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Architectural and related services

Staatliches Bauamt Landshut | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 25, 2017

Construction project "Replacement construction of the River Master Agent" in Deggendorf.

HOAI Phases 6, 7, 8 and 9. FIG.

HOAI Phases 6, 7, 8 and 9 for the construction project "Replacement construction of the River Master Agent" in Deggendorf.

Except for this listed building all existing buildings must be terminated and replaced by new buildings.

In addition, a flood relief Hall are (for bulkheads, sandbag filling, pump bearings) with an area of ​​600 m² and garages for large and small appliances, storage and large not covered outdoor areas for different actions required for the flood relief.

The plant is expected to meet high energy efficiency standards.

With the planning of the action, the architectural firm bogevischs Office, Munich (Phases 1 - 5) commissioned.

The detailed design is expected early / mid 2017 present.

The specific requirements for the provision of services may require, often at short notice or to stand on request by the client to coordination meetings on site in Deggendorf or Landshut available.

Urban planning and landscape architectural services

Staatliches Bauamt Landshut | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Awarding Body: State Construction Office Landshut,

Action: new B 15 North-South Bypass Landshut - landscape conservation plan Phase I and II

Architects / Engineering services: landscape conservation plan and FFH compatibility and exemption test (construction phases I and II)

LBP work phases HOAI:

. 1-4 for preliminary design including special services, in particular: sap, EIA, biotope type mapping according habitat value list BayKompV

3 - 4 for approval planning

3 - 4 for approval planning (optional power)

FFH compatibility and exemption test:

- BA I and II: FFH compliance check

- BA I and II: FFH exception examination (optional power)

Expected to joint planning area BA I and BA II: 1,090 ha

Place of performance: Landshut.

The State Construction Office Landshut intended to realize the B 15neu North-South Bypass Landshut as local bypass of Landshut.

Your existing line is inadequate because of the plurality of through roads and due to their low development standards for this transport function.

The south of the A92 subsequent North-South Bypass Landshut is included in the cabinet draft of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan in urgent need.

The B 15neu crosses along the route partially conservationist highly significant areas.

The entire bypass road is divided into three construction phases (BA):

- BA I: from junction A92 to the junction with the LA 14

- BA II: from the intersection of LA 14 to the junction with the B299

- BA III: from the junction with the B299 until the connection to the B 15 Inventory

For all the planning, the fee zone is to be set III.

It is expected by the contractor that he, at its discretion offer the percentage level in this context.

The results thereof are however to incorporate in the text portion of the LBP.

The following services are part of this procurement procedure:

1 - 4) to draft planning, including special services, in particular:.

- Specific species conservation law examination (sap)

- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

- Biotope type mapping of the habitat value list of BayKompV for preliminary design and permit applications



BA I and II: FFH compliance check

BA I and II - optional Power: FFH exception test

850 ha.

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