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Architectural, engineering and planning services

Semcoda | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017

Montreal la Cluse - project management for the construction of a senior about 49 rental multi-family residence and a dozen family collective dwellings in free accession - SDP approx 5000 square meters.

Mission base + exe.

Architectural and related services

Territoria | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

extended mission prime contractor within the meaning of Law o 85-704 of 12/07/1985 and Decree n o 93-1268 of 29.11.1993 on project management tasks and integrated with the order n o 2005-649 of 6.6.2005 namely: APS, APD, PRO, ACT, VISA, partial EXE, DET, AOR. The implementation studies will focus on fluid batches (high current / low current, heating, ventilation, plumbing). The mission also includes additional elements Diag, Efen Quan, SSI, OPC and those defined in the CCTP.

project management of mission as part of the refurbishment of facades and joinery pack of B, C, D, E and complete repair of electrical installations of the vocational school Vauvert in Bourges (18000). The operation aims to achieve a consumption from all energy sources, BBC renovation building. The operation program includes, in addition to treatment of building envelopes (curtain walls, exterior joinery, exterior insulation, installation of shutters as needed ...), the complete renovation of the electrical installation high school, the installation of a double flow VMC in day schools buildings, repairs to exterior lighting, intrusion alarm and the compliance of ISS.

Estimate of work: € 3.1 million before tax.

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