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Architectural and related services

Zoo Leipzig GmbH | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

The building complex aquarium / terrarium in Zoo Leipzig must be redeveloped structurally. The major renovation work done established in 1902 and listed building Aquarium building with the renovation of the roof structure and a building extension in the rear area on the banks of the Parthe. About necessary rehabilitation work in neighboring terrarium and the round basin-growing inventory first performed will decide. The budget amounts to 4.5 million EUR gross KG 200-700. The structural implementation is carried out in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

Project start: March, 2017

Construction: April 2018

Completion June of 2019.

Phase 2:

Completion March 2021st

This contract are the following planning services

- Project planning HOAI Part 3 buildings § 34 LP 1-9.

- Structural design HOAI Part 4 Section 1 § 41 LP 1-6.

- Building physics (thermal building physics, moisture protection and room acoustics.

Depending on the result of the inventory, and thus the scope of the construction work outside the authority reserves the right to instruct the services of free plant planning additionally when substantially only the inventory is restored and are to make no new animal enclosures.

Architectural services for outdoor areas

Stadt Leipzig, Amt für Gebäudemanagement | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

The school site Miltitzer Weg 1 - 4. Leipzig is characterized by four same type school building in bricks, in which there are three types of schools: a special school, a high school and a high school. Currently, the school system runs in the schools "self-contained", which in turn is reflected in the current structural definition of each building including its associated outer surfaces to each other.

For the purposes of a modern school life should arise in which networking Schularten both academically, socially and structurally functional for this location a school center.

For Bauumfang next to the renovation and expansion of the building includes the redesign of the outdoor facilities. The budget is for (KG 500) approximately 1.4 million gross EUR.

After already the tendering process for building u. Structural engineering as Lot 1 and for planning TA as Los was 2 started, hereby the negotiated procedure for Lot 3 starts.

With this call for tenders will be awarded for the planning of open spaces in accordance with § 39 HOAI in a first stage for LP 1 to LP. 3

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Stadt Leipzig, Dez. VI, Amt für Gebäudemanagement, 65.0 | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017

The city of Leipzig intends a 4-sized primary school with school club and sports hall in Thierschstraße in Probstheida - Leipzig new to a vacant approximately 22,869 m 2 of land to build (Parcel 163/20). Of these, the school grounds around 13,000 m 2 to use.

It is envisaged that the participants develop a concept idea in the second stage of the process.

Total cost (KG200-700): currently approximately EUR 16.0 million gross,

BWK (KG300 + 400): approximately EUR 11.55 million gross

HK (KG 500): approximately 880,000 gross EUR

The specified fees under II.2.6 of 983,317.92 EUR consists of 845,702.95 EUR for the performance image object planning and 137,614.97 EUR for the performance image of outdoor installations.

The client intends the work phases 1 to 9 for object design services for buildings according to HOAI § 34 et seq. In conjunction with Annex 10 and the free plant design according to HOAI § 39 et seq. To instruct conjunction with Annex 11. Optional benefits are to be instructed to fire protection and building physics. The appointment is in stages. With the completion of the negotiation process, the work phases 1-4 are charged initially contracted. A legal claim for the transfer of all work phases does not exist. Likewise, there is no legal right to further assignment by providing the first work phases. The final power stage 8 is expected in 2020.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Stadt Leipzig, Amt für Gebäudemanagement | Published January 6, 2017  -  Deadline February 6, 2017
Appendix 1 HOAI: 

As a result of this call, the work phases are first commissioned as 1-3 level. 1

2,670,000 EUR gross.

The center is located not on the property and is not subject to planning.

This is intended to ensure by a stairway and lift the barrier-free access of both parts of the building.

The planning of technical equipment, the structure and the open space design are not the subject of this tender.

The scheduling provides a construction 2018 and the completion of the 2020th

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Stadt Leipzig, Amt für Gebäudemanagement | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 13, 2017

The school building Höltystr.51 in Leipzig in 1973 in bricks as a type project Ratio 74-720, type A (5 floors, 3 staircases) built, already dismantled with three entrances on the south side, the main entrance north side. The building is classified in the building class 5 according SächsBO (special construction).

At the building were / are already under construction with the goal of setting up a refugee center in 2016/2017.

The exterior renovation of the building was carried out in accordance with EnEV 2014 (Requirements 2016). Achieving the Passive House standard is to examine in further planning of economy.

The building is prepare for the establishment of a 2.5-spacious Junior High. There are 420 students are taught in the barrier-free design building.

The schedule provides for the start of construction in spring 2018 and the use Starting Date Aug of 2019. The total project costs (KG 200-700) were estimated with 4.5 million EUR gross.

With this call for tenders are awarded for planning the project planning in accordance with § 34 HOAI in a first stage for LP 1 to LP. 3

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