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Tendering of consulting services by a software architect to create an architecture concept for a new development of the web application BUBEOnline

Umweltbundesamt | Published July 20, 2018  -  Deadline August 10, 2018

Framework agreement architect TG Restoration

GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH, GEWOFAG Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH, GEWOFAG Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH, Heimag München GmbH und Mietmanagement Heimag GmbH & Co. KG | Published July 21, 2016  -  Deadline August 19, 2016

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern | Published February 18, 2017

2017 V003 framework agreement architecture.

Architectural and related services

Gewofag Wohnen GmbH | Published January 4, 2017
DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG

Planning services architect and landscape architect for the project Freiham WA 7 and WA 8, work phases 2 to. 5

The GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH is in the northern area to parts of the building spaces WA 7 and WA 8 the new city district Freiham residential buildings and infrastructure (Family counseling center; cultural community center, daycare cities, district library) with a total of over 20 000m 2 building floor area. The GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH realized thus among the first 200 of a total of about 4000 housing units planned.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published October 15, 2016
Heinle, Wischer und Partner

Fraunhofer ICT IOSB u, u Karlsruhe Pfinztal with KIT Karlsruhe -.. 014/750 131 - New research factory - A architect Objektplanung building.

Planning performance architecture Oberföhringer road / Titurelstraße.

Gewofag Wohnen GmbH | Published March 19, 2016  -  Deadline April 15, 2016

Upon receipt of the emergency call the Contractor shall within one hour to fill the site with a site manager and to take appropriate measures for averting of damage.

Planning performance architecture Max II, 3rd BA.

GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH | Published November 12, 2014
Architekturbüro Balthasar HechenbichlerPestalozzistraße 3aMünchen 80469
71200000, 71300000

8 commercial units in 80636 München. Phases 6 and 8 for buildings and interiors according to § 34 HOAI. Optional: Mounting an outside elevator to the building in the Pfänderstraße 2 on all floors for barrier-free access to the building. All Mietwohnblöcke are also during the operational implementation in fully inhabited state. The project area includes the following buildings: 13 m² floor space, 23 m² floor space, 35 m² floor space, 2385 m² property, 948.5 m², 9.5 m² of floor space, 30.5 m² of floor space. The buildings were built in 1956 and are not listed. All titles are now connected to district heating. The nature and extent of the structural measures required is specified by the customer. The following works are carried out as part of the reorganization measure (the list is not exhaustive): - thermal insulation façade, - painting, - insulation underside basement ceiling, - storage insulation on floor - window replacement - concrete repair work on balconies and loggias - General Spengler, Schlosser and roofing works, - General tile, natural stone and carpentry, - Implementation of general traffic safety measures. - Fire protection. - Staircase railing / other guards. - Upgrading staircases (painting walls, revision / replacement Hauseingangs- and apartment doors), - installation central letterbox systems, - Other general maintenance work on the balconies, basement and staircase. Following further work time equal to the aforementioned buildings executed: - Comprehensive electrical work, replacement of electric lines and distribution units, - renewal of the lighting in common areas, - installation of intercom systems - Comprehensive Sewer Renovation - Conversion to separation system - surface water infiltration, - Other general works in the field of building technology. Optional: - growing of a lift to the Pfänderstraße 2 buildings on all floors (5 stations): - basement - ground level, - EC, OG, OG, - obtaining a building permit for said elevator cultivation in compliance with the necessary lead times. The design and tender schedule is to be aligned in this regard. The aim of the reorganization energy is the energy standard by KfW Efficiency House 100, or at the time of grant application position comparable KfW Efficiency. The apartments will be not be rehabilitated. The administrative construction (tenant management) takes place in August 2015. The operative Construction will start in early January 2016. The operational start of the construction of the outer elevator to take place in this case, beginning in October 2015. The completion of the entire project and the restoration of the grounds shall be made by the end of November 2016. The procurement of the necessary exporting commercial contractor via tendering procedures in accordance with the VOB / A. Resulting monetary disadvantages for the client to be borne by the contractor. The specifications for the installation of outdoor elevator, and related bills are, it should come to the realization, over to the contractor until 08/05/2015. 350 inhabitants is part of the advertised herein construction management activities. Any appointment with the power phases 6 and 8 for the large energetic modernization, the AG include the following specific requirements to the Contractor: - On all working days between 7:00's clock - 18:00 clock (Monday to Saturday) during the construction phase to ensure permanent presence of site management. - It is to serve a comprehensive tenant services, as well as all housing inspections and tenant dates have to be prepared for filing for the Mieterakt and recorded.

Architectural services for buildings

Studentenwerk München, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts | Published October 1, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016

The Munich Student Union intends the building no. 11, 12 and 13, Christoph-Probst-Str. 12, 8 and 6 to redevelop in the Studentenstadt Freimann. The buildings were designed by the Munich architect Sepp Pogadl built 1974/1975 as reinforced concrete wall construction with a flat roof. Apart from the realized number of storeys and the longer the houses, the building the same in the details of construction and the axis dimensions.

Fraunhofer Institute MEVIS Bremen - 142/756 059 - New institute building - A architect Objektplanung building.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published March 9, 2016  -  Deadline April 6, 2016

Planning services Objektplanung buildings and interiors (HOAI)

for an institution building as a new building for the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS in Bremen as part of a grant to measure RZBau.

In the new building is a workplace for 210 employees. Public transport party is not provided.

The area requirement needed was estimated at almost 2 700 m² Usable 1-6. It is an economical ratio of BGF to NF and from BRI to NF expected.

Mostly are offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, IT server rooms and small -in Circumferential laboratory space to be created. In addition, areas for demonstration, storage, archive and social spaces are provided.

Focus: office or office-like use / software development.

018 Fraunhofer IPM Freiburg - IPM Institute building construction, architect 033 Facility Planning building.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published October 18, 2014  -  Deadline November 13, 2014

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft plans, the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques on campus "to etrablieren At the airport," the University of Freiburg. The Campus »At the airport," is divided into four plots. For the Fraunhofer IPM half of the third construction site is provided with approximately 30,000 m². The IPM is to be realized in a building phase. The main floor space of 6,447 m² NF 1-6 of 200 employees was as follows: - NF 1 living and working: 98 m²; - NF 2 office work: 2164 m²; - NF 3 production, hand and machine work, experiments: 3320 m²; - NF 4 storage, distribution and sale: 505 m²; - NF 5 Education, Education and Culture: 350 m²; - 6 NF Cure and Care: 10 m². The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM develops customized measurement techniques, measurement systems and materials with the aim of optimizing industrial processes, increase productivity, improve resource efficiency and increase safety.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Staatliches Bauamt München 2 | Published October 27, 2017

The buildings at Karolinenplatz 4 were erected in 1812 according to the plans of architect Karl von Fischer. After the destruction in the Second World War, the buildings were rebuilt after plans by Karl Kergl after 1946 and accommodated the state lottery administration until 2014. Since 2015 the German academy of engineering sciences (acatech) has been accommodated there. The former canteen (building B) of the Lotteriesverwaltung, is to be converted and rehabilitated for the German Academy of Engineering Sciences for administrative purposes. The use, by the German academy of engineering sciences, provides for office building and seminar rooms as well as workrooms with sleeping facilities for the building B. The measure includes a comprehensive building and Technical restoration of a monument-protected building.

Planning services - basic services and special services - of the performance picture Object planning for buildings acc. §33-35 HOAI for performance phases 2-9 in Honorarzone IV. It is 1 object.

Architectural services for buildings

Gewofag Wohnen GmbH | Published September 22, 2017  -  Deadline October 23, 2017
71221000, 71300000

Architect's performance for the construction of an apprentice residence with underground car park in the Trudering-Riem district of Munich

Scope of Activity Object planning building according to § 34 HOAI in conjunction with Annex 10.

150 apartments for apprentices, students and employees of the city of Munich.

Both noise and vibration protection must be taken into consideration both in terms of construction as well as technical aspects.

5 700 m 2 by the partial addition of a fourth storey.

The parking spaces required for the use are to be found in an underground car park.

The planned use is mostly small apartments for one and two person households, partly with and without kitchens, as well as the associated common areas.

The apartments are partly let in the long term and pro rata at short notice.

The building is to be built in the energy standard "KfW Energieeffizienzhaus 70" (EnEV 2009 or comparable standard of the current EnEV).

Personnel availability on site (Munich) must be guaranteed by the Contractor.

The contracting entity provides for an assignment to a general contractor, but alternatively, a single assignment of the trades is to be offered.

For these service phases, both variants are optionally recorded in the contract for each service phase and called up according to the allocation type.

Fraunhofer ICT IOSB u, u Karlsruhe Pfinztal with KIT Karlsruhe -.. 014/750 131 - New research factory - A architect Objektplanung building.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published February 10, 2016  -  Deadline March 8, 2016

The KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) intend the site Campus East in Karlsruhe together a research complex to build in the industry-oriented manufacturing processes to be quickly made ready for the market.

The complex will be built by two builders on its own two contiguous pieces of land. Construction activity is focused in a bolt (length 110 m, width 30 m, height 13 m), which can be line by line extended in future planned expansion stages with connecting structures. He is to be carried out so that, taking account of building law and subsidy law needs a maximum permeability between the areas is achieved.

The complex is to be planned, that at a later date with little effort, a complete structural separation in 2 building parts (KIT and FhG) will be possible. The commissioning of planning services is made to a planner with separate contracts of the two principals.

For the construction project "Research Factory Karlsruhe" about 4 000 m² of NF (NF 1-6) are planned. (KIT approximately 1700 m², FhG about 2 300 sqm) There are areas for large Technika (production), as well as social rooms, offices and for the necessary technology, supply and storage areas provide.

For the KIT and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft course are high demands on an innovative and sustainable energy concept. Project-related planning documentation will be filed only with the CAD system MicroStation according KIT CAD directive.

BLB NRW Münster / Publicity / Fachhochschule Münster - Faculty of Architecture - metal and glazing work -

BLB NRW Münster | Published April 30, 2015  -  Deadline May 12, 2015

BLB NRW Münster/ÖA/Fachhochschule Münster - FB Architektur - Metallbau-und Verglasungsarbeiten -

Architectural and related services

GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH | Published February 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 23, 2017
71200000, 71221000

Architecture Services / Project planning for the construction of two apartment buildings with underground parking and other benefits (family center, neighborhood meeting) in Hochäcker Street, District Ramersdorf - Perlach, Munich

Performance image Objektplanung buildings according to § 34 HOAI.


The new urban district in the suburbs should be distinguished by special ecological qualities and enable sustainable and thereby both socially and economically sound development.

Special attention is directed to the noise and the noise protection measures:

The buildings are in energy standard "KfW Energy Efficiency House 70" (according to the current EnEV) build.

Award the advertised performance planning project planning building in accordance with § 34 HOAI.

The appointment is in stages.

planning services are least forgive gem. § 34 HOAI (performance image Objektplanung building.

At least the power phase 1,

Power Phase 2 and

Phases 3 4.

The commission further work phases carried out in the event of their appointment entirely or partly by steps and sections:

Optional: Power Phase 5 to 7 (completely or partially), which phase power 7 only partially.

Optional: power phase. 8

A claim of the contractor to the commissioning of additional services and options / levels (completely or partially) does not exist.

Agreement is the invitation to the negotiated procedure enclosed draft contract of the client.

Only when the economic conditions are secured and the client looks at the economics of the project realization for given for his reasonable discretion, the customer is given more benefits.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published August 25, 2015
IRM Ing.-Büro R. Mühlbacher GmbH

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft intends to expand the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and EnergiesystemtechnikIWES at its Kassel site. This is the new building one of Germany's Institute for Energy Systems Technology, which helped to shape the German energy transition currently beherbergen.Die still critical technical and energy-related problems of the Energy Transition personnel have extensive references to the subject of building, that are shaping a future working and living place. It should therefore be used the chance to exemplarily implement the current objects of knowledge from the work of the institute in the great projects "institution-building," a collaboration between architecture and energy systems technology. The IWES is to be implemented in two phases. The first phase, with its 7861 m2 NF 1-6 for 330 employees is calculated as follows: NF 1 live and work: 147 m2; NF 2 office work: 4424 m2; NF3 production, hand and machine work, experiments: 2 133 m2; NF 4 camps, distribute and sell: 723 m2; NF 5 Education, Teaching and Culture: 410 m2; NF 6 Heal and Maintain: 24 m2. In the future second phase is an extension of 5 100 m2 1-6 NF: NF 2 office work: 3 200 m2, NF3 production, hand and machine work, experiments 1 400 m2, NF 4 camps, distribute and sell : 500 m2. The 2nd phase is not part of this project.

Architectural and related services

GEWOFAG Holding GmbH | Published January 15, 2015

Framework contract for the power process care; optional additional services to urban and landscape planning studies and development and design of a project and development plan. In addition to the performance as additional benefits "Urban planning and landscape planning preliminary investigations" and "Development and design of a Vorhabens- and development plan" will be awarded optional. 5 competition proceedings (implementation and / or design contests) in the year. Upon reaching a maximum period of 4 years, the Framework Agreement will terminate automatically without any prior notice. All competition proceedings be awarded after the RPW currently valid. All competition proceedings must be integrated for this reason in European public procurement procedures VOF to be prepared by the method caregivers also and organize. These services are included as optional services in the framework agreement and requested under this tender as such. In almost all competition process is the award of planning services in the housing sector, mostly with underground parking and other integrated social or commercial uses such as childcare, neighborhood meeting or local supply. The involvement of these papers is to be ensured by the method carers and organize. In a call for competition than 5 suitable Berwerber / -Innen be determined who will be invited to subsequent negotiation process. Service Description: Process monitoring of each project developments, designing a procurement lawful competition with ideas and / or implementation of competition in the field of urban planning, construction and / or landscape architecture according to VOF. The contractor are participation in the design, preparation and implementation of the selection process involving the client. Urban planning and landscape planning preliminary investigations (Optional). A planning, legal and structural assessment of the feasibility shall be given. The results of preliminary investigations to clarify - from the scope and content of the subsequent competitive process and define the terms of reference - if needed. These services are to provide and be commissioned as necessary, depending on the project positions. Development and design of a Vorhabens- and development plan (Optional) The services include the development and design of the development plan with green space, statute text and justification, including environmental report as required position.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Gewofag Wohnen GmbH | Published December 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 19, 2017


Construction phase of modernization and repair / maintenance according to § 2 HOAI.

All Mietwohnblöcke are during the operational implementation in full inhabited state.

An extensive tenant support is part of the assignment.

The following work is carried out as part of the reorganization measure (the list is not exhaustive):

- First-time thermal facade;

- Painting;

- Initial insulation bottom basement ceiling;

- Storage insulation on floor;

- Full replacement of windows in all units;

- Concrete repair work on balconies and loggias;

- General tinsmith, locksmith and roofing works;

- General tile, natural stone and woodwork;

- Implementation of general traffic safety measures.

o Fire

o staircase railings / other balustrades

- Upgrading staircases (painting walls, revision / replacement house entrance and apartment doors);

- Mounting central letterbox systems;

- Other general maintenance work on the balconies, in the basement and in the staircase.

following any further work on the same time as the aforementioned buildings executed:

- Comprehensive electrical work, renovation of electric lines and distribution units;

- Renewal of the lighting in common areas;

- Installation of intercom systems;

- Comprehensive sewer rehabilitation / reconstruction of mixing on separation system;

- Surface water infiltration;

- Other general work in the field of home automation;

- Complete replanning and renewal of the outdoor facilities.


Architektenleistungen Objektplanung building in accordance with § 34 HOAI a renovation / refurbishment

There is no gradual commissioning provided.

Phases 6, 8

Due to the minimal effort and non-predictability of services required, these will be charged on an hourly basis on proof.

The AG also intends architect transmit Special Services.

Engineering services

Gewofag Wohnen GmbH | Published October 6, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016

Planning performance architecture, Phases 6 to 8 fully or partially for the construction project Prinz-Eugen-Park WA 7 and WA 8 in Munich.

Assessment of IT use

Bayerische Staatskanzlei | Published January 29, 2017  -  Deadline February 16, 2017

The use of IT the Bavarian State Chancellery is to be appraised in the following areas: network architecture, hardware configuration, software architecture, operating model, telephony. The opinion should statements on the state of the technology used to meet with the following aspects: support the user in the performance of tasks, normative framework, IT administration, IT support, IT security, cost-efficiency. to the abovementioned fields of action, if necessary, demonstrated estimated the necessary Umsetzungsaufwende and benefits are presented.