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History cultural environments at Monastery Lake Maribo

Lolland Kommune | Published December 4, 2015  -  Deadline January 6, 2016
71400000, 71200000, 71420000, 71421000

Introduction: Lolland Municipality advertise for participants for a mini contest for 3 participants with the aim to compete for the job as a consultant in connection with the realization of the project. 1410 of 7 December 2007. Procurement Portal: On the right there is a link to the tender documents, which is located on Mercells procurement portal where all communications between the contact and the requesting companies will take place. Questions to projektwebbens structure, function and use can be made per. mail or made by telephone on +45 63 13 37 00 in the period to given answers to the requests. The assignment includes: the place of potential required to be emphasized so that it can again awaken pride and attract visitors and tourists as well be a place for the city's daily life. A grip that simultaneously clarifies and highlights both the individual experiences as the transitions between them. In this context, the abandoned sale at the ruin brought into play as a central formidlingsrum and tracks can be drawn from the city to this central location in the middle of Maribo's cultural cradle. Services: In addition, the lead consultant perform geotechnical and archaeological coordination, the extent will depend on the competition project solutions. Total Adviser must also provide the above services associated with providing activities in the project, and the wordless communication as the more direct communication of local area narratives. Total Counselor to put up with expertise in architecture, particularly landscape architecture, communication and relevant engineering disciplines. More precise competency profiles and hourly rates must be agreed by the competition and the museum must then be treated as a sub-consultant or contractor. The museum will in this context be regarded as authority. Economy: Competitive remuneration will be 75,000 kr. Excl. VAT for each of the three pre-qualified teams in the competition, provided they submit regular competition project. The project is supported by Realdania during the campaign 'place Counts' delinitiativ 'Opportunities Denmark'. It has earmarked 846,000 kr. Excl. VAT to the following items. In addition, there are expenses to the museum's own hours associated with providing or workmanship as described under "benefits" 226,000 kr. Excl. VAT. Particularly for the earmarked budget for archeology true that there is a maximum amount that can strain the project without there must be additional funding. Time: Contest Period will take place from early January to early March 2016. The realization is expected to take place from mid-April 2016 to mid-May 2017. Attachments: This ad and any correction sheets in response to questions in the advertising period. Procedure: This registration is required for your continued participation and without cost.
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