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Architectural services for buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016

work management assignments for 10 colleges of rehabilitation operations spread across the Isère territory according to allotment. competitive procedure with negotiation. MOP law missions and Decree of 21 December 1993: basic mission (APS / apd / pro / exe1 and exe2 / act / det / aor) and complementary: DIAG ssi coordination UCI. The consultation is open to teams with at least the following professional skills: architectural studies (certified architect or HMONP or European equivalent degree), structural studies, fluid all studies including SSI, construction economics, acoustic studies, earthworks and VRD studies (except for lots 3 and 4), OPC (co-processed competence or outsourced desired). The Department will select for each of the 10 lots, 3 candidates to participate in the second phase. The participation of candidates will be limited to a maximum of 3 lots in phase supply. Allocation shall be limited to 1 lot per tenderer.

partial rehabilitation of Lamartine College in Crémieu.

Partial rehabilitation and partial demolition of Ravier Morestel college.

partial rehabilitation of Truffaut college in L'Isle d'Abeau.

partial rehabilitation of the college in Saint John Suddenly Dolphins.

partial rehabilitation of the college of the isle in Vienna.

partial rehabilitation and college extensions Liers and the Grand Lemps Lemps.

partial rehabilitation of the Grand Som college in Saint-Laurent-Du-Pont.

Partial rehabilitation and partial demolition of Malraux college in Bernin.

partial rehabilitation and construction of a courtyard of Oak College in Pontcharra.

Thermal renovation and construction of a courtyard of the college Massegu Vif.

Architectural services for buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published November 19, 2016

implement appropriate supervision mission for the construction of the departmental archives of the Isere, ZAC Glairons in Saint Martin D'Heres. restricted competition on sketch. basic mission under the MOP law and complementary missions: SSI, implementation and monitoring of the operation according to BIM approach, engineering Missions geo design techniques (G2) and geotechnical execution supervision (G4) signage, relocation support, movable equipment, implementation of the cultural 1%, commissioning of thermal installations and ventilation 2 years after receipt. The project involves the realization of a building of new construction. The program provides for the creation of about 15 000 m 2 floor surface on a tènement of the order of 10 000 m 2 . The estimated cost of the program phase work is of the order of 25 million euros HT, including shelving and other specific furniture storage archives and cultural 1%.

Architectural services for buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published October 29, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016
This contest is a restricted competition on sketch:

Architectural services for buildings

Conseil général de l'Isère | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 10, 2017

Operation in occupied site, 50 rue du Pré Neuf, Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux (38870).

A firm phase: building construction R + 1, 950 square meters building deconstruction including asbestos removal, renovation and redevelopment, accessibility, outdoor amenities: building new floor space about 925 m 2 and 1110 m 2 floor area / floor space to renovate and redevelop: 400 m 2 .

An optional phase: recovery existing roofing, joinery replacement, exterior insulation facades, interior furnishings.

Anticipated cost in program phase, 2.9 million euros for HT firm tranche and 1.153 million euros HT for the optional tranche 1.

provisional schedule: Mission estimated duration: 4 years out TO1 (GPA and commission included) / assignment mission in August 2017 / studies 12 months / delivery pack: 1 er sorting. 2020.

Basic mission + DIAG complementary missions, SSI, signage, commissioning.

Missions vary according TF and TO1.

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