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Installation of the new large-format network architecture milan g2, the new architecture narcissus v4 and the new time-chain

Dsna | Published May 15, 2018  -  Deadline June 11, 2018

Installation of the new MILAN G2 wide-area network architecture, the new NARCISSE V4 architecture and the new SNA Nord Est Basel-Mulhouse time chain

Installation of the new MILAN G2 wide-area network architecture, the new NARCISSE V4 architecture and RENAR IP phase 4 at SNA Sud Sud Est Marseille

Dsna | Published June 4, 2018  -  Deadline July 3, 2018

Installation of the new MILAN G2 large-scale network architecture, the new Narcisse V4 architecture and RENAR IP Phase 4 at SNA Sud Sud Est Marseille

Advisory architectural services

Ville de Toulouse | Published October 17, 2015
Jakob + Macfarlane SARL d'architecture

Ald / Sm-15v110ao-Mission consultant architect with the City of Toulouse.

Advisory architectural services

Ville de Toulouse | Published June 20, 2015  -  Deadline July 27, 2015

Ald / Sm-15v110ao - council architect mission to the city of Toulouse.

Mission Board architect from the city of Toulouse

ville de toulouse | Published June 17, 2015  -  Deadline July 27, 2015

ald / Sm-15v110ao-Mission consultant architect with the City of Toulouse.

Backup architecture Netbackup Maintenance of the Information Systems Directorate

Universite paul sabatier | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

Backup architecture Netbackup Maintenance of the Information Systems Directorate

Programming languages and tools

ENAC | Published September 7, 2016  -  Deadline October 3, 2016

Lot 2: computer architecture, operating system and system programming.

Case No. 14S0186 - ongoing maintenance and associated services for the security architecture of information of the Midi-Pyrénées system.

Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées | Published November 12, 2014
Spie Communications51 avenue de CornebarrieuBlagnac 31700

Case No. 14S0186 - ongoing maintenance and associated services for the security architecture of information of the Midi-Pyrénées system.

Services provided catering services for congress ifac 2017 on behalf of the CNRS laboratory systems architecture analysis (laas-upr 8001)

C.n.r.s. - delegation midi-pyrenees | Published March 28, 2017  -  Deadline May 3, 2017

Services provided catering services for IFAC 2017 Congress on behalf of the CNRS Laboratory of Analysis of Systems Architecture (LAAS-UPR 8001)

Assistance to project management for the definition of rewriting scenarios for the ARAMIS application for the management of royalties

Agence de l'eau adour garonne | Published June 30, 2017  -  Deadline September 19, 2017

This consultation concerns the provision of assistance to the project owner to propose scenarios to determine the new architecture of the ARAMIS royalty management application and the cost of transforming the current application into the New application.

Installing narcissus architectures v4, IP renar Phase 4 and deployment xman system acc / o

Dsna | Published January 9, 2017  -  Deadline February 7, 2017

Installing Narcisse V4 architecture, IP RENAR Phase 4 and deployment XMAN system at ACC / O

Architectural and related services

Centre national d'études spatiales | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016
71200000, 71310000

This proposed renovation of buildings Le Verrier Lagrange CNES - Toulouse Space Center is part of a broader approach to renovation of the site at large in the medium and long term.

This heritage has just over 6000 m2 of floor (excluding technical easements) and will welcome after renovation over 200 working and conventional laboratories positions in the areas of IT, electronics, etc. but also "technical platforms" relatively sophisticated and demanding a greater ability to invest in highly advanced scientific facilities; the overall budget for the interventions in phases is estimated at around 9 million euros HT work over 6 years.

At the end of this process of competition (NCP), the benefit of the team of cabient (s) Architect (s) with the support office (s) of study will be a contract for a period of 6 years (divided into 5 phases).

Teams must be able to commit to an operation of 5 to 6 years with 2 buildings, with the continued operation of the built elements not allocated to work at each phase.

At the end of this process of competition (NCP), the team benefits consisting of an architect with the support of a consulting firm will be a market for a period 5 years (divided into 4 phases of work).

Urban planning and landscape architectural services

Oppidea | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 16, 2017

11218 Mission Urbaniste- operation - Balma Zac Gramont- in the towns of Balma and the Union. forward the work envelope: 13.5 million euro (s) HT.

Mission Planner - Planning of Garrigue sectors and Thégra ZAC Balma Gramont.

Content of the mission entrusted to the successful tenderer

- Development of the Urban and Landscaping Project Garrigue and sectors Thégra

- Urban Monitoring Missions, architectural and consulting architect Garrigue and Thégra sectors.

Architectural services for buildings

Nouveau Logis Meridional | Published November 15, 2017
SARL Marjan Hessamfar & Joe Verons

Consultation of mastery of work on "note of illustrated intention" for the construction of a residence including approximately 68 social rental housing families from T2 to T5, as well as a parking in semi-basement of approximately 83 parking lots, totaling approximately 4,512 m 2 floor area.

The operation is planned on block 6 of the ZAC Las Fonses, in Villeneuve-Tolosane.

The estimated amount of works including HHT and green spaces amounts to approximately EUR 6 050 000 excluding taxes and the estimated duration of the works will be approximately 18 months.

This program will be labeled NF Habitat HQE approach and will comply at least with RT 2012 with Cep <CEPmax - 13.5%.

Form of the candidate groupings:

The project management contract will be devolved to a multidisciplinary candidate or to a group of joint co-contracting designers with a joint and several mandatary, composed of:

- an agent architect,

- one or more design office any body of state including VRD,

- a construction economist,

- a landscaper.

Scope of the mission entrusted to the project management:

The MOP law project will include a basic mission including Visa and the following additional missions:

- Supervision and Coordination of the construction site (OPC),

- quantitative and estimated descriptions (DQEs),

- realization of sales plans,

- assistance with the environmental quotation of the operation (SNI EVE, internal tool of the SNI Group).

Computer support and consultancy services

Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published March 31, 2017

No 16c034ao - ncp / Nv - advice and assistance on problematic technical architecture on the computer platform of the municipality of Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole - 2017 A year 2020.

Assistance to project management for network services and computer security

Meteo france | Published June 14, 2017  -  Deadline July 4, 2017

The purpose of the consultation is to assist project management on identified profiles of project manager, architect and expert in the areas of networking and IT security as part of the In silos of the National Center of Calculation of Météo-France.

High voltage installation work

Centre national d'études spatiales | Published May 25, 2016  -  Deadline June 13, 2016

Replacing network cells HT 301-302-303-311-323-328-340-342 to distribution substations. These changes will allow the Guiana Propellant Plant (UPG) to have a permanent installation and improved continuity of service.

The need is identified due to system failures, difficulties to replace parts and hardware obsolescence.

All cells are Schneider brand and VM6 kind. The year of manufacture of these cells is 1991 and stopped marketing in 1993. The manufacturer announces expiration in 2008 and a final cancellation in 2015.

The new architecture of general way will consist of:

- 1 arrival switches

- 1 Check switch with current transformer

- Fuses switches for transformer protection

- One coupling switch

Existing HTA cells will be replaced with prefabricated HTA cells. The range implementation will consist of modular units that are equipped with fixed equipment, in metallic envelopes.

All digital protections existing SEPAM kind will be retained.

The service includes the supply, packaging, transportation, installation, connections, testing and suggestions related to the work to be performed.

In view of the scale and the technical nature of the work, they may not take place during periods of plant stoppage.

Construction work

SA des Chalets | Published January 15, 2016

Design and implementation of an operation of 132 units divided into 2 phases, studies and realization: 1. Phase studies: - Benefit # 1: APS studies - cf. Descriptive record II.2 project - Benefit # 2: file building permits - services 3: APD studies - services No. 3a: Project studies. 2. construction works phase: - Benefit 4: design studies, - benefits 5: of the work performance of work - benefits 6: OPC / construction organization - services 7 : internal control of work - benefits 8: internal control monthly statements / states of completion, - services 9: assistance to the delivery of the works - services 10: DOE ceremony. 3. Phase monitoring service - services 11: monitoring service during the year of perfect completion. The individual candidate or a group of design-build will have to justify at least the following skills similar complexity of operations: - Architecture in private accommodation and social housing (rental and accession), - engineering all trades and VRD, - works Building all trades and VRD.

Urban planning services

Communauté urbaine Toulouse Métropole | Published June 10, 2015  -  Deadline July 16, 2015

No15m074ao - ald / Nv - intercommunal development of local advertising Regulation (RLPI) Toulouse Metropole. Toulouse Metropole competence for local development plan (PLU) is now competent to develop a local regulation of advertising (RPL). In addition, the Decree of 09/22/2014 establishing the Métropole called "Metropolis Toulouse" stated in Article 4 that Toulouse Metropole exercising, under its competences, the harmonization of advertising regulations. Preserving the quality of life is a major issue for the territories and populations. It must be at the heart of the political landscape of Toulouse Metropole. To meet this ambition, Toulouse Métropole wishes to have a real local planning tool of advertising that is part of a strategic vision of the territory to beautify the living environment, to preserve the landscape and architecture. This document must ensure that, at the metropolitan level, the necessary balance between the right to the expression, dissemination of information of economic actors and protection of the living environment and landscapes. This contract is divided into 3 main missions: Mission 1: Diagnosis / Status, formalization of the issues and general guidelines of RLPI Toulouse Metropole. Mission 2: Writing the RLPI Toulouse Metropole. Mission 3: Development of the project RLPI during the phase covering the balance of the consultation and stop the project, for approval.

Mission Project management support Port Workshop: definition of a territorial strategy of port development.

voies navigables de france | Published August 31, 2015  -  Deadline September 30, 2015

This consultation aims to recruit a project team consisting of a designer (architect or landscape architect with planning skills) and multidisciplinary experts to provide project management assistance mission to Port Workshop . This approach is suggested by the Territorial Directorate Southwest Waterways of France (DTSO - VNF) communities crossed by the canal of the two seas. The mission of the project team will focus on two major objectives: 1. To emerge, with local actors, a territorial strategy of port development across the two seas canal, ambitious but realistic 2. Define a roadmap and contribute to the educational and exploratory action Port Workshop