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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Landesamt für Umwelt (LfU), Referat W21 | Published March 11, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017
71000000, 71240000, 71247000, 71248000, 71311100, 71520000, 71521000

The LfU Brandenburg plans to Deichrückverlegung by building a dike portion connected to the Altdeichrückbau for the upgrading of its flood defenses on the Oder.

On the crown of Deichverteidigungsweg is disposed of asphalt.

With completion of the contract section 51 all temporary construction roads, storage areas and jetties are to dismantle in the lowland.

As things stand, is of a value scope of the construction work (listing the minimum demanding) in the net amount of 6549 437.07 EUR assumed.

Following the HOAI §43, performance image engineering structures, installation 12 with amendments and specifications by the contracting authority 8 The following special services are within the power stage to be provided by tenderers:

7.1 Incorporation into the present planning (additional expense to HOAI § 8 (3)).

7.2 Cost Control.

7.3 Checking the inventory plans BL51 of Works supplier.

Notice of default.

7.5 Construction supervision:

1) validity check of the staking;

2) monitoring the performance of the work:

- Participating in warding of the contractor in the construction project,

- Monitoring the implementation of the object in accordance with the approved for carrying documents, the building contract and the specifications of the AG,

- Testing and evaluation of the authorization of supplements (progress test, checking the existence and the amount after checking the impact on the construction, assisting in claim negotiation, logging the Supplement negotiation,

- Performing or causing of control tests (Geotechnical control test is ordered separately from LfU, in consultation with AG)

- Monitoring the rectification of identified deficiencies in the acceptance of the services,

- Documentation of the construction process (in the weekly report of the Consultancy and occasion further dates between Baurapporten);

Check the allowances;

4) Assist with regulatory inspections;

5) assisting in the purchase of goods and services;

6) audit, comparison of the results of audits of the contract price.

7.6 Participation in additional coordination tasks including: testing LfU, appraiser, etc. KMBD

7.7 Creation and Bautagebuch Bauabschlussbericht.

7.8 Inspection of the documentation of the contractor for the construction process.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

ProPotsdam GmbH | Published March 8, 2017  -  Deadline April 4, 2017
71000000, 71240000

The ProPotsdam intends 2-18 (even numbers) and make the vacancy removing an envelope restoration on buildings Niels Bohr ring.

1. The main objectives for the development:

- Case refurbishment and vacancy elimination,

- Improving the quality of housing, essential use value increase of the object to provide a long-term rental potential of the apartments,

- The durability of actions to be implemented to grant long-term low maintenance and operating costs.

2. Information on the building or structure:

- Establishment: 1977 built and partially restored in 1996,

- Floors: 5,

- Sunrises: 9,

- Apartments: 90 (which is currently vacant: 7)

- Apartment sizes from 50.75 m 2 to 61.37 m 2 .

- Total living area approx 5 045,40 m 2 .

- Roof Education: flat roof,

- Heating / WW: district heating,

- Courtyard side: green spaces,

- Business: none.

3. the expected planning and construction:

- Planning Performance (preliminary design / cost calculation): from 06/2017,

- Approval planning / implementation planning / preparation assignment: from 08/2017,

- Scheduled start on: 04/2018.

Software development platform and multiple data portfolio for Videoprozessierung and video analytics

Universität Potsdam, Dezernat für Haushalt und Beschaffung | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline April 9, 2017
48000000, 72319000

Procurement subject is a software development platform and multiple data portfolio for Videoprozessierung and Video Analytics here. The following requirements apply: 1.) Data Portfolio Neural Networks: - collection of 15 rote acquired neural networks (Convolutional Neural Networks, VGG 19 architecture) for the pictorial abstraction. Provision of neural networks as the data representation for processing by GPU-based method using OpenGL. - collection of 10 rote acquired neural networks (Convolutional Neural Networks, VGG 19 architecture) for imaging analysis. Provision of neural networks as the data representation for processing by GPU-based method using OpenGL. 2.) Softwarebilbiothek / Softwarentwicklungsplattform: for the processing of neural networks for the GPU support processing of image and video data on mobile devices (Android, OpenGL ES), this comprises at least GPU-assisted processing modules for the visual analysis and abstraction of image data currents I / O components for loading and saving of images; configurable pipelined architecture for defining and high efficiency execution of visual analysis and abstraction method as well as a documentation of software components. Note selection bidder: After fitness test and determine appropriate bidders a choice of maximum turbidity. 5 candidates which presented a request to participate. These are determined by drawing lots and obtained according to the tender documents.
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