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Architectural services for buildings

Commune de Saint-Denis de La Réunion | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017
71221000, 71315100, 71310000, 71312000

The mission entrusted to the holder will consist of the following mission elements, defined in Annex I to the Decree of 21.12.1993, considered technical phases: ESQ - APS - APD - PRO - ACT - VISA - DET - AOR.

The work involves:

- The demolition of three classrooms, toilets and the canteen,

- 4 classrooms construction,

- The upgrading of toilets,

- Achieving a refectory larger capacity,

- Setting the PMR standards throughout the school.

OPC's mission is formally excluded from this mission EOM. It will be entrusted to another provider.

The mission is remunerated at the package. The provisional budget allocated to the works is € 1.2 million before tax.

Data storage services

Météo France | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline February 27, 2017
72317000, 50312000, 30200000

Renewal and maintenance of the hardware and software architecture backup systems Meteo-France at the Toulouse site.

This market is a market in tranches. The firm phase can acquire a backup system with a minimum capacity of 875 primary TSM Tio and ensure the security / system maintenance and software upgrades for five years from receipt of the tranche.

The optional tranche 1: achieves a minimum TSM primary capacity 1160 Tio, and ensuring the system warranty / maintenance and software upgrades until the end of the firm tranche.

The optional tranche 2: ensures system maintenance and software upgrades for an additional year beyond the firm tranche, if the optional tranche 1 has not been strengthened. The optional slice 3: ensures system maintenance and software upgrades for an additional year beyond the firm tranche, if the optional slice 1 has been strengthened.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Ville de La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 16, 2017

Project management mission includes:

1. Base mission elements within the meaning of Decree No. 93-1268 of 29.11.1993 concerning the implementation of control missions assigned by the public contracting authorities to private law providers, and its order of 21.12 .1993 specifying rules for the implementation of project management of mission elements.

2. complementary missions are:

CSSI and partial EXE SYN ST.

3. conditional task may be entrusted or not as the devolution mode of works selected for ODA:

The scheduling assignment, coordination and construction site management (OPC).

For more details refer to the tender regulations.

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