— testovanie,

— spustenie webovej stránky,

— vývoj a nepretržitý rozvoj na základe potrieb používateľov a nových digitálnych trendov,

— audit, konzultácia a školenie v oblasti sociálnych médií,

— zdieľanie poznatkov v oblasti rozvoja nových obsahov a kampane pre sociálne médiá EIT/znalostných a inovačných spoločenstiev,

— obstaranie sociálnych mediálnych služieb,

— programovanie sociálnych médií,

— bulletin EIT,

— optimalizácia vyhľadávacieho nástroja (SEO),

— navrhovanie udalostí,

— vizualizácia údajov,

— iný osobitný vývoj,

— nákup domény,

— vývoj webovej stránky pre mobilné telefóny,

— nákup dodatočných nástrojov,

— správy alebo audity.

Namen tega okvirnega naročila je najeti podjetje, ki je specializirano za digitalne komunikacije, za kritje vseh potreb EIT v smislu digitalnih medijskih storitev z naslednjimi nalogami:

— tehnično vzdrževanje,

— spletno gostovanje (upravljanje strežnika),

— statistična poročila,

— pomoč pri migraciji na naslednjega ponudnika,

— obvladovanje tveganja,

— usposabljanje,

— pregled trenutnega spletnega mesta (ob upoštevanju obstoja mreže spletnih mest, povezanih z EIT),

— spletno vodenje projektov,

— spletna arhitektura/krmarjenje,

— spletno oblikovanje,

— spletni razvoj/programiranje,

— integracija vsebin/integracija podatkov,

— preskušanje,

— lansiranje novega spletnega mesta,

— razvoj in stalne izboljšave na podlagi potreb uporabnikov in nastajajočih digitalnih trendov,

— revizija, svetovanje in usposabljanje na področju družbenih medijev,

— izmenjava znanja o razvoju novih funkcij in kampanj za družbene medije EIT/SZI,

— nakup storitev družbenih medijev,

— programiranje za družbene medije,

— glasilo EIT,

— optimizacija spletnih strani (search engine optimisation – SEO),

— načrtovanje dogodkov,

— vizualizacija podatkov,

— drugih posebni razvoji,

— nakup domene,

— razvoj mobilnega spletnega mesta,

— nakup dodatnih orodij,

— poročila ali revizije.

Is é cuspóir an chonartha creatlaí cuideachta a fhostú a shainfheidhmíonn ar chumarsáid dhigiteach chun riachtanais uile an EIT a chumhdach ó thaobh seirbhísí meán digiteach de, a mbeidh freagrach as an méid a leanas:

— cothabháil theicniúil,

— óstáil Ghréasáin (bainistiú freastalaithe),

— tuarascálacha staitistiúla,

— cúnamh leis an aistriú chuig an gcéad soláthraí eile,

— bainistíocht riosca,

— oiliúint,

— iniúchadh ar an láithreán gréasáin reatha (agus aird á tabhairt ar an líonra láithreán gréasáin a bhaineann le EIT atá ann cheana féin),

— bainistíocht tionscadail Gréasáin,

— nascleanúint/ailtireacht Gréasáin,

— dearadh Gréasáin,

— forbairt/ríomhchlárú Gréasáin,

— comhtháthú inneachair/comhtháthú sonraí,

— tástáil,

— seoladh an láithreáin ghréasáin nua,

— éabhlú agus feabhsuithe leanúnacha bunaithe ar riachtanais úsáideoirí agus ar threochtaí digiteach atá ag teacht chun cinn,

— iniúchadh, comhairleacht agus oiliúint maidir leis na meáin shóisialta,

— comhroinnt eolais maidir le gnéithe nua agus feachtais a fhorbairt le haghaidh mheáin shóisialta EIT/KIC,

— seirbhísí meán sóisialta a cheannach,

— ríomhchlárú na meán sóisialta,

— nuachtlitir EIT,

— optamú inneall cuardaigh (SEO),

— dearadh imeachtaí,

— léirshamhlú sonraí,

— forbairtí sainiúla eile,

— fearann a cheannach,

— láithreán gréasáin móibíleach a fhorbairt,

— uirlisí breise a cheannach,

— tuarascálacha nó iniúchtaí.

Целта на този рамков договор е да ангажира дружество, специализирано в цифровите комуникации, с цел покриване на всички нужди на EIT по отношение на цифрови медийни услуги със следните отговорности:

— техническа поддръжка,

— уеб хостинг (управление на сървъри),

— статистически доклади,

— съдействие при мигриране към следващ доставчик,

— управление на риска,

— обучение,

— одит на настоящия уеб сайт (като се отчита наличието на мрежа от свързани уеб сайтове на EIT),

— управление на уеб проекти,

— уеб архитектура/навигация,

— уеб дизайн,

— уеб разработване/програмиране,

— интегриране на съдържание/интегриране на данни,

— тестване,

— стартиране на нов уеб сайт,

— развитие и непрекъснати подобрения въз основа на потребностите на потребителите и възникващите цифрови тенденции,

— одит на социални медии, консултиране и обучение,

— споделяне на познания относно разработването на нови характеристики и кампании за социалните медии на EIT/KIC,

— закупуване на социални медийни услуги,

— програмиране на социални медии,

— бюлетин на EIT,

— оптимизиране на търсачки (SEO),

— планиране на мероприятия,

— визуализация на данни,

— други специфични разработки,

— закупуване на домейни,

— разработване на мобилни интернет страници,

— закупуване на допълнителни инструменти,

— доклади или одити.

Obiectivul acestui contract-cadru este de a contracta o companie specializată în comunicații digitale pentru a acoperi toate nevoile EIT în ceea ce privește serviciile mass-media digitale și care va avea următoarele responsabilități:

— întreținere tehnică;

— găzduire web (gestionarea serverului);

— rapoarte statistice;

— asistență pentru migrarea la următorul furnizor;

— gestionarea riscurilor;

— formare;

— audit al site-ului actual (luând în considerare existența unei rețele de site-uri conexe EIT);

— gestionare de proiecte web;

— arhitectură/navigare web;

— proiectare web;

— dezvoltare/programare web;

— integrare de conținut/integrare de date;

— testare;

— lansare de noi site-uri;

— evoluție și îmbunătățiri continue bazate pe nevoile utilizatorilor și tendințele digitale emergente;

— audit, consultanță și formare în domeniul platformelor de comunicare socială;

— partajare de cunoștințe privind dezvoltarea de noi caracteristici și campanii pentru platformele de comunicare socială ale EIT/CCI;

— achiziționare de servicii mass-media digitale;

— programare de platforme de comunicare socială;

— buletin informativ al EIT;

— optimizare a motorului de căutare (SEO);

— proiectare de evenimente;

— vizualizare de date;

— alte dezvoltări specifice;

— achiziționare de domenii;

— dezvoltare de site-uri mobile;

— achiziționare de instrumente suplimentare;

— rapoarte sau audituri.

Svrha ovog okvirnog ugovora je angažiranje poduzeća specijaliziranog za digitalne komunikacije za pokrivanje svih potreba EIT-a u pogledu usluga digitalnih medija sa sljedećim odgovornostima:

— tehničko održavanje,

— mrežno udomljavanje (upravljanje poslužiteljima),

— statistička izvješća,

— pomoć u migraciji na sljedećeg pružatelja usluge,

— upravljanje rizicima,

— osposobljavanje,

— revizija trenutačne mrežne stranice (uzimajući u obzir postojanje mreže mrežnih stranica povezanih s EIT-om),

— vođenje mrežnih projekata,

— mrežna arhitektura/navigacija,

— mrežni dizajn,

— razvoj mreže/programiranje,

— integracija sadržaja/integracija podataka,

— ispitivanje,

— pokretanje nove mrežne stranice,

— razvoj i stalna poboljšanja utemeljena na potrebama korisnika i digitalnim trendovima u nastajanju,

— revizija, savjetovanje i osposobljavanje u području društvenih medija,

— dijeljenje znanja o razvoju novih značajki i kampanje na društvenim medijima EIT-a/ZZI-ja,

— nabava usluga društvenih medija,

— programiranje društvenih medija,

— bilten EIT-a,

— optimizacija tražilice (search engine optimisation – SEO),

— dizajniranje događanja,

— vizualizacija podataka,

— ostali specifični razvoj,

— nabava domena,

— razvoj mobilne verzije mrežne stranice,

— nabava dodatnih alata,

— izvješća ili revizije.

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