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Results of the process - the acquisition system plan-making in relation to the service DBHT- EEOP 1.1.1 / C / 13-2013-0031 Applications

Délnyugat Balatoni Hulladékgazdálkodási Társulás | Published April 10, 2015
OS Vértes Kft.

: Acquisition System Plan-making service DBHT- EEOP 1.1.1 / C / 13-2013-0031 tender in connection with the following main tasks by: -Délnyugat Balaton for Waste Management Association developed flight planner / optimizer rendszertevének system, model implementation. - In accordance with the model and features for the system to build an object-oriented design and UML technology - using the Unified Modeling Language (Unified Modeling Language), eg .: the design software called Enterprise Architect. -Being should be taken of the entire database structure. - Flow sheets to be trained in the operation of each function or the entire system documentation shall be provided. Contracting authority shall inform tenderers to the contracting system drawn up a plan for a public procurement procedure "flight planning software" with legally purchase the technical specification for integrating the contracting authority. The detailed tasks in this documentation.

Results of the procedure in connection with the DBHT- EEOP 1.1.1 / C / 13-2013-0031 flight planning and optimization application development systems, onboard computers and transport vehicle tracking system.

Délnyugat Balatoni Hulladékgazdálkodási Társulás | Published November 5, 2015
DataMagic Pénzügyi Informatikai és Tanácsadó Kft.

A contract to the "context of the DBHT- EEOP 1.1.1 / C / 13-2013-0031 applications, application development: 1 server-side application that functionality eligibility criteria described in paragraphs 1 and manages the database that stores the historical data , machinery and vehicles to communicate with the client, analyzing actual data. The flight carried out optimization calculations. 1 corresponding server-side application database. The database required by server-side application management software. (eg .: MS SQL, Oracle), 1 client-side applications for any number of installation options. The flight planning system should have a client-server architecture, where the actual computing tasks done by a server-side application on the client side only displays the data, making it easier for office machines can be used. Basically, display, monitoring and riportolásra to. 20 onboard trip computer display, GPS receiver, 3G receiver IP67 camera. The on-board computer collects the actual data during the flight, and photos, as well as treats from the route server-side application, continue to transmit the GPS positions for over a 3G receiver. The onboard display shows the route.
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